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February 06, 2022 11:25 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”

–Peter Drucker


32 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

    1. The Sun and Newsline articles say that Garcia’s SD3 replacement for this term will be determined by a Pueblo vacancy committee, and a new rep will be elected in November. Jason Muñoz is running, as well as the usual crazypants white supremacist caucus,  like Judy Reyher.

      Meanwhile, the Colorado Democratic caucus selects a new Senate President. Both Fenberg from Boulder and Kerry Donovan are interested. I’d like to see Donovan take it, since she got screwed on the CD3 redistricting. 

      It will be interesting to see who Moddy is promoting on the R side. Also Tom Reddy, who is still a Pueblo power in spite of being a despicable person.

        1. For 32 years, I got by as a Republican by being merely odious.  But they keep raising the bar.  Sigh.  I just can’t meet the despicable requirements for today’s Republican party.

          Hell, the Democrats accept you if you’re merely cranky.  I do admit to failing the Democrats’ pretentiousness test, but fortunately, that’s merely optional.

          1. Democrats are the big tent party these days… Curmudgeons welcome. 

            Apparently, Republicans now don't just require despicable — they also seem to be emulating the Red Queen, believing as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast.  When Republicans start praising elected officials for NOT following the law and deciding to search for evidence of problems in counting machines — machines that had been tested in front of them before the election, secured by seals during the election, and audited after the election — they lost any connection to the "Republicans" I knew and admired.

            1. Your big tent statement is not true. As CHB says, it’s not only those KOOKS he listed, it includes your next door neighbor.

              1. Whose next door neighbor did what to the kooks in the Big Tent?

                Back in coherent Englishlandia, the GOP has voted to censure Cheney and Kinzinger, and to kick them out of the Party- for the sin of following the law and the Constitution. 

                Although Sinema and Manchin have blocked the President’s agenda at every turn, Dems are not vowing similar vebgeance on them. So which one is the Big Tent party?

                As far as Sanders and the Squad are concerned, they were elected by their constituents to represent them; hence, Pelosi and Dems in general extend them all courtesy and respect. 

                1. You’re not paying attention. Senator Sinema has been under attack by the far left in AZ’s Democratic party. There was an attempt to censure her, but I did not track the outcome.

                  The RNC did not make a final decision to throw Cheney and Kinzinger out of the Republican party. 

                  Sinema and Manchin have NOT tried to block the President at every turn.

                  1. Oh, man, that’s so rich! . . . 

                    . . . The guy who wants to hopey hope and believey believe, at every turn, that’s there’s a party of real Conservatives, and that it actually exists, and that it’s a political force of vast significance, and that after decades of continuous degeneration that it’s made up of  — wait for it — Republicans (hahahahahahaha); who are now working in their party to change things so that they’ll start being the solution rather than the problem (hahahahahahahaha). . .

                    . . . that guy’s someone who is able to notice and point out when he thinks there’s anyone else who is, “not paying attention”!???

                    Best laugh of 2022, by yugely!

                    1. Great job of using your words, if only there was a point to make.

                    2. Glad you asked NOMSFD . . .

                      In light of your question, I think the point you should take might be this:

                      . . . People who live in glass Pfruit jars, shouldn’t.

                  2. The far left is attacking Sinema? You mean all those campaign contributions that are drying up came from "far left" sources?

                    Who knew?

                    I guess you did.

                  3. “Senator Sinema has been under attack by the far left in AZ’s Democratic party”

                    Well, not just the far left but the center left, too. James Carville has offered to help raise money for Ruben Gallego if he runs against Sinema.

                    As far as kicking them out of the Democratic Caucus, I actually support Dems doing that AFTER Justice Michelle Childs takes her seat on the Supreme Court.

                    It has nothing to do with punishing Manchin and Sinema. It has everything to do with Biden and Schumer campaigning this fall against the obstructionist Republican Senate.

              2. To quote you:

                Nasty Old Man Suffering From Dementia says:

                February 8, 2022 at 12:08 PM MST

                Great job of using your words, if only there was a point to make.


                Then again, all of your words mean nothing more than the words of a "Nasty Old Man Suffering from Dementia".  You're exactly what it says on the tin.  Good Job!!!yes

                1. Pity that poor nasty old man suffering from dementia . . .

                  . . . he can never remember the addresses where his enemy parking meters live (. . . and, so he just assumes those dirty bastards keep moving on him — and, that all the other parking meters are in on it, and covering for them).

    1. The trumpie MAGAts are in control, thanks to the thousands of voters who have been lifelong Republicans and vote for anything with an R after its name but realize only later to their horror that they elected real bozos.

      Our cowardly “free to choose'' commissioners loosed these dolts of lightening. Now the schools must suffer.


        1. You still don’t get a goodly number of Western Slope Republicans. They are, by and large, Main Street business types who really believe the old Republican trope of small government, low taxes and (my personal favorite) personal responsibility. They are not MAGAts, but they still, out of upbringing and habit, vote for anything with an R after the name. Then they’re horrified by the results. 

          1. here's hoping there are enough to be "horrified" [or at least substantially embarrassed] that they stop voting for people and hoping they'll change when they take office.

            School board elections I sorta get — everyone running is in favor of "responsible spending" and "good educations for the students."  Most do not come out and announce "the good education is the one that keeps the kids from being troublesome.after learning about the problems around them."

      1. You’ll probably have teacher and student walkouts, following Dougco’s path. 
        Mesa County parents, like most parents, don’t need to spy on teachers to see if they’re sneaking in a little anti-racism and civil rights history  here and there.

        Thanks to the ubiquitous Google classroom, and online grade programs, to which each parent or guardian is invited, parents can track the curriculum, daily lessons, and their own student’s progress.

        Wonder how many of these “parent’s rights” school board screamers take those opportunities? 

        1. You’re kidding, right KW? You assume these parents a)can read, and b)give a shit about what, if anything, their kids are learning.

          In Mesa County, it was all about the masks.

  1. Well, Hursa, the first post of the day is traditionally reserved for grousing about Pols' failure to post the top story of 2021 or even to give us a clue as to why it hasn't showed.

    Could it be that writers block was the top story of 2021?  Or did Soros order it killed?



  2. Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post dubs today's GOP "The Sedition Party"

    The Republican Party has betrayed our democratic system — first by refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election, then by exonerating the violators and censuring the defenders of our Constitution at its recent meeting in Salt Lake City. The party time and again has sided with treacherous seditionists.

    From fanning the “big lie” to fomenting a violent insurrection to whitewashing the violence to excusing the former president’s sedition to censuring two Republican representatives investigating Jan. 6 to blessing the violent insurrectionists (“ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse,” its resolution declared) the Republican Party has underscored its complete dependency on the delusional cult leader who candidly admits that he sought to overthrow the election and that he would pardon the violent seditionists.

    There is a growing call from Never-Trumper Conservatives that the GOP can't be saved, and must be defeated by an entirely new Conservative Party.

    There is frankly every reason, indeed the obligation, for Cheney, Kinzinger and others unwilling to knuckle under to the Sedition Party to run as independents or as members of a new party. Certainly, no House candidate in good conscience could elect to leadership any of the Trump defenders.

    Of course the danger of that lies in splitting the anti-Trump vote between two parties, allowing the [T]rump GOP to continue to win by plurality.

    1. Splitting the Republican Party is the necessary next step. That will more likely help the Democrats, not that that's a bad thing. The problem I see is that Never-Trumpers don't actually have a bloc of voters they can reach.

      Of course the danger of that lies in splitting the anti-Trump vote between two parties, allowing the [T]rump GOP to continue to win by plurality.

      Splitting into factions and competing to be the most true to the revolution is typical of radical vanguard political movements. I'm in favor of doing anything to help that process along, but…

      Never-Trumpers are pretty well-represented in the Conservative punditocracy, but do they actually have actual popular support (voters). We used to talk about main-street (small-town chamber of commerce) business owners, but they all seem to have gone over to Magat-land. Rural America has foxified into conspiracy nuts, gun-nuts and Confederate flag waving yahoos in F-250s. Evangelical Christians have morphed into fascists.

      Let's optimistically say that non-maga Republicans make up 1/3 of the Party. Who are they, and how do you reach them?

      You'd still have to go up against the Breitbart, Bannon, Fox, Epoch messaging machine.



      1. One possible solution to foster a healthy (and sane) third party which would likely draw votes from both Dems and Repubs would be ranked voting, allowing voters a second choice candidate, pushing the MAGAt candidates to the bottom.

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