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January 22, 2022 08:33 AM UTC

Hanks Blasts Dems and Geitner for Not Praising His Insurrection Attendance

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

In a Jan. 19 interview, state Rep. Ron Hanks (R-Cañon City) took aim at Democrats — as well as fellow state House Minority Leader Tim Geitner — for, respectively, their votes and failure to vote on a House resolution thanking Hanks for attending last year’s attack on the U.S. Capitol.

“We had a couple of Republican colleagues who mysteriously disappeared and were excused for some of these amendments including our illustrious assistant minority leader [state Rep. Tim Geitner (R-Colorado Springs],” Hanks on the Chuck and Julie podcast (at 29 minutes here).

Geitner managed “to make it back it time luckily to vote on the resolution by the Democrats, and at that point he voted against their resolution, so at least he has that to his credit.”

Bonniwell, Hayden, Hanks

The Democrats’ resolution, among other things, re-asserted the validity of the 2020 presidential election results. It was passed by Democrats. Two-thirds of Colorado House Republicans voted for the failed measure to thank Hanks for attending the Jan. 6 coup attempt.

“I appreciate all votes; I appreciate all explanations. Being absent is a little bit questionable, I would say,” Hanks said on the podcast. “…You can’t argue against the facts, and I am sure he had a very legitimate reason to miss the Republican amendments but make it back for the Democrats. But that’s politics, right?”

Hanks was amused at the Democrats’ shocked response to the GOP proposals, including the amendments seeking forensic audits of the 2020 and 2021 elections and the one thanking Hanks for attending the insurrection.

“Liberal heads are exploding over this,” said Hayden, before asking Hanks to comment on the GOP amendments.

“I guess, the Democrats did go little nuts on it,” Hanks replied to Hayden. “You can tell when they all start running up and start taking pictures of the amendments as displayed that something isn’t clicking with them.”

At least one other Republican legislator, Rep. Matt Soper (R-Delta) has since expressed regret at voting for the amendments, saying he voted yes without reading the actual text.

In the interview, Hanks contended again that Biden was “not legitimately elected,” and he pushed back on reporters who point out that the courts, the Congress, recounts, and audits show otherwise.

“I always am hopeful that the media is going to look at things a little more objectively than they have at this point,” Hanks stated on the podcast, saying reporters usually end up giving him the “jail-house shiv” in their articles.


25 thoughts on “Hanks Blasts Dems and Geitner for Not Praising His Insurrection Attendance

  1. What would make Hanks really happy is a resolution calling for a statue of him . . .

    . . . with the word "embiggens" engraved somewhere on the pedestal.

  2. Meanwhile, everyone running for the Republican Senate nomination except not-the-leader Hanks "mysteriously disappeared" from the conversations. 

    O'Day released a financial report and announced he would seek to be on the ballot via petitions.  Campana released his quarterly finance report and announced Chad Wolf was endorsing him. Any other stories out there I missed?

  3. It figures that the resolution he cares about most is a symbolic salute to him personally. One of the understated things Trump injected into all these MAGA lunatics is their endless addiction to self-regard.

    1. Exactly my thought. A whole bunch of these rightwing extremists would drop Hanks in a minute if they knew he's a Californian. In their minds that's at least as bad as being from Boulder.

      1. That’s probably most of why Loren, losing moderate Republican candidate for CA Sd1, re-invented himself as “Red Meat Ron” and is so secretive about where he actually lives. Of course, Loren may have offed some children and civilians in his Air Force drone-operating days, and be hiding out from those consequences, as well. 

        It’s hilarious that he’s castigating Republicans for not voting on HR 32-1004, the “Thank the Insurrectionists” amendment– Hanks himself was “excused” from the vote, along with fellow Republican reps Gray , Geitner, and Woodrow.

        I want to know what justified his being “excused”. – false modesty? Didn’t realize Loren was such a shy snowflake. And what about the other three “excused” reps- does this mean that they, too, were in DC Jan 6?

        Someone who understands legislative processes, please explain what being “excused” from a vote entails. 

        1. I think it means what it says. The legislator had some sort of problem; family related, other personal, etc.; that kept her/him from making a vote. I believe that leadership has to approve the excused absence; otherwise, they’re marked as “absent.”

        2. Holy WTF ???? . . .

          Loren may have offed some children and civilians in his Air Force drone-operating days, and be hiding out from those consequences, as well. 

          Isn’t that exactly the kind of leaping to speculative conclusions, without any supporting evidence whatsoever, that would make that other Lauren very proud???

          You sure those are CBD gummies (. . . just joking speculating, I got absolutely no evidence)???

          Seriously now, . . . you just can’t say that kind of stuff.

          1. It is speculation- but not out of line for a comment. People frequently speculate about motives and deeds of political figures in this blog. 

            And there is supporting evidence, which I have posted before. 

            Loren Hanks’ last assignment in the military, in Afghanistan, he worked in drone surveillance. This information was front and center in his California Senate campaign, and initially in his Colorado campaign, but has since been scrubbed from all but the archived versions of his websites. This suggests to me that Hanks is at least ashamed of or worried about public reaction to his drone -flying history.

            And Hanks stopped bragging about his drone experience in 2020- when Soleimani was killed by drone.

            Finally, in another drone coincidence , a threat was called in to the capitol on Jan 6, ostensibly in revenge for the 2020 death by drone strike of General Quassem Soleimani. Hanks was in DC that day; he had high level military clearance ( was in AF reserve after he returned to the States), and would have known how to access the secure frequency the threat was called in on. Not many do.

            The unmanned aerial vehicle program, even under Obama, which was when Hanks operated drones, had rather high civilian casualties, which are only recently seeing some reporting. It would in fact be surprising if, in his years of drone work, Hanks had not either sent drones that killed noncombatants, or provided intelligence to some other operator to do so.

            You think it’s irresponsible of me to speculate about Hanks’ motives in hiding his address and changing his name. Why?



            1. It’s your unsupported presumption that’s utterly and breathtakingly irresponsible.

              By your same dangerous pitchfork illogic: Lots of civilians got killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars — how many “children and civilians” do you think Jason Crow “may have offed,” tortured, or given up to torturers?  He was there during the time of many atrocities, an Army Ranger, when the Bush/Cheney Administration and many in the military were operating unchecked from the rule of law and human decency, a time of setting up secret prisons, torture, Abu Ghraib, extraordinary renditions,  etc., etc.,

              Isn’t there already enough to dislike and despise about Hanks without resorting to that kind of make-shit-up-and-then-claim-I’m-only-trying-to-provide-a-possible-hypothetical-explanation-as-to-maybe-why deranged vile Trumpian bullshit nonsense?

              You don’t even have circumstantial evidence — nothing but circumstances and a spurious hatred for the person.

              You’re not being or acting objective whatsoever — in the most basic sense of that term — quite the opposite, in fact.

              You don’t know my name or address; what crimes, immoralities, and sins against humanity do you imagine and wish to adduce that could possibly indicate my being guilty of?

              I can’t believe that you actually asked to have this explained to you . . .

              1.  I don’t feel the need to be “objective” or conform to journalistic ethics in a comment- only when I write an actual article / diary. I was clear that these were spculations and guesses on my part,  and never presented them as anything else. You seem to think the military context makes speculation irresponsible. I still disagree.

                My comments about Hanks are well within the norms of speculations other Polsters routinely post about various public figures. I’d expect to see you scold them in similar terms. But haven’t yet. 

                You seem to be taking this personally- none of this was ever about you or any “crimes, immoralities, and sins” you may be guilty of. That’s quite a leap on your part, and certainly not my intention. 
                It’s not a problem for me to refrain from speculating about military matters. I lived with a veteran with PTSD. I get it.

                But if I continue to comment, I will still feel free to theorize, speculate, and guess about anything else, along with what evidence backs those hypotheses . 
                And you will continue to react as you do. 

                1. Your diagnosis is just as equally fact-based and well-supported as your other irresponsible speculations in this thread.

                  And, the line between journalistic ethics and spurious and indecent conjecture is not a thin one.

                  I must have been wrong in my ever speculating that you were better than that . . .

      2. Right?!?  You’d think we have plenty of native, red-meat Coloradans that would know the difference between Wray and Ouray? Aspen and Akron? Vail and Vernon? Telluride and Two Buttes? Paonia and Paoli?

        We don’t need no stinking California MAGA-wannabe transplant representing rural values our dynamic, diverse state. 

        1. My grandfather plotted and built one of the 1st houses in Paoli in the early 1900's.  He was a dry land farmer, insurance agent and realtor back in the day.  I remember going out to Paoli as a child and hearing the creak of the windmill and sweet songs of the prairie birds in the morning.  It's kind of a ghost town now.

          1. My great-great grandfather homesteader about 7 miles south of Paoli in the late 1800’s. His wife died giving birth to my great-grandmother, he gave her up to an elderly couple in Holyoke who raised her and he returned to Iowa. 

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