MAGA Candidates Drop Craziest Anti-Abortion Bill Yet

Rep. Ron Hanks (R).

Against the backdrop of the 6-3 conservative U.S. Supreme Court hearing arguments in cases that could well mean the overturning of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision guaranteeing abortion rights for all Americans, Republicans in the Colorado General Assembly are back in 2022 with an assortment of anti-abortion bills. Former House Minority Leader Patrick Neville has reintroduced his perennial bill making abortion a class 1 felony, and as we discussed yesterday, CD-8 candidate and Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer signed on as the Senate sponsor of a reprise “abortion surveillance” bill similar to one that died in the 2021 session.

But folks, none of those bills can hold a proverbial candle to House Bill 22-1079, sponsored by two upwardly aspiring GOP House members, Rep. Dave Williams running in CD-5 and Rep. Ron Hanks in the race for the GOP nomination to take on incumbent U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. House Bill 1079, “Concerning Abolishing Abortion in Colorado,” takes the fight to ban abortion “from fertilization to natural death” to a disturbing new level:

The bill requires the state to enforce homicide and assault provisions without regard to the opinion of the United States supreme court in Roe v. Wade and other supreme court decisions, past and future.

The bill authorizes the state to disregard any federal court decision that purports to enjoin or void this requirement and subjects a Colorado judge to impeachment or removal [Pols emphasis] if the judge purports to enjoin, stay, overrule, or void the requirement.

Rep. Dave Williams (R).

In short, what we have here is an assertion of state sovereignty over federal law, following the anachronistic idea that states can simply nullify laws they don’t like. It’s an argument that was mostly settled by the American Civil War, and again in the 1958 Supreme Court case of Cooper v. Aaron–only much more recently becoming a renewed legal debate topic as right-wing controlled legislatures have attempted bills like the one above.

This bill will of course not live through its first committee hearing in the Democratic-controlled Colorado House, let alone pass into law where it would be subjected to a court challenge. But when you consider that this legislation instructing the state to defy the U.S. Supreme Court is sponsored by two Colorado Republican candidates for federal office, it’s more than a little concerning. It’s another stark reminder how the abortion rights Coloradans were assured for years would never be in danger no matter how many Republicans got elected are in grave danger today.

And it shows again how abortion, an issue that has ruined Colorado Republican candidates and galvanized Colorado voters to turn out to protect abortion rights over and over in general elections, is perceived completely differently in the context of a Republican primary. Williams and Hanks don’t consider this issue to be a liability–in fact their chances in the primaries they’re running in improve the more extreme a position they take, and they’re simply not strategizing beyond that date. In a Republican primary, anti-abortion extremism is the coin of the realm, and that’s why Neville’s bill merely making an abortion a felony wasn’t enough this year.

Like Maya Angelou said, when they show you this clearly what they stand for, believe them.

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  1. spaceman2021 says:

    Hey a violation of the Supremacy Clause, the state constitution, and the separation of powers all in one sentence.  That's some impressive dipshitting!

  2. Duke Cox says:

    It also shows that modern Republicans can't be trusted.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      It depends on what you mean by "Reupblicans," I suppose.  Elected officials and party officers are quite clear.  As two activists wrote last year, with the rise of Kristi Burton-Brown,

      Colorado voters across the political spectrum support abortion rights, but instead of listening to them, the Colorado GOP named as chair someone who wants to ban abortion for every person, for every pregnancy, regardless of circumstances. Burton Brown isn’t just out of touch on abortion rights with Coloradans, she’s out of touch on abortion rights with Republicans.

      I'm betting there is not a single piece of legislation sponsored or co-sponsored by a Republican that reaffirms reproductive choice, even if offering some policy to encourage that choice to be for maintaining the pregnancy.

  3. Sparky says:

    Good ol’ boy Ron, forever making Klanon City proud.

  4. This should count as some kind of violation of their oath of office.

    • harrydoby says:

      It definitively proves they aren't interested in governing — just in taking a dump on the Constitution and our democracy at every opportunity.

      Most disturbing of course, is that this actually works to activate their base.

      Hate is like a drug — the more you take, the more you need to get the same effect.  Today's GOP have become drug pushers.  No wonder there is no bottom to the depths they are willing to go to keep their users hooked.

  5. ParkHill says:

    This is the Republican Platform. Pass the bill out of conference, and bring it to a vote.


  6. RepealAndReplace says:

    These nut jobs won't be satisfied until they've deputized Aunt Lydia and sent her out with her cattle prod to round up all the fair, young maidens for "the ceremony."


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