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January 13, 2022 07:01 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“In politics the middle way is none at all.”

–John Adams


39 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

    1. Stated differently, ain't nothin' in the middle of the road but yellow lines and dead armadillos (apologies to Jim Hightower if I boned up his book title too badly).

  1. Yes, it's that bad…..

    As Biden's approval ratings sink to historic levels, some Democratic operatives are now suggesting another run in 2024 by twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    What a country…….

    1. It’s just as bad as someone or anyone wants it to be…..

      “. . . some Democratic operatives . . “

      There’s always someones for anyone, Allyn — I’m sure I could find a number of someones who’d like to literally dig up and run the sacred relic bones of Ronnie Raygun? — Get a grip.

      The burning question for the purveyors of our modern age of twitter/instagram/facebook/24-hour streaming/endless news cycles: . . .

      . . .



      . . . Now, if you’ll excuse me — gotta’ go — someone said Ariana Grande’s cousin’s ex-nail-artist is maybe supposed to be making a major announcement about nuclear nonproliferation, or this morning’s hottest necklace, or her favorite mineral water for 2022, or something . . .


      1. …forgotten in all of this hub-bub is what our choices were, and the things we wouldn’t know right now if FatDonnie had been a smarter insurrectionist.  


    2. Gallup's comparison shows Biden at 43%;

      At this same point in Gallup's tracking, Trump was at at 36%, Obama was at 50%. 

      So what sort of "historic levels" are you talking about ????

      1. I think there was a Rasmussen poll that was 12-15 points off the average. Then Republican astroturf through troll farms to amplify the message. 

        The question is why does it matter? Does that change the need for the voter rights act? What does it matter the head of the ticket in an election years away if we know parents wont be able to afford child care to have the time to vote? 

        Yes, politics are a thing but there has to be a time for policy. 

    3. Yep…

      What a country! The USA..welcome to the third world.

      Thanks to the Republican party and the corporations for whom they labor so diligently.

      They are doing OK, right?

      The billionaires, the CEOs, the Captains of Industry, the Lords of Wall Street, the traders, the bankers…

      As long as they are all doing well…I guess we should be happy and shut up…right?


      1. I've just finished the book Robert E. Lee and Me: A Southerner's Reckoning with the Myth of the Lost Cause  The 1% have been successful in recruiting the 99% to fight to preserve their way of life for a long time now. I can't say enough good things about this book.  I convinced my parental unit, who has held dear the Lost Cause theory for some time, along with compatible ideas about Confederate statutes and the names of DOD bases, to read Ty Seidule's work.  He's a student of history and the book, written by a West Point professor. He took the book seriously and it turned his world upside down.  It is a must-read for everyone. 

        Also, we sat together and binge watched the first season of Aaron Sorkin's 2010 -2012 series Newsroom, centered around the early days of the Tea Party.  That, too, is time well spent. To think that 12 years later we're floating in the remnants of that cesspool. Like the book, it opened his mind to a different perspective.  The first episode of Season 1 should a required watch in every high school civics class.  

  2. all we need to really know is…all these republicans are trying to overthrow our government…all of them…there are no longer any credible republicans in our state…they have been as corrupt and as dishonest as they come…ALL OF THEM…we must not bend, we must stand against these people who are threatening our democracy…If there is an "R" behind the name, we must assume they are in support of the insurrection, and they must be rejected…we really have no choice…they have forced us into this…

    1. 3, 2, 1…

      There are responsible R leaders somewhere still alive just out of power.

      I, a former R, do not believe it.

      Eisenhower and his brand of Republican is dead.
      Likwise, Dirksen, Baker, Smith, Lincoln.


  3. Anyone want to start a pool on how many people will get COVID this year at the Capitol? Post's Alex Burness tweeted:

    Many Colorado lawmakers I’ve talked to have basically accepted the likelihood of an outbreak at the Capitol. State estimating at least 1 in 15 people here is infected, per @MarcSallinger. There were lots of unmasked folks in the building when session began yesterday.

    1. At Colorado’s current daily rate of infection, of about 260 cases per 100,000, means that an average of roughly 2% of any group of Coloradans is contracting the virus every week right now.

      1 in 15 is about 3 times higher than the current statewide average rate, but hey, there’s probably 3 times more freedumb than average up there under our goldumb . . . 

    2. Schools are heavily impacted by COVID right now. If staff absenteeism goes over 25%, many will have to return to remote learning. Substitutes are hard to find, even after school districts have increased the hourly wage to be at least competitive with the fast-food industry.

      1. Meanwhile next door, the Kansas Board of Education has OK’d a plan to allow substitute teachers certificates (subject to background checks and a high school diploma) for anyone over 18 years old. 

        Maybe someday we’ll treat our educators as the professionals they are and not like a temp worker for a fast food chain? 

  4. Who funded the insurrection? Apparently, the Devos family and several other conservative billionaires did. Visiting CU scholar John Eastman wrote his infamous “How-to-coup” memo while he was a senior Fellow at the Claremont Institute, an insurrectionist think tank of sorts.

    Alex Jones, Julie Fancelli of the Publix Super Markets family, and various organizers for Women for America First also contributed to and organized the event.

    All these hypocrites were lamenting the violence ( after funding and creating the coup attempt) on January 6,2020.


    1. Are you saying that a group of billionaires wanted to overthrow the US government?

      Then what… Make another billion dollars? Or is their goal more like a feudal system where they are set-up like lords and ladies.

      Where does Justice Thomas's wife fit into this?

      1. Feudal system ? Fucking A right Park Hill.

        It's not merely enough for the 1 % to be ridiculously rich. They need the majority of Americans to be eternally in need of, and short on money, because if not, who would do their shit for them ?

      2. I have made this recommendation often before, but I cannot overstate the understanding to be had by reading "the Shock Doctrine", by Naomi Klein.

        Our current political machinations are a manifestation of a nearly century old struggle. Yes..

        ..there are many people who wish to end the practice of democracy. That feudal system?…kind of. Updated, I guess you could say, but still the wet dream of every filthy rich autocrat you can name.

        The "Free Market" cannot, according to Naomi Klein, exist in a functioning democracy. Hence…todays' headlines.

        1. If recalling right, the Promise Keepers was a right wing religious group that claimed former CU football coach McCartney as one of its adherents.

          1. McCartney was the founder of Promise Keepers — focused on Christian manly men who were going to be good to their wives.  It was not an overtly political organization — any organizing efforts for political votes and party membership were not officially sponsored.

  5. This is probably one of the best releases from the Feds on rural I have ever seen. Diplomatically unvarnished. We’ll worth the read:

    Investing in Rural Prosperity

    Economist Albert Hirschman identified three paths people can take in poor, tightly controlled communities: Exit, Loyalty or Voice. Exit refers to out-migration, leaving the place where opportunities are limited and tightly controlled by the powerful elite. Out-migration is more often an option for those with education, and the prospect of migrating can be stymied by a cultural toolkit that sees limited prospects. Some scholars and policymakers have considered encouraging and facilitating Exit as a way to address rural poverty. By Loyalty, Hirschman meant allegiance to the status quo, accepting the oppressive conditions and divided patron-client social relations. Sometimes people stay and don’t make trouble because they want to be close to family. But other times, they come to accept their circumstances, unable to imagine a different scenario. As one Black woman described her father: “A way of thinking, it’s that Delta mentality … my father was a sharecropper. He did the fields and everything, and he was kept in debt, and his mindset had gotten to the point, ‘This is all I can do.’” While they understand its source, local change agents deplore the “mindset” of Loyalty, of accepting things as they are. Voice refers to speaking and acting for change, resisting the status quo, and working to build a more equitable and inclusive community, often at real risk of personal and family punishment or blackballing by local elites (my emphasis).


      1. hard to say … the Commission doesn't negotiate with Parties, it invites individual candidates to participate, and provides slots for the campaigns of those candidates to fine-tune the rules.


    1. Because their candidate did such a splendid job debating Joe Biden in 2020. 

      Then again, it resulted in me hearing a political talking head use the term "shit show" for the first time on TV. (Dana Bash on CNN immediately after the infamous first debate).

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