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October 13, 2021 10:25 AM UTC

When The Chart Doesn't Help, Eli Bremer Edition

  • by: Colorado Pols
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eli Bremer (weapons depicted are not used to fight crime).

A fundraising email this week from Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eli Bremer raised some eyebrows this week for employing a visual aid that didn’t exactly help convey the intended message:

Violent Crime cases have hit a 25-year high in Colorado – and, quite frankly, who’s surprised?

What else will it take, Colorado? When will we see a one-party rule has failed us?

The radical left proudly boasts plans to defund the police because they see police as the issue. People who were forced to stay home and had their freedoms taken away, like this past year, have become more desperate…

This is another example of the failed Biden Presidency and ineffective leadership in Colorado. Join me if you are ready for change.

To back up Bremer’s contention that a big scary wave of violent crime is just about to crash into your quiet suburban neighborhood, the campaign supplied this graph:

Which does show that the rate of violent crime in Colorado has increased to slightly above the national average in recent years, a fact which no one disputes. But even at today’s elevated levels of crime, we’re well below the historically much higher crime rates that prevailed in the years culminating in Denver’s infamous “summer of violence” in 1993. We have no interest in downplaying the recent uptick in violent crime, which is significant and has complex origins that defy political sloganeering. The problem is that Bremer contradicts his own attempt to hype the problem for personal political advantage by visually reminding his audience that as bad as it is now, it used to be even worse. With that, the utility of this issue as a partisan political weapon breaks down.

What Bremer might have done, of course, is cut the chart off at the year that best illustrates your point like local conservative group Compass Colorado did some years back regarding Colorado’s unemployment rate! It’s not exactly, you know, honest, but at least you don’t confound your own fundraising pitch.

It’s another reason why experience matters in a U.S. Senate race. Amateur fearmongers need not apply.


12 thoughts on “When The Chart Doesn’t Help, Eli Bremer Edition

    1. Looking at the graph, why would violent crimes be up from 2016 through 2020, but overall crime not?

      As a completely armchair psychologist, I wonder whether anger and acting out on your angry emotions was the thing that went up 2020. Now, what happened to the country from 2016 through 2020???

    2. The crime rate does seem to rise with Republican administrations, and fall with Democratic ones, if you follow rhat chart. 

      we’re also dealing with a globbal pandemic, which has made many people unemployed, homeless, anddesperate- so I think we’re going to see higher crame rates tracking infrction rates, as well. 

  1. I didn’t see the breakdown here of the political ideology of those committing crimes of violence. Seems relevant to political sloganeering about political relationships to rates of violent crime, but maybe that’s just me.

  2. “people who were forced to stay home and had their freedoms taken away……”

    What a sanctimonious pile of bull manure. From March, 2020 onward, I left home whenever I wanted to and did not have any personal freedoms curtailed, at least none of real significance in my life.


  3. You are going to have so much fun pulling your hair out on random stuff if Eli gets the nomination.  

    Here you are tying yourself in knots simply because Eli was right about a 25 year high in crime.  Just wait and see how he’ll get you on defense on some other issues. 

    Like I have said, Eli is one of the smartest guys in Colorado I have met.  Much like Jared – but from a different ideological starting point – you don’t go argue with him on ANY issue unless you know your stuff pretty damn well beforehand.

    1.  Just wait and see how he’ll get you on defense on some other issues.

      Lookout Sinclair gas stations, . . .

      . . . Eli’s coming.

      Seriously though, Elliot, you know him best here — first its guns, then high crime — Do you think Eli’s gonna’ jump straight into scary-brown-folks for the benefit of his intended real Republican audience, or is he just gonna’ dance smart-guy like, knowingly around the winking fringes?

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