No Laughing Matter: Boebert Calls For Dr. Fauci’s Execution

In the daily firehose of offense that is Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Twitter feed, from which we drink only when absolutely necessary so as to balance our duty to report with an obligation to not participate in a feedback loop of rewarding bad behavior with attention, comes a missive this morning equal parts ridiculous and chilling:

Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert (center).

The first issue of course is that Rep. Boebert refuses to refer to Dr. Anthony Fauci as “a doctor,” as if Boebert is a superior authority to Cornell Medical School, which awarded Fauci his M.D. almost two decades before Lauren Boebert was born. This is yet another situation where Boebert’s critics have to consciously pull back from the indignation caused by Boebert’s extreme impertinence, which is only possible as the result of Boebert’s (there’s no nice way to say this) exceptional ignorance. Getting specific on this point is considered “elitist” bad form, a perception Boebert’s defenders have worked hard to reinforce.

But then Boebert’s defenders need to reckon with Boebert’s next assertion that “no penalty is stiff enough” for Dr. Fauci for having “betrayed America.” As you may know, treason is historically always been punishable by death. Therefore if Boebert is saying “no penalty is stiff enough” for Fauci having “betrayed America,” we’re pretty sure we can logically conclude that Rep. Lauren Boebert just called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be executed.

With that we are definitely no longer concerned with Boebert’s ridiculous impudence.

Lauren Boebert just became dangerous. Again.

If you’re a Republican in Colorado, anywhere in Colorado–how can you ignore this?

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  1. davebarnes says:

    Well, I don't refer to him as Dr. Fauci either.

    To me, he is Tony. There is only one Tony.

  2. bullshit! says:

    My guess is that Fauci has as much protection as the prez himself right now. If not, he should after this.

    Boebert Tweeted "Today is 1776" and got a same day insurrection. Nothing bad had better happen to Fauci is all I can say.

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    An empty vessel in search of oil from her Lord and Savior, Donald Trump. 

    KW embedded a link recently that listed all of the ex-Gardner folks and swamp creatures that have joined PewPew’s inner circle. It included a quote by Scott McInnis: 

    McInnis said he’s excited about Boebert’s election to Congress.

    “She’s enthusiastic and I think she’s going to do just fine,” he said.

    Are these folks now hostages of #SchittersBarbie, or have they all bought into the Big Lie and going for broke?

  4. MichaelBowman says:

    Dr. Fauci isn't wrong:

    Anthony Fauci’s pandemic emails: ‘All is well despite some crazy people in this world’

    The released emails show that Fauci indeed tried to answer many queries, sometimes hitting “send” well after midnight. And even as Trump ratcheted up attacks on China for not containing the virus after it was first discovered there, Fauci sought to maintain ties with Gao, a well-regarded Chinese scientific leader — and Gao with him.

    After Fauci faced threats from Trump supporters who blamed him for supporting social distancing rules that closed schools, tanked the economy and threatened Trump’s reelection prospects, Gao, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, emailed again.

    “I saw some news (hope it is fake) that [you] are being attacked by some people. Hope you are well under such a irrational situation,” Gao wrote on April 8.

    “Thank you for your kind note,” Fauci replied three days later. “All is well despite some crazy people in this world.”

  5. unnamed says:

    Bobert herself is under suspicion for treasonous behavior, so what she said about penalties not being stiff enough could apply to her.  Just sayin'.

  6. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    Pols is getting carried away. I’m no fan at all of “dingle buns” Boebert. But, she did not specifically call for Fauci’s execution in the tweet nor did she specifically mention the word “treason.” 

    It’s this kind of “liberal verbal flim-flam” that may help get her re-elected in 2022. Stick to the actual facts, Pols. Those should be damning enough.

    • Sparky says:

      Pols (and you, and all of us) have already put more thought into this lazy tweet than its own author did. But the thing that will get her re-elected has nothing to do with trying to divine what she really means with her silly tweets and everything to do with the face that most voters of CO-3 want nothing more than to troll and own the libs, and putting/keeping her in office gives them the opportunity to live that out.

    • unnamed says:

      Technically your correct.  But even without taking her words to mean Fauci is treasonous, she is suggesting that he used a pandemic to get rid of Trump, ignoring the following:

      1. Trump didn't take it seriously until it was too late.

      2. Voters figured that out and for that and other reasons decided they wanted him out of office.

      3. Willfully ignoring the fact that he NEVER won the popular vote and NEVER broke 50% approval ratings in the aggregate polling during his Presidency.  

      4.  To go with point 3, that the LEGITIMATE American voters who decided they did not want 4 more years of Trump (of which there are more of than those that did/do) should not count and are not "Real Americans".

      Finally, the "no penalty is stiff enough line" for the so-called "crime" lends itself to the idea of execution. Many would say that's as stiff a penalty as you can get. Though some would say life in prison with no parole is worse.

      You are correct that she did not explicitly call for execution, nor did she explicitly say treason, but her words make it easy to interpret her words to mean it.

    • JeffcoBlue says:

      Personally I do think saying Fauci "betrayed America" is an accusation of treason. And she does say no penalty is stiff enough. She's at least implying that Fauci should be killed.

      I think we need to stop making excuses for these people and believe what they say.

      • Diogenesdemar says:

        A thinking person, such as yourself, could reasonably come to that conclusion.

        I think we need to stop making excuses for these people and believe what they say.

        They problem is who can know what to believe, when the brainless speaker has no freakin’ idea herself what the words that emanate from her empty head and her driverless pie hole even mean??? . . . 

        But, I will agree, that it’s way way past time that the folks around her and her enablers, who should know what some words mean and who should know better (the Gardnerites, McInnises, Fluffy’s squeeze; Lyin’ Ted, etc.), slap an industrial size ball gag, or clip the pull-string, on this crazy malfunctioning demon-possessed Chatty Cathy Qbie.


    • MichaelBowman says:

      I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, CHB.  She knows exactly what she's saying in her own dog whistle language.  Yes, there are enough facts to sufficiently discredit her, but these actions by her deserve at least a mention.  She is to be pitied above all – an utterly empty vessel devoid of humanity. 

    • Moderatus says:

      Goodbye Trump Derangement Syndrome, hello Boebert Derangement Syndrome.

      It's like it's a pattern or something!! laugh

      • unnamed says:

        Goodbye Trump Derangement Syndrome


        Yeah.  Guess that's what happens when you have a guy who loses a reelection, whines like a sore loser, helps orchestrate a coup.  How many friends of yours got arrested nutlid?  

        hello Boebert Derangement Syndrome.

        Guess that's what happens when a sitting member of congress cheers on an insurrection and possibly gives tours to insurrectionists ahead of time.

      • Genghis says:


        Here ya go, little fella.

      • spaceman2021 says:

        Yeah, it's called being anti-fascist, fascist

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Boebert appears to be setting the stage for a little stochastic terrorism.

    • Old Time Dem says:

      Nope. We are called upon to interpret language all the time, even when it is indirect.

      So, what do you think is meant by "no penalty is stiff enough" when the crime alleged is betrayal of the country? A $50 fine?

  7. Sparky says:

    Following, commenting on, and trying to analyze Boebert’s Twitter feed is a black hole and an exercise in futility. She’s insipid, obnoxious, offensive, and wrong about everything, but even by her own admission, she seems the entirety of her job and existence as a never-ending quest to be a troll. Nothing more. So there’s nothing to be gained from pointing to any of her online brain farts. There is no meaning in them because there was never meant to be – they’re nothing but a trollish sneer in 280 characters of less.

    • NOV GOP meltdown says:

      Dr. Fauci was steady at the helm during this unprecedented worldwide pandemic, and was a calm and reassuring voice to people. During all this time he put up with Trump's childish and ignorant behavior, and his insults, and soldiered on because I believe he really cared about how every American would fare through this.  Dr. Fauci is 80 years old, and his newly released emails show him staying up until 2AM at times to answer all sorts of questions, sometimes just from random people who contacted him because they were afraid and they trusted him. He was all over the place, testifying in Congress, putting up with Jim Jordan's and Rand Paul's nonsense, and imparting information that people needed to hear through mass media. He did a wonderful job through this horrible situation.

      Dr. Fauci is an American hero.  Shame on Lauren Boebert.

  8. Sunmusing says:

    so…Gardner's collection of magats have been hired by qbert…that explains some of her correct punctuation…As a voter living in CD3, I am disgusted, ashamed, and fighting mad that boebert is still in the office…that she was elected in the first place…that said, there is continued talk of sedition in the local magat circles…it is amazing what one hears at the gun range…yes, I am a legal gun owner, and very much anti-fascist, anti-insurrection, and aware of my rights….boebert has the attention of some magats, whom, I fear, are willing to take up their cause…they all believe that boebert was part of the insurrection, giving instructions and giving tours….

    I was asked why I always shoot out the head in my target…while only having one round in the heart…I answered,  from what I have been seeing and hearing, I believe that the right wing, domestic terrorists trying to overthrow our government, likes to wear body armor…the one round to the heart, is just in case they have a heart…leave nothing to chance…

    good or bad, I was asked to not come back…especially when I asked them to turn off Fox not the news, that was playing in the background…

    Lauren Boebert does not represent any thing good…she is a danger to her own children, she is a liar, and she is a sedition spreading magat…

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