Match Made In Hell: Lauren Boebert, Meet Candace Owens

UPDATE MAY 17: Some confusion on Monday as Rep. Lauren Boebert appears to have ditched Saturday’s event without letting anyone know:

Are Boebert and Rep. Matt Gaetz no longer besties? Stay tuned…


UPDATE MAY 15: Guess who’s coming to dinner:

Looks like Rep. Lauren Boebert will have to stop dodging questions about Matt Gaetz’s love life now.

Original post follows…


Lauren Boebert, Candace Owens.

From a press release announcing next weekend’s Ohio Political Summit, we learn that Colorado’s most notorious freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert is the star of what’s being billed as the Buckeye State’s first major 2022 cycle event to “discuss, share in forum setting, and promote candidates who will work for good government and America First policies.”

Strongville, Ohio (we’ll admit this is a cool name for a town) is very far from Colorado’s Third Congressional District, so safe to say there will be no town halls for Rep. Boebert’s hapless constituents that weekend.

Co-starring with Boebert is a conservative activist whose name we keep thinking we’ve heard for the last time, only to pop up again: Candace Owens, formerly of the “teen fash” right-wing organizing group Turning Point USA:

On May 15, 2021 the Ohio Political Summit will feature Republican Leaders considering a run in 2022 for U.S. Senate, House 16 and Governor (all viable candidates have been invited to the event headlined by Conservative Commentator Candace Owens and Conservative Congresswoman Lauren Boebert).

“I am very excited to escape Fort Pelosi, and come to the Ohio Political Summit,” said Representative Lauren Boebert (R) Colorado. “As a strong voice for freedom, I look forward to sharing thoughts about taking back our country with like minded conservatives; I encourage everyone to participate.”

“We are very pleased to be hosting this watermark event, as of today virtually every viable candidate is participating,” said Shannon Burns, Strongsville GOP President and CEO of WAB Strategic. “Ohio is a bellwether state, and we have an incredible group of candidates. We are very excited to have Candace Owens and Lauren Boebert headline the start of a great season.”

It’s a fair and debatable question which of these two individuals is more discrediting to the other. Although locals have been saturated with Boebert’s non-stop firehose of ludicrous falsehoods and calculatedly offensive pronouncements on every available subject for months now, Candace Owens has been playing the outrageousness for cash and prizes game much longer than Boebert has. From disastrously trying to loop the clueless Kanye West into her bogus “Blexit” movement to suggesting that if “Hitler just wanted to make Germany great” he would have been “fine,” which resulted in the University of Colorado chapter of her own organization calling for her resignation, we were honestly surprised to see Owens headlining any event–much less co-starring with someone with a reputation to defend like a member of Congress.

Looks like it’s time to revise those standards down again.

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  1. MartinMark says:

    Get used to the idea that Boebert is heading for Senate 2022; Trump veep in 2024; and the whole enchilada in 2028.

    She once made one of those "do you know who I am/I've got friends in high places" comments during one of her arrests.  Recently, I am beginning to wonder if she was telling the truth.

    It's pretty easy to dismiss her as just another wingnut opportunist who is riding a wave of eager needy morons on a nice set of tits.

    But you look at her success at getting away with a variety of crimes, and meteoric rise in profile in certain circles, and a part of me thinks "waitasec, is this broad being groomed"?

    I for one can't wait to be out of the country for her keynote at the RNC convention.

  2. gertie97 says:

    We should be so lucky to have Calamity Jane run for the Senate. She'd be out of the 3rd and on her way to political oblivion.

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      Yeah, it would be interesting to see how she relates with non-affiliated suburban women here on the Front Range. I doubt the needy male bimbos from the Western Slope, who drool over her pictures, would have enough votes to offset the electoral firepower over here.

      See, us Front Rangers might be good for something than just "stealing" your water.

      • unnamed says:

        Yeah, it would be interesting to see how she relates with non-affiliated suburban women here on the Front Range.

        Like watching a train wreck plain crash.

  3. JohnInDenver says:

    Boebert references do pop up in unusual places:

    A number of Trumpublicans weighed in on his Facebook ban today, including Q-anongresswoman Lauren Boebert who tweeted: This morning Facebook banned Trump permanently. Facebook will pay the price. Mark my words!  And then she almost immediately deleted the tweet. Nothing says 'mark my words' like immediately deleting those words."
    —Jimmy Kimmel

    How anyone could actually READ the Facebook opinion and conclude Trump was banned permanently escapes me. So, another case of "crafting" a message to respond to an expected outcome, hitting send, and THEN bothering to read the outcome. 

  4. MichaelBowman says:

    “I am very excited to escape Fort Pelosi..”

    Sweetie, without Fort Pelosi as your foil, and nursing from the same government teat for wages as Moddy, you’d be nothing more than an unknown Rifle proprietor with unpaid back taxes and a Twitter account with 100 followers. 

  5. Duke Cox says:

    OK…since you decided to update the story, I am going to mention a thing I had resisted the first time. Getting picky here.

    Shannon Burns of the Strongville, Ohio GOP, judging from her mastery of the English language, may be in over her head. To wit; to my knowledge, there is no such event as a “watermark” event. I am quite certain she would have preferred to say, “watershed” event.

    Perhaps it was a mere memory lapse or perhaps she didn’t know. I guess it doesn’t really matter, but I’ll bet her mother would want her to know…

    Can you tell I am having a quiet day? I think I will prepare a cocktail and get back to you…

  6. JohnInDenver says:

    Huh … news story report [with my emphasis]: 

    Multiple Republicans bail on Ohio GOP meeting with Gaetz as speaker

    A number of prominent Republicans who were listed as scheduled speakers were no-shows at the Ohio Political Summit where embattled Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was scheduled to give the final address, NBC News political reporter Henry Gomez tweeted.

    A few hundred people attended the meeting, which was supposed to have speeches by GOP media darlings like Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, former GOP Senate candidate Jim Renacci and author of “Hillbilly Elegy” JD Vance.  None of them appeared for their speaking times.

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