Obama Calls Boehner, Reid to White House for Budget Talks

The latest on a looming government shutdown from Politico:

House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are headed back to the White House Thursday afternoon to continue budget negotiations, which Reid says have stalled over abortion and clean air add-ons.

Congressional leaders and President Barack Obama have until midnight Friday to agree on billions in budget cuts and strike a deal on the hot-button social riders, a goal all three players say they want to reach, but a heavy-lift with 36 hours to go.

The GOP has been working overtime to blame Democrats for any possible shutdown, while Democrats say that Boehner is being held hostage by the right wing of his conference, that wants deeper cuts and social issues tacked on.

At stake are the real-world consequences of a inoperable government, including potentially unpaid furloughs for 800,000 workers, alongside political consequences for both parties.

Reid said Thursday he’s “not nearly as optimistic” about reaching a deal as he was last night because Boehner’s emphasis has shifted from a spending-cut target. [Pols emphasis]

We’ve said it again and again, folks. Republicans made their bed with the Tea Party all cozy right next to them, and now there’s no good way out of it for Boehner and friends. Republicans will try to blame a shutdown on Democrats, but that gets harder as Tea Party activists openly call for a shutdown to happen.

It’s starting to look like no matter what happens, there’s no real “win-win” scenario for Republicans.

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  1. ArapaGOP says:

    Nobody expects you to blame Obama.

    Pay the troops, then shut it down…

    • Fidel's dirt nap says:

      on Monday when he informed the admin committee to start preparing for the shutdown. Then they’ll run to the microphones to say its all Obamas fault.

      This kind of reminds me of actively lobbying for stimulus projects you voted against.

      Can’t have it both ways ArapaGOP.

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