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April 07, 2011 04:40 AM UTC

Scott Tipton's All In

  • by: Colorado Pols

Politico reports, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt:

The dramatic 2012 spending plan unveiled Tuesday by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan amounts to a test of political will for the GOP’s most vulnerable lawmakers, some of them only a few months into their maiden terms…

There’s plenty of reason to be cautious: An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll last month showed fewer than a quarter of Americans supported cutting funds for Medicare and fewer than a third wanted to cut Medicaid – numbers that Republican pollster Bill McInturff called a “huge flashing yellow sign to Republicans.”

And Democrats are openly cheering the prospect of a 2012 election fought over entitlements. Within hours of Ryan’s budget release, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee branded it a “privatization scheme” that would result in “ending Medicare…”

“They’re hanging the 20 vulnerable members out to dry [Pols emphasis] for the sake of placating the 220 safe members who want to save the world and don’t have any other concerns beyond that,” said an adviser to one first-term House member. “You have a couple dozen members who are going to pay a pretty serious price for this vote if they end up in a tough race.”

Folks, you do remember when we told you a few weeks ago that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is hard at work on a plan to take back Rep. Scott Tipton’s seat, already identified as a prime soft target–keep that in mind as you read his statement on Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, will you?

Chairman Ryan’s proposal addresses America’s $14.3 trillion dollar debt and sets us on a course to pay it back.  It jump starts economic recovery and would create as many as 1 million new jobs according to some projections.  The Ryan budget cuts $6.2 trillion in spending over the next 10 years and places our country on a sustainable course to preserve our children and grandchildren’s future.

Okay, folks. You can point out how any prediction of job gains as a result of these massive cutbacks in the public sector is pure fantasy, as Paul Krugman amusingly discovered today. And the polls that show this to be total political suicide, a road to alienation of…everybody who pays FICA tax? It boggles the mind. You bet a lot of Republicans are terrified–Cory Gardner, very sensibly, could not immediately comment.

All of that is well and good, but wait until next year, when the DCCC saturates CD-3’s small media markets with Scott Tipton–the man who didn’t hesistate to trade your thousands of dollars paid into Medicare, Mister 54-year-old working American, for a coupon.

“Pay a serious price?” Tipton’s a willing customer.


8 thoughts on “Scott Tipton’s All In

        1. The only thing standing between Schwartz and a CD-3 run is Sal Pace’s prodigious ego.

          FWIW, I agree she’d be the stronger candidate, she just might not be able to withstand Pace and his union buddies’ sharp elbows.

  1. A little more morning reading…

    Now that Paul Ryan has produced a long-term budget plan that Fiscal Commission co-chairs Erskine Bowles and former Sen. Alan Simpson have called “a serious, honest, straightforward approach to addressing our nation’s enormous fiscal challenges.” People are beginning to ask where is the Democratic alternative. There isn’t one. And there isn’t going to be one anytime soon.

    The reality is that liberals already used every trick in the accounting book to pay for Obamacare’s trillion dollars in new spending. Half of Obamacare was paid for by stealing more than half a trillion dollars from Medicare. The other half was paid for by a $813 billion tax hike. And after all that, President Obama’s must recent budget proposal still adds the an estimated $9.8 trillion to the country’s accrued debt over the next decade.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner:

    1. 64% is exactly the percentage of people who would rather raise taxes to save Medicare than cut benefits. Which one does the Ryan plan do again?

      P.S. Since I’m not lazy, I’ll actually post the poll result.

      Currently, most Americans receive Medicare benefits once they turn 65. But the money Medicare takes in from taxpayers is not enough to pay for the program as it exists now. If you HAD to choose ONE in order to reduce the federal budget deficit, which would you prefer: reduce the future benefits of Medicare recipients or raise Medicare taxes on people paying into the system? Reduce benefits 24 Raise taxes 64 DK/NA 12

  2. House Minority Leader Sal Pace (D-Pueblo) will be at Main Street Bagels in Grand Junction at 10:00 AM Saturday (April 9).  MSB is on the southwest corner of 6th and Main.  The conference room in the back of the shop has been reserved for the event.

    It’s never too early to start looking for alternatives to Tipton.  You can’t replace somebody with nobody.

    1. I know,I’ve underestimated him myself in the past.

      He is a ferocious campaigner.  I’ve learned not to bet against him.

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