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January 21, 2021 02:39 PM UTC

Another Odd Day in the Republican Qaucus

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #2: This would seem to confirm that Rep. Boebert is indeed strolling around on the House floor with a handgun.


UPDATE: For the full sensory experience, we recommend reading this post while listening to this music in the background.


There has been much discussion lately about the fate of the QAnon conspiracy true believers and whether or not their lunacy can survive the reality of a post-Trump world. Some QAnon leaders are even advocating that maybe it’s time to “go back to our lives as best as we are able.”

But if you are judging QAnon’s staying power based on the actions of its adherents in elected office — most notably Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Colorado’s own Rep. Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert — you’ll be interested to know that crazy isn’t taking the day off following the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

First, here’s Rep. Greene declaring with no attempt at explanation that she has filed Articles of Impeachment to rid the country of President Biden:

Rep. Greene was recently locked out of her Twitter account because of her commitment to spewing falsehoods, so perhaps her lack of detail on filing “Articles of Impeachment” is her way of not spreading more misinformation via her social media accounts. It could also be that Rep. Greene can’t actually articulate a reason for wanting to impeach someone who is only now spending his first full day in the White House. We’re going to go with “C: Both” as our answer for now.

Lest she be upstaged by her fellow QAnon believer, Boebert made her own stand for freedumb this afternoon:

Boebert was not alone in perpetuating this stunt. Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs — whose own brothers recently called on him to resign and who tried to get former President Trump to pardon him for inciting insurrection –also refused to stop for Capitol Police officers at a security checkpoint. Take that, communists!

Members of Congress earn a salary of $174,000 per year; some quick math tells us that Boebert can continue this stunt roughly every day until she runs out of money sometime in September. In a not-unrelated story, Boebert is using her Facebook page to plead for donations for herself her campaign account, which she has already been using as her own personal slush fund.

WWG1WGA, or whatever.


12 thoughts on “Another Odd Day in the Republican Qaucus

    1. The more that you share their vibe, the safer you'll feel. But given the nature of sociopathic lunatics that can change in a moment if the voices in their heads say so.

      Sidenote: When Greene was still tweeting she tweeted  “I am told that Nancy Pelosi tells Hillary Clinton several times a month that ‘we need another school shooting’ in order to persuade the public to want strict gun control.” 

      She has also claimed that the Parkland High School shooting was the product of a government conspiracy.



  1. Guns should be banned in all government and political spaces.

    I grew up in the deep South, and saw old-school racism from the seat of my tricycle. They would bring guns to polling places and government buildings to threaten the n##### and for intimidation. You might have the right to vote, but the person with the gun says no. You may have the right to address and participate in your government, but the person with the gun says no.

    Everyone should be able to approach their government offices without fear of intimidation or violence. No guns allowed.

    In a legislature, it is insane that people are allowed to bring a gun onto the floor. The only possible purpose is intimidation and threats of violence. And of course, threats from Q’bert’s supporters against AOC are probably easy to find. Is Q’bert allowed to bring these threat to the People’s House strapped to her hip?

    Wyatt Earp for Congress …. check your gun at the city limits!

    1. One of the events leading to the Civil War was a racist Representative attacking pro-democracy, pro-freedom Senator Charles Sumner with a cane and beating him viciously.

      If Boebert could spell history, I’d say the gun on the hip says that she wants to go old Preston Brooks one better (Brooks was the racist South Carolina representative with a cane) and attack the modern anti-racists with more lethal force.

    2. I remember Lester Maddox. He was a hero to my then racist father in Atlanta in the early sixties. I remember what the neighbors in eastern Kentucky called us for befriending the Taylor family, and inviting their son into our home. It was 1965.

      The inherent lawlessness of Calamity Jane is a long standing tenet of Republicanism…If you are rich enough…or well-armed enough, the rules don't apply to you.

  2. I'm pretty certain Boebert would run out of Congressional pay LONG before September. 

    $174,000 gross pay.  $5,000 (at least) per violation.  That would be 35 days in session.

    Except Speaker Pelosi said that further violations would be $10,000.  So it would be this violation, plus 17 more to zero out the gross pay for the year.

    Fines are not deductible as a business expense, so taxes would still need to be accounted for, trimming available cash even further.

    1. Nice to see that the taxpayers will finally be getting their money's worth from Republicans.  Hope she racks up a $5,000 fine every day that she is in attendance.

      That's the only way Republicans will ever help reduce the national debt.

  3. Gee, all this juvenile delinquent nonsense coming only one day after The Denver Past reminded their dozen or so editorial readers that Q-bie, by virtue of her being elected, still has earned, and has every right to expect, the public’s consideration as a serious, well-educated, qualified legislator working in public service for her constituents . . .

    . . . and not as the ignorant, petulant, self-adoring, trailer-trash bimbo she’s sometimes been wrongfully portrayed???

    (Methinks that somewhere there’s an editor who’s being rushed to the ER, having just now gotten himself Glocked squarely in the foot?)

  4. Just heard a national reporter Erin Haines refer to our lil' pistol packin' patriot as "Laurie Berbert"…..the girl is really impressing the DC 4th estate.

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