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December 14, 2020 03:15 PM UTC

Lauren Boebert: Talk First, Think Later

  • by: Colorado Pols

Congresswoman-elect Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert has been one of the leading voices in Colorado parroting President Trump’s numerous fact-free claims of election fraud. Not that she actually understands any of what she is saying. Take a look at what Boebert Tweeted this afternoon before deleting it less than an hour later — after many comments like this:

We’re using a screenshot here because Boebert eventually deleted her Tweet


Fortunately for Boebert’s edification, Marshall Zelinger of 9News had a very succinct answer for her:

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Boebert has absolutely no idea how the Electoral College works, but she’s mad as hell about it not working correctly for President Trump!

And as The New York Times reported this afternoon:

Via The New York Times (12/14/20)


Frankly, it’s a little confusing that Boebert is even worried about the Electoral College, because she has her own theory about how Presidents get elected in the United States:

Boebert often yells loudly, on social media and on Fox News, that the election isn’t over. She legitimately seems to believe that Trump is actually the rightful winner and should be preparing for a second term in office. Either she doesn’t understand how elections work in the United States, or she thinks there is some benefit in making it look like she doesn’t understand how elections work in the United States.

And Lauren Boebert is going to be an actual Member of Congress in a few weeks.


37 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert: Talk First, Think Later

        1. There are several mathematic measuers where equivalence or relative difference has no meaning.

          Infinity. Euhler's. and others

          I like to think of people trying to rebuild the transmission on a 1951 Chevy.  maybe the accountant can count the parts. Maybe the landscaper can degrease some stuff. But neither is gonna get the car in gear.

          She is unfit – except in one way. She is an American citizen she is old enough.
          However, as spokes person for her party and view, she should do more photo ops than comments until she gets it figured out.

      1. Gohmert's a moron, but at least he's a moron with a Doctorate and four years in the Armed Forces. Boebert's a moron whose only experience is in poisoning customers and spending a few nights behind bars. 

  1. Well, I have some sympathy for her.

    As she has a GED—which some people consider less than a high school diploma—she is not likely to attend the ivy-covered halls of the Electoral College.

    I think she would be intimidated by all the brainiacs there.

  2. “Since when now in this freedom living country, founded by patriot militias in all 50 states, has getting the most electoral votes ever meant someone just automatically wins something as important as our country-under-god’s Presidency? We already have seen the report cards and now know about the millions and millions of rhinestone-wearing unregistered illegal electorals steaming across our boarders and voting fraudulently.  Fight on President Ttump.  Fight, fight, fight, fight . . .”

    Excerpted from The Shooter’s Grille Gazette (slogan “All the News You Ever Want to Make-Believe”) editorial column — Dec 15, 2020


    1. The "Legend of "Calamity Jane" Boebert" will outshine the "Laura Bradford Faceplant" in western Colorado political lore in very short order.

      That is a prediction…

  3. Anyone have a source who can reveal what questions Rep.-elect Boebert asked at new member orientation sessions? 

    I’m thinking there could be a new series, with multiple episodes, using the tone of VEEPor the long-ago TV series Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    Perhaps it could be called

    Rep: Ms. Lauren Boebert Goes to Washington


  4. She’s an insult to GED recipients.

    BTW – She may have been referencing GOP electors from VA I believe, who tried to enter their Capitol building to “vote”.
    Also BTW – this post was highlighted on the national site
    (John is correct about MI)

    1. the incident I saw was Michigan … where the government offices were closed due to a "credible threat" of violence and where electors and the few needed officials were given police escorts for their trip in. The officer at the door turned the Republican electors away, as they were not on the list to be admitted.  He also refused to accept an envelope which apparently contained their "certificates of election."

  5. Ken Buck needs to find his copy of Congress for Dummies to give to Boebert.

    It's probably like new, never even opened, maybe still in the shrink-wrap.


  6. Honest question here: why devote so much air time to airheads like Q-bert (and Trump)? She's a dumber than a fence-post turtle. Leave her alone, and she'll die an inglorious death.

    1. We are slaves to Big Media and celebrities. 

      Why does anyone care about a lot of people in politics now or before? (see above) 

      I miss Paul Wellstone a lot. And Al Franken. Bill Bradley. Paul Simon. Jerry Brown. Colin Powell. and a thousand others. I'm gonna miss Orion Samuelson.

      No media for them. So we get to kvetch and spout off on (___insert your famous/notorious choice___) 


      Kim Kardashian gets more political ink than most of my faves.

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