Help Springs PD Catch Would-Be Ballot Burner

He’s just trying to show Americans the truth!

KRDO-TV Colorado Springs reported on Friday evening:

Police in Colorado Springs need help finding a man, who tried to insert a flaming piece of paper into a ballot box outside of Centennial Hall on South Cascade Avenue.

Colorado Springs Police said it happened on October 28th. Investigators were called the morning after the incident to review surveillance video…

“Good news is there is no damage to any of the ballots.”

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder’s Office also confirmed to KRDO that none of the ballots were damaged. They said the ballot box itself is designed to withstand these types of incidents, as air-tight containers with low oxygen levels.

El Paso County Clerk Chuck Broerman (R) issued the following statement:

Our office is vigilant in securing the integrity of our elections. The mail ballot system is proven to be the Gold Standard nationally and safeguarding the ballot boxes is tantamount to ensuring voters have confidence their voice will be heard. We have zero tolerance for any person who attempts to disenfranchise voters participating in the election and violate the trust they have placed in our election system. You can be assured perpetrators who seek to disrupt the election process by tampering with ballot boxes will be prosecuted.

They’ll have to catch the would-be ballot arsonist to be sure about his motive, but this looks on the surface to be another half-baked attempt to “prove” how mail ballots can be monkeyed with for the purpose of undermining confidence in mail ballot elections. Back in 2013, local conservative prankster Jon Caldara almost got prosecuted for for trying to vote in a Colorado Springs district he didn’t reside in to demonstrate a supposed flaw in the state’s same-day voter registration system. In such cases, when caught the defense is always that they’re engaging in “white hat hacking” of the system to show how it could be subverted by real bad actors.

Congratulations to this latest dumbass for “proving” that ballot drop boxes are fireproof.

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  1. bullshit! says:

    First thing I'd ask is where Dave Williams and Lamborn's staff were at this time.

  2. kickshot says:

    Surely not the only photo they have of the guy. 

    If they want the public’s help then publish the whole series of what they have from all of the surveillance cams they have in the area: License plate and what are the symbol on the back of his cap and on his mask.

    There’s more at the KRDO link but probably not enough.

  3. CDW says:

    Armed group threatened violence and shouted obscenities outside Michigan's SoS home.  Don't know what, if anything has been done about it.  It was bound to come and there will probably  be more and worse in the future.

    BTW, I had to post this as a reply because there was no comment form at the end, except the FB form.

    • kwtree says:

      One of the Michigan legislators who heard Giuliano’s and witness “testimony” received racist death threats. These are Trump’s “very fine people”. 

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