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November 13, 2020 2:25 pm MST

Recall Polis 2.0 Campaign Fails Even Harder Than Recall Polis 1.0

  • by: Colorado Pols


Translation: they’re not turning in signatures. Because they don’t have the signatures. Every time they said they were on track to get the signatures, they were lying. This was, as we expected and as was the first Recall Polis campaign, a waste of everyone’s valuable time. The faithful are, needless to say, rather pissed:

Let the excuse-making commence anew! Better luck with Recall Polis 3.0, which should begin shortly.


FRIDAY AM UPDATE: Anticipation builds at the Dethrone Polis Facebook page as today’s close-of-business deadline to turn in 630,000+ valid voter signatures looms:

Stay tuned–don’t make this the only thing you do today, but we’ll let you know how pathetically it ends.


As readers keeping track are aware, and we admit that’s probably not all of you, tomorrow is the deadline for the so-called Dethrone Polis 2020 campaign to submit over 630,000 valid Colorado voter signatures to qualify a recall question against Democratic Gov. Jared Polis for a future special election. We have been following this effort as closely as our finite attention span allows since its kickoff in September, and there has been nothing to suggest anything close to the massive effort that would be required is actually underway to collect more petition signatures than any campaign in the state’s history has ever collected.

Despite this, as readers know, the Dethrone Polis 2020 campaign has posted optimistic graphics along the way, which they originally claimed showed the number of “petition signatures” collected–later altered to clarify it depicts the number of “petitions in circulation.” We assumed this to mean they had printed and handed out blank petition forms that could hypothetically hold 55% of the signatures they needed.

But when we checked the Dethrone Polis site this morning, the progress meter we’ve become accustomed watching grow to was gone, replaced by this message:

That’s it. “Signature collection is complete.” Which leaves plenty of wiggle room for the question we won’t have definitely answered until tomorrow’s deadline–was signature collection “completed”…successfully? Will the Dethrone Polis campaign actually deliver 630,000+ valid voter signatures tomorrow? Will it be another press conference to announce they (maybe) collected less than half of what they needed like the last Polis recall campaign? Will they show up with empty Budwesier boxes?

The one thing we can say for sure is they’ll have to announce the end of the current recall campaign before they can start the next Polis recall campaign. Who knows? Maybe recalling Gov. Polis will become a permanent cottage industry for little bands of disaffected Republicans who take up the cause, fail, and distribute the money raised among themselves. If nothing else, it’s a fine distraction from losing elections!

You’re right, nobody’s going to pay for this forever. Stay tuned for the ignominious conclusion.


33 thoughts on “Recall Polis 2.0 Campaign Fails Even Harder Than Recall Polis 1.0

    1. Will it be the Bud Bros again?

      That seems like a reasonably safe bet. "Signature Collection is Complete" likely = "We Got All We're Ever Gonna Get," which in turn means a Trapper Keeper has way too much capacity for the sigs actually collected.

  1. May God deliver them with the accuracy and truth and justice to be served

    I think God is busy trying to put this genie back in the bottle. Once she’s fed the hungry and clothed the naked maybe she’ll get back to you.

  2. Can we get a poll on what the numbers will be? I'm pretty sure it won't be ZERO as I've seen people in NoCo actually signing the petitions,  but I'm curious what other's are expecting? I doubt it will be more than 2-3% of what's required.

    1. They will do what they did last time. They won't turn in petitions to the SOS thus keeping the number a secret. If they did turn in the signatures and they fell short, those that signed the petitions couldn't sign again. Unless they actually turn in the petitions we'll never know a number. 

    2. If they don't have numerous heavy boxes, I'd suggest those working at the Secretary of State's office not even open the doors while people are there.  Just have them put the boxes outside the door where they can be watched via spy cam to insure security, and collect them after any threat of Covid-19 contamination is gone.

      1. Then they'll claim that they deposited dozens of full boxes outside the door and the boxes mysteriously disappeared like the 250,000 additional votes that Trump had in Michigan that were never count or were electronically deleted or some other such nonsense.

  3. After much consideration an extension of time for [continuing fundraising] has been requested due to Polis' unconstitutional Covid restrictions limiting citizen's ability to gather [crayons] tosign petitions

    Curses! . . .


    . . . Foiled again!

    1. Ah, yes, it is all Polis' fault that they cannot collect their signatures.

      What's wrong, they didn't want to come in and say, "The dog ate my home work?"

  4. At a time when they could have been out chasing votes for President Trump's re-election campaign in Colorado, these morons were too busy pretending to collect recall petition signatures.

  5. Why am I thinking of Nelson Muntz?

    I hope these folks have a good weekend.

    Next time, rather htan sending the money or hitting a button – someone should tell them they can just put their right hand on the tv when Polis is on and wish real hard, and it has the same affect.

  6. Which candidate to run against Polis in a successful recall?

    I love how the Facebook commenter Sandie Topkoff wants to run Cory Gardner.

    I'm guessing Conman Cory isn't planning on adding "Recall Successor Candidate" to his resume.

  7. I particularly enjoyed this statement:

    After much consideration an extension of time for has been requested due to Polis’ unconstitutional Covid restrictions limiting citizen’s ability to gather to sign petitions.

    The signing tables I saw in south central Colorado were not observing COVID restrictions in any way other than they were outdoors – no masks, no distancing.

    These sad people have drunk the Trump whine.

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