Please Stop Trolling The Ballot

Known forever as the Garcia Recall Yokels.

The Denver Post’s Saja Hindi reports while we roll our eyes back to the front:

Advocates of a proposed Colorado ballot measure for expunging nonviolent criminal offenses only turned in 255 signatures to the Secretary of State’s Office by the petition deadline Monday.

They needed at least 124,632 to qualify, raising the question of why organizers submitted signatures at all. Designated representatives Stephen and Paul Ball did not return requests for comment Monday and Tuesday.

The deficit made it an easy call for elections officials to deem the petition insufficient Monday…

We asked the same question last summer when a pair of (decidedly) casually-dressed gentlemen drove the two hours up from Pueblo to deliver a whopping four valid signatures in support of a recall of Senate President Leroy Garcia–why the hell do people do this? If you don’t have enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, like not enough remotely close to the number, you don’t have to show up at the Secretary of State to humiliate yourself. And make no mistake this is terribly humiliating, even if the individual(s) doing it think it’s some kind of cool political statement.

In this case, it’s an issue that might have had more support in different circumstances unlike the failed recall attempt against Sen. Garcia–so maybe don’t make a joke of it.

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  1. MADCO says:

    You want to explain human behavior?
    Hahahaha – good one.

    Once upon a time, in another lifetime, I was confused by a potential customer being surprised that he could not acquire ‘traditional bank’ mortgage financing to refinance a small loan on his primary residence. He refused to allow the lender to access a credit report (Equifax, Experian, etc) because he considered himself sovereign, and did not recognize their authority to report on his credit.
    After he understood that by agreeing to allow the bank to access the report, it in no way altered his recognition of their ability to report on him he allowed the bank access.
    His credit was thin – but his score was good enough. But then he insisted the bank modifythe promissory note to reflect that it could be paid in currency other than US dollars.
    At that point the application was denied. He was legitamately surprised. He just couldn’t imagine why a lender would be legally able to require him to pay in US dollars nor why a bank would not prefer to be paid with his own sovereign currency since it was more trustworthy.

    Masks are a secret conspiracy to get Americans to accept a so called vaccine for coronavirus and a Bill Gates, Hollywood inspired, chip that is really a tracking device.

    I could go on – the point is that people choose to believe or ‘know’ however they want. And it results in some …. questionable conclusions.

    football causes brain damage
    income disparity suppresses economic growth
    vaccines can work
    masks work to suppress viral transmission
    the Big Line is wayyy off.


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