Gardner, Republicans Campaign in Democratic Primary

The June 30 Election is two weeks away, and Republicans are spending a lot of time and effort…in the Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is spending big money on this new television ad in a very obvious attempt to weaken former Gov. John Hickenlooper in his race for the Democratic Senate nomination against former House Speaker Andrew Romanoff.

At the same time, Republican incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner is up with an laughably-bad new ad of his own that is critical of Hickenlooper but ripe for mockery:

Republicans are interfering in a Democratic Primary for very obvious reasons: They would much rather run a General Election race against Romanoff than the two-term former Governor. Last month, two separate polls showed Hickenlooper beating Gardner by 18 points in a potential fall matchup. Romanoff doesn’t have the resources to do much on television, so Gardner and the NRSC are doing it for him in hopes up driving up negative reactions to Hickenlooper.

Gardner’s campaign would probably have been better off just letting the NRSC ad run by itself and not getting involved with their idiotic “Frasier” impression, but you know what they say about desperate times…

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  1. spaceman65 says:

    Seems like a waste of resources.  But since Cory's a waste of space anyway, this is a big yawn for me

  2. Blackie says:

    This sounds a lot like a bad case of desperation.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      Yep, Blackie, they’re wetting themselves at the prospect of running against Hick. Most voters don’t pay the kind of attention to politics that we do. It’s all about name recognition for them. There’s a better chance people will recognize the former governor’s name than the former speaker’s and the Repubs know it.  

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