“Unite America”–Back And Meddling In GOP Primaries

The Colorado Citizen Press, a blog associated with the activist/fundraising complex administered by the Neville clan, is hopping mad about spending in Republican legislative primary races connected to Unite America–the controversial organization once known as the Centrist Project that fielded a slate of unsuccessful “independent” legislative candidates in 2018. The organization in the end was better causing headaches for mainstream candidates in swing districts than actually electing its own people, so in 2020 they’re back with a new approach–messing around in Republican primaries.

Which feels right, literally and figuratively, after the experience with this group in 2018:

That’s right, New York liberal Kathryn Murdoch contributed millions of dollars to a progressive centrist group called Unite America, where she serves on the board. She worked for the Clinton Climate Initiative for years, as well as other progressive groups. She even donated $88,400 to the Hillary Victory Fund.

Unite America then contributed $507,500 to Unite Colorado Election Fund, an independent expenditure committee. Unite Colorado Election Fund appears to have sent hundreds of thousands of those dollars to Coloradans For Constitutional Values, though reports will likely not reflect this contribution until June 15, 2020.

Coloradans for Constitutional Values is spending that money to oppose conservative Republicans and support liberal-leaning Republicans…

Back in 2016, as readers will remember, former GOP Congressman Bob Beauprez organized a nonprofit political group whose primary purpose turned out to be attacking conservative Republican primary candidates. That tight focus on electioneering resulted in an embarrassing court ruling against the group, Pioneer Action, in the course of which a further embarrassing connection to the Colorado Springs Gazette was identified that has helped keep bad blood flowing between the Colorado Republican Party’s corporate and right-wing activist factions.

Beauprez’s effort to purge the GOP of immoderate figures not only failed but led to increasing control by conservative activists of the state party infrastructure. Hard-right candidates who survived this purge helped provide Pat Neville with a base of support in the House minority caucus that has endured catastrophic defeat in 2018, failed reprisals against Democrats in the 2019 recalls, and ongoing embarrassment for Republicans everywhere as Neville’s wacky politics seize hold of the GOP brand.

With this in mind, we feel pretty confident that Unite America pushing “RINO” candidates on the restive Colorado Republican base, like Beauprez’s attempted party purge in 2016, is just going to piss them off. Kathryn Murdoch, Rupert Morduch’s “radical centrist” daughter-in-law, is set to be the next high-handed conservative to see the lurch right in Colorado as harmful to the long-term viability of the Republican Party, throw money at the perceived problem, and then realize in dismay that the patient doesn’t want to be cured.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Colorado Pols knows nothing and only wants to destroy the GOP. Believe nothing they say.

    • harrydoby says:

      So, tell me, Moddy.  Do you send a check each week to the US Treasury to refund the portion of our tax dollars you waste posting on social media during work hours?

      PS. Who needs CPols to destroy the GOP, you guys are doing a great job of that all by yourselves.

      • MichaelBowman says:

        How long before Caldara comes after Moddy's union (because of guys like Moddy)? 

        Speaking of going after the GOP – perhaps Nutter has missed the latest Lincoln Project video? 

        • Diogenesdemar says:

          Why do you think Fluffy’s so anxious to show some major suck-up to the Nevilles here . . .

          . . . true, they’re probably among the remaining few stupid and clueless enough to take him on, but still . .. .

          . . . he can maybe read the handwriting on the Kleenex box?

      • JohnInDenver says:

        I'm pretty certain political action on his lunch hour may be okay ….

        But it takes a special sort of person to come to a site and urge the readers to "Believe nothing they say." Who is here on even a SEMI-regular basis that would accept a one-line, no specifics attack on the site's organizer? 

        • Moderatus says:

          Plenty of people read this blog just to see what the left is saying. That's the only value this site has. Democrats preview their slander here and go with what works. They've been doing it for years and you're all willing participants in the propaganda machine.

          • unnamed says:

            Propaganda, like that 75 year old guy that got pushed down by police and fractured his skull was ANTIFA.  I guess you're right.  He was anti-fascist.

          • Diogenesdemar says:

            I’m willing to bet that, just like you, the vast majority of those only come here for the racy pictures?! . . .

          • JohnInDenver says:

            Odd that you think there is "slander" here — as slander is oral defamation.

            And I'm curious … if readers "believe nothing they say," why would think that what was said is the TRUE belief of "the left" — whatever that is.   Classic Liar's dilemma.

          • Conserv. Head Banger says:

            "…just see what the left is saying….."

            What "left" is that, Moderatus? Why do you assume that everyone who posts on Pols is "left?" I'm center-right. 

            • Voyageur says:

              Moddy thinks Heinrich Himmler was pink around the edges!

            • MichaelBowman says:

              Great read. 

              The most telling response belonged to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who, after taking two separate digs at Bush, retweeted a Washington Times excerpt that read: “It has been six years since the Ferguson riots put a microscope on relations between police and black communities, and despite dozens of studies, researchers say they are no closer to a consensus on the role that bias and racism play.”

              It's almost hard to imagine how this could be, with 40% of our country addicted to Fox News and a POTUS who still hasn't apologized for his Central Park 5 campaign???

    • Duke Cox says:

      Hey, Fluffs…the GOP is doing a damned good job of destroying itself. The emperor will take the GOP with him. From the ashes will rise the new "Constitution Party." Starring Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst, Lady G, and a ragtag band of bewildered billionaire enablers. 

      Face it, Fluffster. The sooner the repubs lose the OD the more of themselves they can save…kinda like cutting the ballast off of a hot air balloon.

      Make America Sane Again

      Dump Trump!

    • unnamed says:

      You're right Moddy.  Some of us do want to destroy the GOP.  When you stand by someone who s your party leader and gasses his country's citizens like Quadaffi and a Senator who calls for unleashing the military on US citizens, your party deserves to be destroyed.  

  2. Dean says:

    CCP seems particularly upset about the amounts of cash being pumped into these races, a delicious irony since the lack of caps on funding stems from the Citizens United decision, a decision whose full name is Citizens United v Clinton.

    Always be careful what you sue for.


  3. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    "Coloradans for Constitutional Values is spending that money to oppose conservative Republicans and support liberal leaning Republicans……"

    That should correctly read like this:

    "Coloradans for Constitutional Values is spending that money to oppose far right wing Republicans and support common sense conservative Republicans…."

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