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May 27, 2020 10:25 AM UTC

Maskless GOP Demands Right To Infect Captive Audience

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Rep. Richard Holtorf gets right down to the heart of the matter: Irish people drink!

REP. HOLTORF: Okay, we know the Irish legacy. What if I’m not even sober? How would you know? What if I’m not of a sound state in mind?

We’re not sure what to say here, except we apologize to people of Irish heritage, and also flasks have been around for the entirety of the history of the Colorado legislature and long before. As for speculating about Rep. Holtorf’s “state of mind”…we’re pretty sure we can do that no matter where he is physically located.


UPDATE: As usual, GOP Sen. Vicki Marble steals the showcase of stupid:

SEN. MARBLE: And you know what? I go to Walmart. And you know what? I don’t wipe down that cart every time I take it out. I put my hands on, shove it through and I’m going shoulder with people in the aisles [Pols emphasis] even though Walmart has taken precautions to say you go this way down that aisle and that way down that aisle.

People…people just aren’t ready to accept that.

Got that? Not only do you show up in a pandemic when you don’t have to, by God, grip that dirty shopping cart and like it! That, in case you were not aware, is what real Americans do. And as the Broomfield Cub Scouts can tell you, no one knows real Americanism when she sees it better than Vicki Marble.

If you’ve been shopping in the last couple of months, you’ve probably met someone like Sen. Marble.

And you did your best to steer clear of them.


This morning, Republicans in the Colorado House and Senate are mounting a rhetorical grandstand against proposed new rules to allow lawmakers to work remotely–during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or a similar declared public health emergency. Former GOP Sen. Greg Brophy weighed in snarkily via Twitter earlier this morning, and earned himself a swift clap back from Marianne Goodland of the Colorado Springs Gazette:

There’s particular irony in Republicans demanding the General Assembly only do its business in person at the Capitol, since they are as we understand it the only people in the building disregarding the should-be-mandatory “recommendation” they wear face masks. Republicans are not just flouting the recommendations of public health experts, they’re arguing today that lawmakers who disagree should be forced into the same airspace with them.

There’s something that feels…malicious about that.


17 thoughts on “Maskless GOP Demands Right To Infect Captive Audience

  1. Jeeezus, now that’s some seriously scary news, . . .

    . . . because somewhere out there must be yet another Greg Brophy?  

    That stunted trollish Fuddlette melon-hunter, the one I’m familiar with, has never been “better than that.”

    1. ..speaking of buying someone drinks: 

      “And Ms Fluke, I don’t want to buy your booze, pay for your spring break or your birth control. Call your Dad for that,” Brophy tweeted on Saturday.

      I concur with KW – he's got his eye on something.  These anti-government flacks just can't get enough government.  Now I won't be able to get Andrea True's More More More out of my head this afternoon.  

  2. Thank you, Marianne Goodland. I’m confused about why this is not a changed rule already- Do Democrats not hold both chambers and the Governorship?Remote voting should be the norm now.

    I say forget bipartisanship; do what you must to keep people safe. 

    And again – IMHO, Brophy’s gearing up to run for something. I don’t know what the statute says on lobbyists running for office – but I’d bet that Brophy knows.

    1. Let the Rs vote from their seats in the chamber (none of this social distancing into the gallery, McKean, so that you can titillate yourself by voicing your vote with 4-letter word preface) after they remove all of the barriers and safeguards.

      Let the Ds choose to be away from forced infection,

    2. You're welcome. 

      I'm pretty adamant about mask wearing for one reason: I love my job and I'm doing all I can to do it safely.

      But I'm scared to death of this virus. My husband works in a rehab facility that is 100% COVID patients. Some of them are dying. About a third of the staff have already tested positive for the virus, and quite a few have become sick with it. One co-worker has been out for more than a month with it.

      His employer has put up a firewall of sorts between where he works and the portion of the facility with the COVID patients. He has no contact with the patients or with anyone who takes care of those patients. And the PPE is pretty darn good these days. 

      That said, he's scared to death he's going to pass this on to me. I don't have a great immune system – no thyroid gland to speak of — as well as being in other risk categories, including being over 60. 

      We're doing all we can to make sure neither of us are getting sick and so far, so good.

      I'm back at work at the Capitol and I stay away from people as much as possible. I don't go anywhere without a mask these days, and it's not to protect myself. It's to protect everyone else. I consider myself exposed to COVID EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

    1. If the Republicans want to know why everyone else is wearing a mask, it's because idiots like Brophy are walking disease vectors.

  3. Apparently the lefty trolls are okay with Senators voting from lobbyist’s offices or sitting beside one on the beach, bring another drink, please.

    Cory Gardner is a lefty troll? Who'd a thunk?

  4. The GOP's "nobody gonna tell me what to do" bravado BS means exactly dick to a virus.  But go ahead and rant and rave and go to church on Sunday, Walmart on Monday, and the shooting range on Tuesday.  The virus still doesn't care.  And even if the GOP lunkheads don't care now, they'll surely care when they or a loved one has ARDS as a result of this "hoax"

    1. Ok, I get your liberals mask thing , sorta’, and I can even understand the gloves, and maybe some of the social distancing a little bit, but you gotta’ show me where in the goddam Constitution it says anything about I gotta’ wash my hands, huh? . . .

      . . . fuxsakes people enough is enough, freeeeedom from washbasin tyranny; They’re my hands, and not your socialistic government’s, and this is still America, I says!!

  5. If Colorado kids are expected to learn remotely, surely legislators can legislate remotely. Or is the GOP concerned they're not smarter than a 5th grader?

    1. Compensation is covered as one of the things the Speaker can determine in section 5 of the rules change bill– along with rule for quorum, tech requirements, etc. 
      They might legitimately eliminate the mileage allowance, since there isn’t any mileage, but that will be at the Speaker’s discretion.

      The Republicans are just being obstructive because they can (Dems are allowing them to) . Debate should be limited, and the rule implemented. It is a national and state emergency, after all. Let them stay home and drink, not wipe, whatever floats their little GOP boats. Dave Williams can fondle his guns, build little Lego walls to keep immigrants and gay people out, and think dark thoughts.

      But let the people’s business continue. 

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