Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

It’s time to poll again as we try to gauge the changing (or not) perceptions in the Senate race. Here’s last week’s results for comparison.

Remember, we want to know what you believe will happen, not what you might want to happen. To repeat our usual description, if you had to bet everything you owned on the outcome of this race, who would you pick?

Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

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  1. Libertad says:

    Millions in negative ads from team Incumbant, but the sitting senator has remained well below his GOP opponents for months … what was the last poll that showed the incumbant in the lead?

    Anyone have a clue as to the next set of lies they’ll be throwing at Buck?

  2. Voyageur says:


     Here’s a link to the Greeley Tribune story.  It doesn’t say Buck said the victim had buyer’s remorse.  It quotes him as saying “The jury could have very well concluded that she had buyer’s remorse.”

      I’m no Buck fan, but there is a big difference in my point of view between his saying that “buyer’s remorse” was indeed the case or merely concluding that a jury — or at least one juror — might have reached that conclusion.

      A prosecutor has to prove allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.  Given the ambivalent circumstances, this might well have been hard to prosecute.  

       I am not saying Buck made the right or wrong call.  I am saying that when the demagogue-factories get through crafting an attack ad, it could hurt him.    

    • DaftPunk says:

      “After reviewing the facts I could not conclude that I had a good likelihood of winning this case”  says it all.

      “Buyers remorse” says more about Buck than it does the case.

  3. SSG_Dan says:

    10% of the Colorado population sees Buck as the flip-flopping Con Man who lied to them for the hell of it.

    Spots are coming…and these will leave a mark the last few weeks of the campaign…

  4. JLD says:

    Currently showing at 54-45 as of my vote and I suspect that will closely resemble the final count on election night.

    Like it or not, Dems are not going to be flocking to the polls on election day while conservative voters are more fired up to vote than they have been in years.  With a candidate that isn’t inspiring voters Dems GOTV efforts will not be nearly so successful this year as they were in 2008.  Add into that the leads Buck shows in all recent polls, including two above 50% and you have a strong Buck win on Nov 2.

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