Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

We’re going to do this poll every week as a gauge of changing (or not) perceptions in the Senate race. Here’s last week’s results for comparison.

Remember, we want to know what you believe will happen, not what you might want to happen. To repeat our usual description, if you had to bet everything you owned on the outcome of this race, who would you pick?

Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

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  1. Half Glass Full says:

    I’m pretty sure Buck will win this race, for the following reasons:

    1. He’s folksy and does a good job of hiding his extremist positions.

    2. Bennet has not inspired passionate support.

    3. This is a Republican year.

    4. Bennet has been in the Senate long enough now to be considered an incumbent.

    In short, while I think Bennet is a much better choice than Buck and is doing a terrific job for Colorado and the nation, I am concerned that Buck will win.

    • Half Glass Full says:

      Probably the only time I’ll agree with Libertad on anything.

      • Froward69 says:

        yet I also am a realist. Romanoff was a far stronger Candidate. Buck Campaigns better than Bennet. it was His to lose and Bennet is Losing it.

        when it comes down to it the “Coloradan” will win. not the better Representative.

        • bjwilson83 says:

          I’m shocked; you’re actually not drinking the kool-aid this time! I suppose that probably has something to do with the Romanoff thing though…

          • Froward69 says:

            Not only do I have a firm grasp on reality (unlike you) I have actually read and Understand History, Economics, Theology, Sociology etc. I also Hold a degree in Political Science.

            read My sig line bud. Two Direct quotes from you that bear witness to your Ignorance.  

        • RavenDawg says:

          Hands down, bar none.

          FYI fivethirtyeight.com lists this race as 72% probability Dem loss, Buck up +3%.

        • Ray Springfield says:

          Just get over it.Romanoff lost. If he was the stronger candidate he would have won the primary.

          • jpsandscl says:

            the question is now between Bennet and Buck, and so far it seems Buck is winning. I am concerned about Bennet’s lackluster campaign style. I am also concerned about his anti-Obama position on the stimulus and the tax cuts for the wealthy.

            I will vote for him because I know better than to vote for Buck, but that is hardly good enough to win. He needs to get much stronger much quicker to ensure winning this election. He won’t have the overwhelming cash advantage he had to crush Andrew this time.

            • Ray Springfield says:

              I’ve seen 4 polls. One heavily favors Buck 9RAsmussen). Two favor Bennet within the margin of error, and one favors Buck within the margin of error.

              • jpsandscl says:

                any poll within the MOE favors neither candidate. It is considered a statistical tie to be within MOR.

                Bennet needs to be doing much better and simply chearleading with blinders on won’t get him there.

                • Ray Springfield says:

                  SO I guess that you agree with me even though you have to try to insult me while doing so.

                  Please be more vigourous. You folks across quite weak in the anonymous insult category.

                  • jpsandscl says:

                    “Two favor Bennet within the margin of error, and one favors Buck within the margin of error”

                    and I am pointing out that you can’t “lead” “within the margin of error”. There is no leading for results within the MOE. It is a tie.

                    And there is no insult in my comment above. I am just saying that blind allegiance to Bennet, like the blind rage you previously showed Romanoff, does no good for his campaign. It is better to see the world with clear vision than to assume your guy will win simply… because?

    • Arvadonian says:

      This is a republican year and Colorado, at its core, is a swing state…we are more likely than not going to revert to these tendancies in November.  The only thing keeping Buck from completely running away with it is Bennet’s cash advantage, but I don’t think that is going to be enough to put Bennet over the top.  

      • H-man says:

        If you go by what is spent on behalf of a candidate, I would say it is even.  NRSC and Club for Growth stepped up in ad buys this week.

        • Libertad says:

          It’s inspired by his Bank Committee position – like the debt spending he’s voted and promoted. All he has to do is turn a few knobs and the banks open their coffers.

          I suspect if you look at his giving sectors he is awash in corporate cash. At some point thouogh these funders get fatigue when all they see is negative bennet ads, no promotion of their issues and an out of touch candidate.

          • nancycronk says:

            You stole that from the Romanoff campaign and no one has called you on it. Republicans at every level are the puppets of corporate America, and you know it LiberTad.

          • Ray Springfield says:

            700 Billion. The money was supposed to buy bad assets off  banks using Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

            Paulsen gave the money to his friends in the banking industry instead.

            Those are the facts.

        • Ray Springfield says:

          I think that the public will see through the spin and realize that a return to Bush/Cheney policies will lead to another disaster.

  2. Aaron says:

    I’m still holding to the tiny chance that the immigration bill and DADT will pass attached to the defense bill and that those advancements will boost Dems numbers 1-2% by tightening the enthusiasm gap, pushing Bennet, Reid, Feingold, Alex G (IL), and Boxer into victory.

    But, alas, I voted with my heart. If I had voted with my head, I would have had to check Buck.

  3. Voyageur says:

    A centrist candidate is the usual winner in Colorado.  Buck ran so far to the right to beat Norton (outlaw abortions even for victims of rape and incest) that he alienated moderate republicans, especially pro-choice women.

      Plus, there is enough truth in the

    Buck wants to change Social Security charge to scare off seniors.  Year in, year out, seniors vote.  

      Bennet by 52/48

  4. Gray in the mountains says:

    but I did also pick it as the tightest race.

  5. Libertad 2.0 says:

    This race is going to be decided in high population Front Range counties. Places like Arapahoe and JeffCO. Interestingly, Jane Norton outperformed Ken Buck in both Jefferson and Arapahoe counties in the Republican primary.

    Conversely, Michael Bennet outperformed Romanoff in Jefferson and Arapahoe.

    If Bennet, along with OFA, can do as good of a job of GOTV as they did in the primary… it might be a much longer night than some in both parties have been anticipating.

  6. Voters of Colorado exercising the nuclear option to stop the insanity. Smell that coffee?

  7. thethinker says:

    I don’t particularly like either candidate.  Buck is too extreme for a lot of voters on some issues like abortion; Bennett is a another corporatist Democrat and, like most Democratic candidates, on the wrong side of the immigration issue.

    I think Buck will win because a lot of people will want to get rid of the incumbent in favor of someone new.


    • Ray Springfield says:

      I happen to think the immigration issue is used to scapegoat the problems caused by Bush/Cheney.

      We obviously disagree, but your opinion sounds thought out.

      • jpsandscl says:

        we’re all dishonest, unthoughtfull baboons? Tsk, tsk…

        • Ray Springfield says:

          You are making that up.

          I suspect that some of you are paid shills. i’ve seen those before.

          • jpsandscl says:

            you have suspicions, therefore you can simply call ’em like you suspect ’em.

            And I have my suspicions about you Ray. You’ve still never satisfactorily answered for me how you can be handing out pro-Romanoff literature and such at the JJ dinner one night and then lambast him for things he did long before that once you decide he’s not your candidate.

            One of us may have been a shill, paid even. It wasn’t me.

            • Ray Springfield says:

              I was never paid by any campaign.

              You really need to practice. It’s clear that you didn’t grow up ranking.

              I lambasted Romanoff for lying. He put out he wasn’t running.

              I then kept my word to Bennet.Some people keep their word, and own their words.

              You sound like a kid that got dirt kicked in his face. Give me some more, anonymous anxious tough guy wanna be.

              • jpsandscl says:

                really? Dirt kicked in my face?

                Careful Ray or you may step across the CP line with talk like that. It might even be construed as threatening.

                I frankly think you’re a man with no conviction and will to throw mud at the drop of a hat. And you just make shit up and then try to justify the shit you make up by saying they’re your “suspicions”. Nice. Can’t argue with suspicions, can we?

                • Ray Springfield says:

                  calling you a wimpy ranker is threatening….what a scairdy cat.

                  I don’t make anything up that I use against real people. But anonymous wimps like you?

                  No really, get better

                  I bet that you are a Democrat that betrays the Democratic principles you stood for all your life.

                  I have my sexuality questioned on pols. I’ve been called pretty much everything that you can think. I even self policed the place when Jane Norton was attacked for wearing a dress.

                  If you think calling you a spoiled child in the sand box is a threat then you never grew up.

                  • jpsandscl says:

                    I have a right to my anonymity. You could too if you chose. You do not have a corresponding right to insult me with your childish taunts.

                    So are you trying to draw me out Ray? It sounds like a you may have been a bully in the school-yard. Is that right? Were you the one who liked to kick sand at smaller, weaker kids and then beat them up because they were the only ones you could?

                    If you want to test your man-hood, then just say it out loud Ray. Don’t be so coy about it ok?

                    • Ray Springfield says:

                      I’m quite documented about my not liking the views. I live with the rule. I don’t respect it.

                      Your efforts to ban me will fail.

                      I just keep asking you to get real with your pathetic attempts at ranking.

                      Really, I must bother you very much or you wouldn’t try to keep saying I’m breaking the rules. Perhaps it’s because I deliver votes.

                      Go back to your sand box and learn to rank with teeth.

                    • jpsandscl says:

                      what the hell are you even talking about Ray?

                      I will say you are a thin skinned little egotist though. You can’t stand to have your sophomoric writings or imbecilic conclusions challenged so you try your stupid schoolyard routine.

                      I could give a rat’s ass if you’re banned Ray. I just want you to know that you should either put up or shut up. That’s all.

                    • Ray Springfield says:

                      I do put up. You should shut up until you are better informed.

                      I can’t explain to you what you will never understand.

                      I won’t be induced to getting banned either.

                      I deliver votes.

                      What do you deliver?


                    • jpsandscl says:

                      you’ve got me shaking in my boots. Inner city hood, huh? Do some gang-bangin’ did ya Ray? Or were you just a punk?

                      I’d like to see a single vote you ever delivered for anybody. You’re an all talk blow-hard if you ask me. Pretty full of yourself and your own self-importance. Funny I’ve never heard another soul say that about you, but I guess they would never get a chance since you’re so busy blowing your own horn.  

                    • Ray Springfield says:

                      sad litlle loser.

                    • Ray Springfield says:

                      Of course you have no idea of what your talking about.

                      You wouldn’t know who sho to begin to ask.

                      Stick to  losing. You are good at it.

                    • jpsandscl says:

                      for someone who cares about you Ray. Still goes to you egotism I’d say. I don’t have to ask anyone about a half-wit like you.

                    • jpsandscl says:

                      I am sorry I got so outlandish in my responses to you. I was the one who was being thin-skinned.

                      Please accept my sincere apology.

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