Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

Okay, Polsters, it’s time to start counting down the weeks to Election Day by asking you who you think is going to win the race for U.S. Senate. We’ll keep doing these polls until Election Day to help us all get a sense for how perception of various races are changing (or not).

Remember, we want to know what you believe will happen, not what you might want to happen. To repeat our usual description, if you had to bet everything you owned on the outcome of this race, who would you pick?

Who Will Win the U.S. Senate Race?

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  1. catpuzzle says:

    Ultimately, I have a hard time believing Coloradans are going to see their values reflected in Ken Buck. He’s just really extreme, and I don’t think folks will trust him.

  2. dlof says:

    One who is active here?  Shouldn’t we have at least included him out of respect for his participation on this site?

    • raymond1 says:

      (A) writes a post that isn’t utterly incoherent in its inability to convey what the heck Charley is talking about; and

      (B) shows he has any supporters other than himself.

      • You left out 5 others, including two who held a primary, granted they only represented 4k votes each, .aka. Green and Libertarian. Unaffiliated, is very close to being simple majority, around 1.2 million voters.

        As for your Poll, it sucks, look even Rammie Pollsters has that “Someone Else” option.

        So, this Poll is like most, lacking, and most people will leave it blank, since it doesn’t even have “undecided” or “none of the above.”

        Look at the Official Ballot, alot of “Unaffiliated” for alot of the slots, this is a trend across the US. Its not about picking REP over DEM or visa versa, its about “Firing” the incumbent.

        10 people on the GOV. Ballot.

        Buck N’ Bennet, seriously, is not a choice for the US Senate.  

        One, neither can “Stop the Insanity”, since they are part of it. Two, neither has articulated anything that makes any sense about, “Fixing the economic mess”, and finally, Three, neither has any clue what “No more free rides” even means.

        I do, and everyone I meet on the streets of Denver or across this State, understands my solution. The answer to saving the USA, reversing this economic mess, immediately, and most of all, offering concrete ways of balancing the budget, reducing our debt, without tax increases or cuts into “entitlements- such as Social Security,” or our National defense, (thats 3/4 of the budget folks), all of which is not impossible to accomplish, within four years.

        Look, I NEVER would have voted for any of the bailouts or the reforms, Health-care or Wall Street as they were presented. But seriously, they passed, and now they NEED to be FIXED.

        Buck n’ Bennet, have no clue, its “get rid of it all,” or “Its ok lets see if it works.”

        Just look, as recent as 9-9-2010, on the front page of the “Denver Daily NEWS”, in an article, titled, “Bennet on Nat’l security.” Man, what a joke, if you are willing to put our National Security in the hands of the Buck n’ Bennet show, all I can do is pray, neither of them get elected.

        If any VET wants to chime in, be my guest. If anyone in the Military or anyone who lives in Colorado Springs wants to chime in, be my guest.

        So, from what I understand its, hmmm…

        Buck n’ Bennet’s lack of military service is apparent, when discussing the military, Iraq & Afghanistan, or even national defense issues.

        Buck n’ Bennet’s lack of understanding of financial issues, such as banking is apparent, when attempting to offer any real solution to our economic crises.

        Buck n’ Bennet’s inability to take a concrete stand on any issue, without having to either backpaddle or plainly twist pass actions with the same ole political rhetoric.

        Good luck with this mess, they are “out of control.”

        BTW, anyone ever had to deal with a prosecutor or a DA? they are all about making deals. The ugly side of our justice system is, the deals they make with criminal defense attorneys or whatever. Not to mention, the politics to get to DA, its an elected position, isn’t it?. I could be wrong, maybe BUCK is different. I doubt it. He’s already shown his “slippery side.”

        (I AM NOT A LAWYER)

        Bennet. not much to say. Good luck, with this guy, at least hes trying to not “rubber stamp” now, as if they will matter to a lame duck appointed one, who’s history.

  3. right_of_center says:

    Dan Maes…because he’s really working undercover as a US Senate candidate (whether they disavow any knowledge of him or not)…

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