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December 21, 2019 02:10 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.”

–Charles de Gaulle


31 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. They are all corrupt – so what?

    Yes he is an obnoxious ass- but he's our obnoxious ass and we need one.

    He cut taxes. Deficits are Democrats fault.

    I will never vote for Bernie/Warren/Pete/Biden (I might vote for Bloomberg or the other guy)

    Christmas party last night.
    average 1.7 marriages, 2.3 kids, 1.1 dogs, hybrid cars less than 3 years old, ages 15-61, cluster late 40s-late 50s



      1. Good news … Trump is now the 20th individual and 3rd President to be impeached. 

        If your family in Milwaukee wants a political gift for Christmas, go whole hog and ask for conviction (hence removal) and a bar to serving in any Federal office.

      2. Thank you – it helps.
        I'm not worried about Colorado – we voted HRC last time, and I think we'll go D again. I hope.

        The Senate race is a shame- but hey, the frackin' guy is better than Collins, Murkowski and our guy added together. 

        Milawaukee a big playa this time around. BIG.

  2. Mormon women step up:

    Official statement from Mormon women for ethical government 

    A CALL TO MORMON LEGISLATORS for a truly fair Senate Trial (Romney, Lee, Crapo & Udall): 

    "When presented to the Senate, these articles deserve a full and fair trial with impartial jurors, conducted as required by the Constitution. Even in an era of polarized partisan politics, truth is discernible and powerful. The Senate must resist all impulse to reduce this process to gamesmanship and theater and instead must pursue truth by compelling testimony from the actors at the heart of this inquiry. The president himself must honor his sworn duty to uphold the law by providing the documents Congress has subpoenaed and instructing his staff to testify. If he is innocent, their testimonies will be exculpatory. Subversion of this process, regardless of outcome, represents a subversion of justice. "

    1. Go Mormon women! I’ve known some pretty amazing LDS folks – some are overtly progressive, but all of them I’ve known  take their moral code seriously, and try to live it in the world. 

       So they provide housing for the homeless, decline to engage in LGBT -bashing lawsuits, quietly work for gender equality, and promote environmental stewardship. It’s mostly the young Mormons driving the changes. 

  3. Giulani still “helping” Trump, by promoting increasingly unhinged conspiracy theories. One America News, a right wing network suspected of being a Russian propaganda outlet, ran Guilani’s latest ramblings as its top news story for the last few days since $rump’s impeachment. 

    Giulani’s star witnesses are the very same people accused of being co-conspirators in Ukrainian corruption:  former Ukrainian prosecutor Victor Shokin, former prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko whom  Guilani solicited for bribery to “investigate corruption”,  and Ukrainian conspiracy theorist  and KGB trained /GRU cooperating agent Andreiy Derkach. 

    From the Vox article:

    According to Politico, the US ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, has told other State Department employees, “Every time Rudy gets involved he goes and fucks everything up.”

    So to recap: Rudy returned from his Ukraine trip with two Ukrainian prosecutors ousted for corruption, a conspiracy theorist trained by the KGB, and who has actively cooperated with Russia’s GRU, and ran his documentary on a news network which runs the same stories by the same reporters as Russia’s “Sputnik” network.

    All this is supposed to clear Trump of being a Russian asset.

    1. Rudy's chore now is to get he words Ukrainian <insert gov't job title> and corruption  in the media as often as possible together.

      See- there was Ukrainian corruption – and everyone knew it. So Trump was just being wise and cautious to resist Ukrainian corruption, just like the last guy.

  4. What a great weekend. With family in town and to celebrate impeachment, I went to my wine cave and got the finest box of  $9.99 white wine.

    Now if Elizabeth could come up with a plan for free boxed wine for all, I would be all over that.

      1. Personally speaking, back in the day, I went more for Mad Dog than I did for Thunderbird.

        (for the uninitiated, Mad Dog was/is MD 20-20 (MD = Mogen David)).

    1. Hey, a bet’s a bet. You bet that if your MAGA monarch was impeached by Christmas, you’d donate $30 to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. Nothing about boxed wine. 

      Madame Speaker will forward the Articles to the Senate as soon as Schumer and McConnell make some agreement on rules for the trial. It’s not going to be “No witnesses called, no evidence allowed, Shazam! All charges dismissed”. 

      1. I keep suggesting they simply adopt the rules used for Clinton's impeachment.  Those rules set a nice balance —

         * yes, they would call witnesses in a position to testify to the facts of the matter,

         * no, the witnesses would not be live — instead, they would be deposed away from the glare of public testimony, and

         * yes, the witnesses sworn testimony would be brought in by playing selections of their testimony to become evidence for the Senate's consideration. 

  5. Sun’s coming back, y’all. Days will be getting longer now.

    The Christians stole the winter solstice from the pagans, and capitalism stole it from the Christians.”

    — George Monbiot

  6. Of course he posed with a Confederate flag 30 years ago at a Sons of Confederate Veterans picnic. That’s all behind him, though – now his loyalty is to the Russian flag,. Moscow Mitch is a valuable Russian asset.

    Look at this embarrassing picture of Alexandria Ocasi– oh wait it's just Mitch McConnell with a Confederate battle flag.

    — Paul Blumenthal (@PaulBlu) January 3, 2019

  7. Well, he is a McKinsey man.

    Scoop: Buttigieg fundraiser dangles influence for cash

    "If you want to get on the campaign's radar now before he is flooded with donations after winning Iowa and New Hampshire, you can use the link below for donations," the fundraiser, H.K. Park, wrote in an email to the donor, which was reviewed by Axios.

    The prospective donor was also disturbed by the solicitation. "It's very telling and concerning that one of the campaign's major bundlers would talk like that," said the donor, who asked not to be named.

    Sean Savett, a Buttigieg campaign spokesperson responded: "The campaign did not see or authorize the language in this email. But it is ridiculous to interpret it as anything more than asking potential supporters who may be interested in Pete to join our campaign before caucusing and voting begins."

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