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December 06, 2019 08:32 AM UTC

Kirk Widlund: The Nazi In 710 KNUS' Closet?

  • by: Colorado Pols

Brought to our attention yesterday though it’s been out for a few days apparently–the Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, yes that means “Antifa” but before you pass judgement understand that this particular group has successfully exposed more than one local-area neo-Nazi via straightforward online sleuthing methodology, including an Air Force master sergeant at Schreiver Air Force Base who was demoted based on the group’s exposure of his white nationalist organizing on the side, appears to have caught another one.

And this one’s on the radio, at a Denver right-wing talk radio station that’s been in the news lately:

Kirk Widlund is a Neo-Nazi and the host of the Keeping America Great podcast, as well as Executive Producer for the Steffan Tubbs ShowThe American Veteran’s ShowThe Craig Silverman Show, and Bird Talk, on the Denver conservative talk radio station 710 KNUS, owned by Salem Media. Kirk lives with his parents in Aurora and is a registered Republican. Additional information about Kirk Widlund can be found here.

Kirk fronts as a typical MAGA chud on air and on his publicly facing social media – he stans for Donald Trump, stands with ICE, condemns Black Lives Matter, all the typical conservative stuff.

Kirk’s posts take a slight turn to the right on the Russian social media website VK, which is a hotbed for Neo-Nazis as they don’t enforce hate speech violations…

So, um, yeah, Kirk Widlund’s VK content leaves little to speculate about.

KNUS host Steffan Tubbs, KNUS producer Kirk Widlund.

In the Colorado Springs Antifa blogpost you can follow how they tracked Kirk Widlund from a social media connection to a known local white nationalist by the name of Lucas Martin. A host of details including matching birthdates and comment threads between Martin and Widlund seems to indicate it’s the same Kirk Widlund currently employed as a producer at 710 KNUS–the same right-wing AM radio station that made national news a couple of weeks ago when they pulled the plug on host Craig Silverman in the middle of a segment of Silverman’s show criticizing President Donald Trump.

Before we go whole hog sounding the “Nazis on your AM dial” alarm, we do want to see this information confirmed, which we expect can be done easily and will be done shortly–we’ll update when we see that. But if this is right, and this source’s track record gives them undeniable credibility, talk radio in this town has taken an even nastier turn than anybody imagined.

Stay tuned–to us, not them.


16 thoughts on “Kirk Widlund: The Nazi In 710 KNUS’ Closet?

  1. I guess it takes a true patriot to suggest the US fought on the wrong side of WWII. 

    I do then wonder about his education — his LinkedIn profile has him at public high school of Smoky Hill in Aurora, then at Colorado Media School.  I sort of doubt either of those had classes favoring the Axis forces.  Doesn't seem like "on the job" training from 850 KOA Radio or 710 KNUS, either.  So where is he getting it from?

    1. History does have a way of repeating itself. The Foreign Agents Registration Act, which took down Manafort and should take down Guliani, was a result of Nazi disinformation campaigns trying to convince Americans that the Nazis were the "right side."  If the antisemites Henry Ford or Charles Lindbergh (America First Committee spokesman) had been elected president, we might have ended up on the wrong side. The strategy then is the strategy now – demonize "the other," spread disinformation so that "the truth" has no meaning, and, overall, make people afraid. If you can scare people enough, and convince them that you are the only one that can protect them, they will let you do anything – grab them by the pussy, put children in cages, etc. 

    2. Most suburban high schools have an underbelly clique of disgruntled white males (mostly) who are convinced and resentful that minorities are getting more chances than they are. Yes, there is anti-semitism, and more anti-Muslim feeling. I have to confront it often.  Students will mock the yarmulke or hijab wearers. 

      In rural high schools, these groups are larger and seem to feel free to express themselves. 

      For gay and trans kids, the white ones anyway, high school is gradually becoming a more tolerant and safe place. Not so for Jews and Muslims who wear their traditional attire or try to practice their faith (pray at school). 

      It doesn’t help that American and World History classes, taught chronologically, rarely get to World War II or to the civil rights era or the Cold War, much less modern wars. If high school students somehow are able to learn the lessons of history and apply them to today’s problems, they had some smartass teacher bucking the curricular gods and the school board. Half of all 6th graders think that Martin Luther King ended slavery. It’s not their fault.

      It’s why we desperately need interfaith alliances, the way these alliances stepped up in the civil rights era- otherwise, the right wing racists will continue to corrupt evangelical Christian churches….. 

      and we’ll continue to raise a new generation of white supremacist young males who justify their actions by their “Christianity”.

    1. If this is true it's unacceptable and Widlund should go.

      If it's not true, Antifa should get sued into the ground.


      Love how you're acting like you now have standards beyond foisting your retrograde policies on America even at the cost of compromising this country to foreign adversaries.

      And if "Antifa should get sued into the ground", there are a number of Republican aligned agencies that should also be "sued into the ground", including your beloved Faux Noise.  

      1. Ten (other) things that are true . . .

        . . . (that you’ll never convince Fluffy to admit):

        Ignorance can be cured

        Global warming

        Guns kill

        Non-white people are human

        FOX lies

        Gardner sucks

        Ttump is not The Chosen One

        Coffman (x2) lost


        Klennex can be used as facial tissue, and for blowing one’s nose

    2. How did Stefan Tubbs not update this story?

      He was on air today pretending to care about WWII vets and their accomplishments. But his producer claims those same vets were duped into fighting the wrong war, resulting in 80 years of American failure.

    3. Hmm.  Suing "antifa"?  How about an actual identifiable defendant, you asshat?  You bitch about libel, but appear to have zero understanding of what it actually is.  I would love to see someone try to sue "antifa" as a party defendant, especially after the case is dismissed and the plaintiff and plaintiff's attorneys are ordered to pay the defendant's costs and attorney's fees.


  2. My observation; FWIW; is that "antifa" is some sort of amorphous movement with most participants being anonymous.

    How is it possible to sue a movement without having an actual defendant? The KKK had identifiable participants who became defendants in lawsuits.  

    Seems to me that a “certain someone” needs to get their news from a broader spectrum of reporting. Depending on Breitbart, Rush, QAnon, and InfoWars for one’s daily news updates isn’t that kind of broad spectrum.

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