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November 16, 2019 11:28 AM UTC

Craig Silverman Canned For Criticizing Trump

  • by: Colorado Pols

SUNDAY UPDATE #3: The WhiteMaleVengers are combining their right-wing powers!

According to Chris Vanderveen of 9News, Team KNUS is holding a news conference tonight; all WhiteMaleVengers are expected to be in attendance.


SUNDAY UPDATE #2: Here’s Craig Silverman on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning:


Craig Siverman.

SUNDAY UPDATE: As you can see, firing Craig Silverman on the air worked perfectly for keeping Silverman’s criticism of Donald Trump on the down low! Newsweek:

Craig Silverman told The Denver Post that he had been in the middle of a segment about Roy Cohn, Trump’s former personal attorney, on the conservative KNUS radio station when he was told by the station’s program director that he was “done.”

Silverman, who had hosted The Craig Silverman Show on Saturday mornings at the station for more than five years, told The Post that his last segment before he was taken off the air had been to “observe how toxic Trump is in Colorado.”

The Hill:

Silverman said program director Kelly Michaels entered the studio shortly afterward and simply told him “You’re done.”

“I cannot and will not toe strict Trump party line. I call things as I see them,” Silverman later tweeted. “I see corruption and blatant dishonesty by President and his cronies. I also see bullying/smearing of American heroes w/courage to take oath and tell truth. Their bravery inspires me.”

Daily Beast:

A Denver radio host says his conservative station booted him in the middle of his how because he played a clip that expressed criticism of President Trump. On his Saturday morning show, Craig Silverman, a former prosecutor, was sharing a 2015 interview with just-convicted Roger Stone in which Silverman said Trump’s relationship with the late lawyer Roy Cohn gave him pause…

The Wrap:

Silverman told the paper he was taken off the air for replaying a 2015 interview with Trump surrogate Roger Stone, who was found guilty on seven federal charges on Friday including witness tampering.

In the interview, Silverman told Stone that one of his biggest concerns with Trump was his connection to Roy Cohn, who assisted Joseph McCarthy in the House Committee on Un-American Activities in the 1950s and later served as Trump’s personal lawyer. The Colorado radio station promptly took Silverman off the air and removed the webpage for his show from their site.

The Denver Post’s Sam Tabachnik:

Representatives from KNUS did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The page for Silverman’s show appears to have been removed from the station’s website. A link to his show gives a “404 Error — Not Found” message.

Silverman’s last segment of the hour, before he was taken off the air, was to “observe how toxic Trump is in Colorado,” he said in a text. “And to continue my show theme today that Democrats are making a strong case at the House impeachment hearing.”

…Silverman voted for Trump in 2016 and initially supported the president. But recent comments on Twitter, his radio show and in opinion pieces show his stance on the commander-in-chief has soured.

We’ll update with Silverman’s appearance on CNN this morning once it’s available. Safe to say that whatever objective the management of 710 KNUS had in mind when they undertook this heavy-handed Pravda-style on-air act of brazen censorship has not been achieved. Rather than helping squelch criticism of Trump, they’ve made an unlikely martyr of a low-rated weekend talk radio host who dared to do just that.


UPDATE: Fired 710 KNUS host Craig Silverman throws down:

Thanks to his former management, we expect more people will see this message than ever listened to Silverman’s Saturday AM radio show.


UPDATE: We don’t have any word from Craig Silverman yet on what happened this morning, but yesterday on Facebook he asserted that today’s show “may be the greatest show I’ve ever presented.” It would appear that the management of 710 KNUS did not agree:

Former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is an American hero. I have seen countless witnesses testify and she was one of the all-time finest. Her poise, courage and credibility inspire me. If you missed it, watch below.

Scott Robinson, legendary Colorado trial lawyer and media star, will help me break down the testimony and occurrences at the proceedings this week against President Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and Patrick Frazee. This may be one of the most special episodes of Craig’s Lawyers’ Lounge in its six-year history.

In fact, this show may be the greatest show I’ve ever presented. But so much depends on your willingness to listen and dialogue as we unravel some of this country’s most important events. History is happening. And happening is history.

Where else you gonna go on the radio for independent analysis of the most important events of our time? Be prepared to be challenged. I am. Join me on the AM radio dial.

The Craig Silverman Show, 9-noon Saturday mornings, or on line any time at

…And then they fired him. Stay tuned.


Via CBS4’s Brian Maass, we’re looking for more details but it appears that longtime local talk radio host Craig Silverman of 710 KNUS was fired suddenly this morning after criticizing President Donald Trump on the air:

We’ve had our our differences with Silverman over the years, but he has earned a reputation for (at least graded on the talk radio curve) a greater degree of objectivity and a willingness to put hard questions to both sides.

Looks like you can’t do that on Denver talk radio anymore.


14 thoughts on “Craig Silverman Canned For Criticizing Trump

  1. The station managers know their Arbitron numbers and what their audience wants. To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, they're going to give it to them good and hard.

    Silverman turned soft.

  2. “Station leans conservative.”

    ROFL and SMH.  

    There’s a great example of truth-in-journalism “news”reporting, huh?

    If that station “leaned” any further, they’d be flat on their back with both ankles in the air . . . which they pretty much are, already


    And, mid-broadcast???

    I never liked Silverman and his being a reliable GOPer apologist. But, I’ll applaud the fact that he’s demonstrated enough principle that there’s a limit beyond which even he was unwilling to endure.

  3. I listened to the first hour of the show.  It did sound like something contractual was going on, even in the midst of his speaking out strongly about Trump's corruption.  He stated that his contract allowed him to appear on other stations, which he had done.  Maybe they were also pissed about that?  Earlier this week he appeared briefly with his old partner Craplis on his show, to discuss impeachment pre-public hearings.  That was great radio.  

    BTW KNUS does way more than "lean conservative" – they have toed the strict party line for many years now.  You can't find *any* balanced commentary on any AM in the Denver area – been that way for several years.  Clear Channel and then Crawford Broadcasting bought it all and made it basically propaganda.  That's why Craig was sui generis.  Will miss him.

  4. When I lived in the Denver area I listened to Mr. Silverman and found him to be much less biased than his 'counterpart'.

    I hope more Republicans have the standards that Mr. Silverman has and do not 'toe (the) strict Trump party line.'

  5. So what?

    Craig ultimately supported Trump, and remained supportive enough through fine people on both sides and the racist bs with the NFL and grabbing women by their ****y and …and … and.

    You mess with the bull – you get the horns.
    I am sure there were Saudi leaders that Jamal Khashoggi once supported too.

    You get what you get.
    You let the Constitution come second, and then get an oligarchical dictator – I can't be crying over your mistreatment and surprise.

    I know :
    He never did anything.
    If he did, it wasn't illegal and the voters chose him anyway.
    Even if it was illegal- others did worse.
    It's not impeachable…
    Her emails

    His boss fired him because he wouldn't toe Trump's party line ?
    Boo f'ing hoo.

    The Denver AM talk radio market is so bizarre anyway.
    In the spirit of a face made for radio Craig has a voice made to blog.

    Chuck Boniwell, Julie Hayden, Krista Kafer, Ross Kaminsky – they are all partisan hacks who would all support impeachment if only the issue was lying about consensual sex with someone not your spouse.
    But Republican infighting is apparently ok, as long as you don't go after any elected R too hard, you can criticize the party and party leadership. Cause that's entertainment without being a threat to actual party candidates.

    I am far far too dumb and lazy to research media concentration in the Denver market, but I am sure there is some hack happy to fill the air that any adjustment leaves empty. Just as I am sure there are no shortage of listeners and callers who will fill the omnitron gap left by the Craig Silverman fans who stop listening.

  6. I look at the photo of the "talk show hosts" sitting around the mike table and can only come up with the thought of "how did so many homeless guys get in the building"?

    Do these guys get paid or what do they really do for a living?

  7. Nope. I have listened to Denver talk radio for several years. Craig is a liar. He is a Democrat and RINO. He took another job at radio goliath iHeart Radio, competing station 630 KHOW. He was promoting his new show on-air and got the plug pulled. Had nothing to do with Trump. The man has no honesty or integrity.

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