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May 15, 2019 02:53 PM UTC

Jamie Giellis, Walking Facepalm

  • by: Colorado Pols
Jamie Giellis points to her biggest problem in the Denver Mayoral runoff.

Denver’s June 4th runoff election is just around the corner. It can’t come soon enough for Mayoral candidate Jamie Giellis, who is trying to oust incumbent Mayor Michael Hancock.

We noted in April that Giellis barely manages to vote at a 50% clip — she didn’t even vote in the 2018 Primary Election — which she explained by eloquently saying, “It’s my bad for not doing that [voting].” On Tuesday, Giellis managed to trip over her own feet once again.

As the Denver Post reports, this mistake is gonna sting:

Denver mayoral challenger Jamie Giellis failed to identify what the acronym “NAACP” stood for in a live interview on an African American-focused show Tuesday afternoon, renewing debate among minority voters about whether she’s a promising new ally or too far removed from communities of color.

Host Shay Johnson told Giellis on Brother Jeff Fard’s webcast Tuesday that the show had received several questions about her knowledge of the NAACP. Giellis offered that it could begin with the words “National African American,” laughing as she learned that was incorrect. [Pols emphasis]…

…“They do advocacy for the African American community, they talk about policy, they talk about issues, they stand up for civil rights, they do a number of things,” Giellis said.

Yes, really.

The acronym “NAACP” stands for “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.”


25 thoughts on “Jamie Giellis, Walking Facepalm

  1. So Giellis doesn't know what the NAACP is, but she kinda knows what it does, and Hancock doesn't know what sexual harassment is, but kinda knows how to do it.  Pretty even match!

      1. Well, Lisa Calderon split the intelligent time for a change vote.

        Then, the mayor's enemies decided they could spend the campaign laughing about "hand on cock.  Get it?  Get it?" to show they were astride the real issues facing this city.


  2. Or you can do politics the old fashioned (Chicago) way:

    A significant portion of those in attendance at Park Hill’s Turtle Park work for Hancock’s administration, rely on it and his campaign for business, or lobby the city for business, policies or approval of their development projects. It was a rally in which folks in business suits and golf attire stood next to a playground at 10 a.m. on weekday, when most Denverites were working.

    But unfortunately, Hancock forgot the golden rule of retail politics — if you’re going to use people as props, at least pretend you care about them

    Hancock held an event Monday morning to showcase his success at what a press release described as “building a broad coalition of support.” But the rally included no announcements of new endorsements. He and Salazar have been reaching out over the past week to civic, faith, and community leaders, several of whom said they have not had a call from the mayor in eight years. 


    1. The first time you pulled this racist crap I gave you the benefit of the doubt and said you were better than that.  You aren't, Barnes, so take your racist filth over to wherever your proud boys hang out these days.  Take your tiki torch and shove it up your little klan ass.

        1. Racist attacks on black men have always focused on their alleged sexual incontinence.  C.f. "Hand on cock."

          But when racism is all you got, you go with it, don't you, Barnes?

          Backpedaling furiously, you now claim it was a reference to some mysterious “black book.”
          Except it wasn’t and you never said it.

          Now, how about some Rastus and Lisa jokes.

            1. Same here.  Hancock sexually harassed a subordinate including sending sexually suggestive texts.  He wasn't punished because it turns out the City Council doesn't/didn't have the power to investigate the Mayor. 

              I see a play on his name due to his actual actions, nothing alleged.

              1. The city council does not have the power to investigate the mayor.

                Hmm, does Denver have a unitary executive, too? Maybe White House counsel should study the Denver city charter and cite it as authority.

            2. When calling an African American ma yor "hand-on-cock" strikes you as "cleve r", David, you are Dave Barnes 's lawful prey.

              you must still be laughing at Trump's pussy grabbing skills.

              And "Dick" Wadhams.  We could go on for hours.



          1. And minimizing the sexual victimization of black women, Hancock's alleged victim was a black woman, has been historically a perfect example of an intersection of sexism and racism.    

            1. I should think, Arvadonian, that an intelligent person could discuss the issue of sexual harassment without high school masturbation jokes about "hand on cock." In fact, you just did.

               Barnes, in contrast, made no such context, twice resorting to "hand-on-cock" tropes.

              Har de har har.

              Hand on cock.

              Get it?

              Get it?

              Too bad you live in Arvada.  We could use a few voters of your sensitivity in Denver.

              i'll swap you six dave barneses for one Arvadonian and throw in an inclusivity consultant.


  3. The Denver Post, whose Editorial Board has endorsed Hancock, has an article that puts this bit of drama in context, rather than clickbait-worthy hyperventilating over it:

    On Facebook — where local politics lives in 2019 — the moment sparked hundreds of comments about whether Giellis is a better alternative than Hancock for black and Latino communities.

    “Even though the NAACP is a shell of its former self, she still has to know what the acronym stands for!” wrote Jason McBride. He’s not a “big” Hancock supporter himself, but he was alarmed by Giellis’ statement. Wasn’t it better, he asked, to keep Hancock as a known quantity?

    Others said it was a forgivable stumble, especially given what’s at stake.

    “I think it’s an empty conversation,” said Hasira Ashemu, director of a nonprofit education organization, in a phone interview. “If you would have asked nine out of 10 black people that same question who are less than 45 years old, they would struggle.”

    Ashemu came around to Giellis, he said, when Calderón endorsed her this week. Giellis, Calderón and Penfield Tate have offered a “unity” ticket.

    Fard himself has backed Giellis, saying in a text message that the campaign “has broadened her scope and perspective.”

    Lisa Vallejos, who described Giellis as the “typical white savior” last week, said Calderón’s endorsement had her considering Giellis.

    What she wanted, she said in a tweet, was a promise that Giellis would hire inclusivity consultants and find other ways to boost black and indigenous people.

    “I have no issue backing you IF you can show me (and the rest of the community) that you’re teachable and willing to listen to/grow from critique,” she wrote.

    Fair enough.


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