Pre-Caucus Ad Buys Tax Norton

An undeniable barometer of nervousness, says National Journal’s Hotline:

Ex-CO LG Jane Norton (R) leads the GOP field in her bid to face Sen. Michael Bennet (D), but a costly primary is already sapping Norton of much-needed resources as she heads into an early test of strength.

Norton has spent $243K on TV ads since announcing her candidacy, including a recent surge in the run-up to tonight’s caucuses. The ads urge GOPers to attend the caucuses which, even though they are non-binding, could serve as an embarrassment if she loses to either of her less-well-known rivals.

The run-up to the statewide caucuses “is hugely labor-intensive. It’s all-consuming for a campaign,” said GOP pollster Nicole McClesky, a veteran of CO campaigns who is not affiliated with a candidate this year. Even if Norton loses tonight, McClesky said, “she’s the front-runner.”

But as in other states where the GOP’s establishment favorite has run into roadblocks, Norton is finding trouble on her right flank. If Norton loses to either of her 2 rivals tonight, it will be evidence that the GOP activist class is not ready to coalesce around a candidate yet, and that attacks on Norton’s record are having an impact.

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  1. scobb99 says:

    The ads are building name recognition, and while this primary may get nasty, the infighting shouldn’t be any worse than what the Democrats are going through.  

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    She did a good job getting out there to meet people – productive and inexpensive.

    But she did a poor job using the web to get to people – which would have also been productive and inexpensive.

    Instead she went for TV – which is expensive and this early doesn’t help much for the general.


  3. PlusSC says:

    Unfortunately the candidate who raises and has the most money usually wins.

  4. SheepskinStrutt says:

    Buck just did all his spending through the 527s. In fact, I believe he wound up spending more in ads if you count the 527 cash, and right-wing talk radio is swarming with them.  The Paulbots over a Camp. for Liberty can raise the cash (e.g. Paul 08) and spend it galore, but I highly doubt being ever-more attached to them financially is going to be a boon. Same with DAPAC.  

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