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March 20, 2019 12:26 PM UTC

So You Wanna Recall Jared Polis, Do You?

  • by: Colorado Pols
Gov. Jared Polis (D).

As Colorado Public Radio’s Hayley Sanchez reports, good luck with that:

The rules for recalling a governor include collecting signatures from 25 percent of the number of the voters who cast a ballot in the last election for governor.

More than 2.5 million people voted in last year’s governor’s race, said Colorado Secretary of State office spokeswoman Serena Woods. To get the recall on the ballot, the groups will need more than 631,000 signatures in the 60 days after the petition is approved by the state’s office. If they fall short, there will be no recall.

On top of that, no recall effort can begin circulating until after a governor has been in office for at least six months. Polis has been in office for two. Woods said the groups could still submit their paperwork to the state’s office but nothing can be done until the six-month period has passed.

In the past few weeks the rhetoric among Republican agitators has ramped up to a fever pitch, accusing majority Democrats in the legislature and Gov. Jared Polis of the highest imaginable crimes for passing in marathon public hearings the agenda they won the majority in 2018 campaigning on. Zeroing in on three principal grievances–the already-signed bill to join Colorado with the National Popular Vote Compact, a popular “red flag” bill to temporarily remove firearms from people in a mental health crisis, and of course the oil and gas drilling reform measure Senate Bill 19-181–Republicans have openly declared their intention to rekindle the rebellious fires of 2013 and punish Democrats for having the temerity to keep their promises.

If it seems like this is the new normal when Republicans can’t win a straight electoral fight, that’s because it is.

In the legislature, a recall movement is getting underway as an unprecedented in-house campaign operation run by the GOP House Minority Leader Patrick Neville. However that controversial move unfolds, initiating a recall against a statewide officeholder is a far more daunting prospect as evidenced by the massive signature count required to place the question on the ballot. Attempting to recall Gov. Polis, especially after letting passions cool the required six months to obtain a 60-day window to collect many times more valid signatures than a ballot measure requires, is not just a fool’s errand but a significant resource sink for Republicans already beset with infighting and demoralization.

The one thing we know in both cases is that no one can tell these people anything strategic. None of this is about political strategy. It’s about bitterness, ruthlessness, and at least in the case of Clan Neville it’s about money. The only thing that can stop it is…well, failure.

In this case, failure is the most likely outcome.


34 thoughts on “So You Wanna Recall Jared Polis, Do You?

  1. Follow the money … Surely there is enough outrage to get people to donate to a "recall" effort, and who has a firm that is big enough to recruit summer time (July & August) workers to ask for signatures? And if there are enough signatures, who will be managing the recall election and proposing a candidate to replace Polis?  Just how much campaign management and "strategist" and "advertising placement" money do you suppose is available to people in an off-year?

  2. Neville is an idiot.  I cannot understand going through the trouble of trying to recall a state representative. They only have two-year terms. (At least with senators and governors, they are there for four years.) Why not just start campaigning against the target early? 

    He must really be bored being in the minority. Can't he come up with some reason to sue K.C. Becker like his senate colleagues? At least it would give him something to do.

    1. Because he uses the recall to activate his base while the other side is sleeping and are not so invested, therefore he can get a win, since he can't seem to win the normal way.

    2. Hes going to collapse the Colorado economy with what he is doing. He turned around and rolled out an Oil and Gas bill, despite one similar being defeated in the last elections that is going to cost nearly 500,000 people to lose their jobs as well as $7 billion that goes to our community as a result. Over $2 billion of that goes to school systems alone. Not to mention Oil Companies pay 95% of our state taxes. The bill also indirectly creates a monopoly for one company that owns thousands upon thousands of mineral interest they got from Union Pacific. Over 50% of office space in downtown Denver is rented by Oil Companies. I was at the hearing for it and and many people involved in the various counties spoke out against him and how this would be detrimental to us as a state. Problem is that its not up to them. The end results is going to be a collapse of our entire economy if he pushes this bill through like he is trying to do. 

      1. Right.  So, local control over Oil and Gas is going to tank the economy.  If you're going to make the case that SB181 is bad, saying it's like Prop. 112 is not a good way to start.  Fact checkers have already deemed that claim false.  


        1. Clearly you have not read the bill what so ever. There is a whole lot more to it then just giving local control over drilling, that not even the issue with the bill because the only counties that are not going to allow drilling are Boulder and Adams. The biggest problems with the bill come with the changes to rules that have been in place since the 1940s in regards to pooling, leasing, drilling, and the Oil and Gas Commission itself. I advice you to take a closer look at the bill. 

          1. I advice you to take a closer look at the bill. 


            I "advice" you use better grammar when you shill.

            You talk about rules that have been in place for over 70 years.  Especially when considering problems with air quality, increased water use in fracking, or the safety issues when a well is drilled too close to a home or school.  Because, it ain't like things changed radically since the 1940's, especially when you consider technology and what we know about environmental science.  Rules that worked in the 1940's won't likely work in 2019. 

            Even our most pro O&G regular poster had this to say to you:

            your numbers don't even reflect industry estimates.

            You won’t win any arguments here.

      2. lol

        Just what the Internet needed: another vacuous toady for the welfare queens in the O&G industry who's either lying through his goddamn teeth or is shit-all stupid enough to accept all the industry bullshit at face value. 

        1. Just what the Internet needed: another vacuous toady for the welfare queens in the O&G industry who's either lying through his goddamn teeth or is shit-all stupid enough to accept all the industry bullshit at face value. 

          A little from Column A, a little from Column B….

        1. I was at the hearing just a couple weeks ago at the capital and those numbers are numbers given by both local and state officials that were opposing the bill. The only number I changed was the number of jobs lost, because its estimated that 250,000 will actually lose their jobs on just the exploration side of the the Oil and Gas industry. That's just one side of the business though.

          1. take notes, shillboy.  

            Industry cheer leaders, like the Leeds study and API argues it provides about 225,000 jobs in Colorado, which includes a general "multiplier effect" ranging from seven to as high as ten.

            Scoffers like PK today put employment as low as 81,000, which ignores any general multiplier like retail and counts only direct support jobs like finance.

            Your 500,000 jobs was just blown out of your ass and appears in no study I  have ever seen.

            Contrariwise, even industry detractors like PK credit it with a formidable $13.5 billion impact.   Boosters claim as high as $ 30 billion.   But you claim your mythical 500,000 jobs produce less than $7 billion in impact.

            In short your guess at job losses is more than double what the industry boosters say — but your economic impact is barely half of that conceded by its severest critics!

            if you're going to play concern troll, spend 10 minutes with Dan Haley first and at least get some numbers that are internally consistent.  

            Your numbers are just dumb.


            1. Listen to V’ger, Lj . . . 

              . . . he knows you gotta’ make those fantasy bogus numbers at least arguably plausible, otherwise it’s just too obvious!  You’ll be left with nothing to hang your hat on except what’s in your hand . . . 

                1. Not so severe that I've forgotten your spineless, Trump-style insults and sychophant loyalty to O&G that makes Lori Saine look like an environmentalist…

                  …but thanks for asking. 

                  What else ya got, tough guy?

                    1. Stalinist?  Really?

                      Are you sure you hate Trump as much as you claim? 'Cause you sound just like him.  

                    2. Don't cry, Curmy.  Your mom set up a play date with Lavrenti Beria.   You can take Lyft to the Lubianka.  I'd advise you to save money with a one -way ticket…

                    3. Yeah, you sure you want to go down the "family" road, guy who uses his own daughter to ingratiate himself with people he insults who should be creeped out that he now has their address

                      'Cause, I guess I could go there. 

                    4. You mean Alzheimer's ?  I think you're getting this sock puppet confused with the others, who aren't as eloquent. 

                      You do tend to slip up on occasion and forget who you're pretending to be.    

                      Might be time for a "Trump sucks!" post, to reset your parameters. 

                    5. YOU, eloquent? 

                      Ha ha, ho ho, hee hee.

                      Don't worry, Curmy, we're not laughing with you.

                      We're laughing at you.

                      You are as eloquent as a weasel's fart, but much less intelligentdevil

                    6. Who's we? Can you not read? When did I say I was eloquent? I was referring to your other personalities here.

                      But, keep it up. The more desperate you are to distract, the clearer it becomes.   

  3. The goal is to get the GOP base mad and keep them mad. There are petitions all over Mesa County to recall Polis and void the popular vote bill, the red flag bill and any oil and gas changes.

    They won't win, of course, but that's not the immediate goal. Rage is.


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