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March 14, 2019 11:12 AM UTC

BREAKING: Gardner Backs Trump, Resolution Passes Anyway

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE #3: TPM’s Josh Marshall:

Gardner’s decision illustrates a core principle of Trump Republicanism. Even in cases where a vote is clearly against public opinion at home (state or district) and even in cases where it is clearly politically damaging, they almost always come around to Trump.

Why? Simple. Because even if they’re on the wrong side of a majority of their constituents, Trump will go to war over the disloyalty and kill the member of Congress with Republican partisans. Without Republican partisans no Republican can win anywhere…

It’s a tough position to be in.



UPDATE: Gardner votes “NO.”

The final vote tally is 59-41 in support of the resolution.



Will Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) stand behind President Trump today?

As CNN reports, the Trump administration is preparing for an embarrassing vote from the U.S. Senate today on the President’s “emergency declaration” for border wall money:

Three Republican senators made a last-ditch effort Wednesday night to strike a bargain with President Donald Trump and help him avoid an embarrassing defeat in the Senate over his national emergency declaration.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham phoned Trump while he was in the car on Pennsylvania Avenue to inform him that he, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse were on the way.

Graham said the group “barged” into dinner last night and he made clear that if the President would support a proposal from Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah to limit the length of national emergency declarations, then it would minimize Republican defections “dramatically.”

The trio had made an unsuccessful attempt earlier in the afternoon to sit down with Trump, but White House aides said it was too late and didn’t see the point in bringing them over. Trump had already told staff he was resigned to issuing his first veto after it became clear that enough Republicans will support the measure to overturn the declaration.

According to CNN, the White House expects as many as 14 Republican Senators to support the bill (the House has already approved the measure), which President Trump has promised to veto. Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee announced this morning that they would oppose Trump’s fake emergency.

We still don’t know what Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Yuma) plans to do today after weeks of cringeworthy waffling on the proposal. It was one month ago to the day that Gardner told Ryan Warner of Colorado Public Radio that he had personally advised Trump against the “emergency declaration”; Trump went ahead and signed the order that same afternoon, and Gardner quickly began backpedaling on his opposition.

Most Americans disagree with Trump’s “emergency,” but Gardner has shown an unusual (for him) level of loyalty to Trump in recent months (see: Wednesday’s weird vote to stand with Trump on American involvement in Yemen’s civil war). Gardner could support the measure to rebuke Trump on his emergency declaration, which would align with the thinking of Colorado voters in general, though that would make weeks of waffling seem especially pointless.

In the end, Gardner may be too terrified of Trump (and his rabid base) to do anything other than line up behind the big orange guy. One way or the other, it’s about time for Gardner to rip off this band-aid.


15 thoughts on “BREAKING: Gardner Backs Trump, Resolution Passes Anyway

  1. I think it’s highly unlikely that the Senate will also rebuke Gardner? . . .

    . . . that’s an honor that the voters in Colorado will exercise in 2020.

    Stay the course, Weasel!

  2. I noticed that Thom Tillis did the same thing as Gardner. He was originally going to vote "yes" but reportedly got pressure from right wing nuts in North Carolina who threatened him with a primary.

    Maybe Gardner's vote will thaw relations between him and Roger Edwards. What do you say, Pear? Is all forgiven?

    1. I thought that clown was bothered by a different clown?  You may have your clowns confused . . . 

      . . . or maybe I have my clowns confused?  

      . . . Someone’s clowns are confused with someone else’s clowns, of that I’m sure!

      Say, you’re not meaning biblically sensewise, are you?

  3. Con Man Cory perhaps needs reminding that loyalty to Trump is a one-way dead-end street.  He must think he's got one heck of a golden parachute coming in 2020 because he's not stupid enough to think he can fool Colorado voters again.

      1. Hopefully there will not be a Trump cabinet after 1/20/21.

        My prediction: he gets named VP for Legislative Affairs in Koch Industries.

  4. I must say I am surprised by Gardner's vote. If he is going to win in Colorado, he is going to have to campaign in the general as someone that is "principled" and not just a yes man for Trump. Colorado does not like Trump. If he is worried about the primaries: 1) Who, from the right, can realistically beat him? There is no bench. 2) A challenge from the right might actually help him in the general by showing Colorado voters how much worse a candidate the Republicans can present. 

    It must be money. Someone, or several someones, must have told him he is would not get their financial support if he didn't take one for the cheeto in chief.

  5. Jennifer Rubin, in WAPO, nails Gardner (and others):

    Trump is losing control: 12 GOP senators defect

    Also joining Trump were Republican Sens. Joni Ernst (Iowa) and Cory Gardner (Colo.) Tillis, Ernst and Gardner are all up for reelection in 2020, and their voters should understand that these senators voted to give their jobs away, to emasculate the Senate. As such, they serve no purpose and do not fulfill their oaths of office to represent their states. There is no reason to return them to the Senate.

  6. Editorial: Our endorsement of Cory Gardner was a mistake

    We endorsed Sen. Cory Gardner in 2014 because we believed he’d be a statesman. We knew he’d be a conservative voice in Congress, to be certain, but we thought his voice would bring “fresh leadership, energy and ideas.”

    We see now that was a mistake – consider this our resolution of disapproval.

    Gardner has been too busy walking a political tight rope to be a leader. He has become precisely what we said in our endorsement he would not be: “a political time-server interested only in professional security.”

    1. Hahahahaha. ….ha! snrk

      Seriously – what?!


      Was this the lame hey, whatabbouta primary try?
      Who's left? One of the Coffmans? losers and kinda weird.
      Lamborn? um… what?
      Senator Tipton.

      What we need is a Weld county talent.
      yes- State Senate to US Senate – how much diffrent could it be?

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