“Daily Camera” Editor Fired for Speaking Out

Michael Roberts of Westword has more on a story that has been picked up nationally via the Associated Press:

Dave Krieger, a former staffer with the Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post and KOA radio, has been fired from his latest position as editorial-page editor of the Boulder Daily Camera after self-publishing an attack on Alden Global Capital, the so-called vulture hedge fund that also owns the Post, when his own paper wouldn’t publish it…

…Alden Global Capital has been the focus of local ire since the Post‘s March announcement that thirty newsroom employees would be laid off; the total corresponds to around one-third of the staff. Afterward, Chuck Plunkett, the Post‘s editorial-page editor, put together a package blasting Alden that actually saw print and caused a journalistic stir nationwide.

Note that the Post doesn’t have a publisher right now, following the resignation of Mac Tully earlier this year. Speculation is that Tully stepped down rather than participate in such a draconian round of layoffs — and there have also been reports that Alden executives initially wanted Plunkett’s scalp but backed down to avoid a bad-publicity bloodbath.

Here’s how Krieger announced the news via Twitter on Wednesday night:

We wrote earlier this month about a Denver Post editorial taking on the newspaper’s owners. Digital First Media really sucks.

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  1. Davie says:

    And a further note — I have not seen anything published in the Denver Post from Chuck Plunkett, or for that matter, any local columnists since the weekend of the Alden Global indictment.

    Maybe they didn't fire him, but seems as though he has been suspended and/or muzzled.

    Anyone hear from William Dean Singleton, or Lee Ann Colacioppo on the status of the Editorial Board, if there is one anymore?

    Today, they don’t even have a single letter to the editor (Plunkett hinted that that could be a casualty of the layoffs, so it has come to pass)

  2. bullshit! says:

    Should have been Plunkett, but Plunkett is still a useful corporate tool…

  3. Davie says:

    I highly recommend Corey Hutchins' current article expanding on developments on the Alden-owned Boulder Daily Camera and Denver Post stories.

    Your weekly roundup of Colorado local news & media

    Hoping to depress the value of the Post's carcass for his boss:

    Writing in The Weekly Standard, a magazine owned by Phil Anschutz’s Clarity Media, which owns The Gazette, ColoradoPolitics.com, the rights to The Rocky Mountain News name and URL (and who has been identified as a potential buyer for The Denver Post), senior writer Philip Terzian asked if newspapers are even necessary. “The fact is that newspapers are not just a relatively recent invention—large metropolitan dailies like the Post scarcely existed before the Civil War—but for some time ‘our grand democratic experiment’ progressed reasonably well without them,” he wrote. His conclusion: “The survival of the Denver Post would be nice, but is it necessary?”

  4. mamajama55 says:

    Dave Krieger’s piece  “Good night Gracie “ can be read in entirety at his Boulderfreepress blog, cant post a link w this iPad but it’s well worth reading.

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