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November 14, 2017 08:54 AM UTC

Colorado Republicans Love Them Some Roy Moore!

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: The chairman of the Denver GOP Jake Viano is criticizing Sen. Cory Gardner’s decision to condemn Roy Moore, via CBS4:

“I would not have advised him to do that if I was one of his advisors – it’s antithetical to the system we have in our country,” said Jake Viano, Chairman of the Denver County GOP.

Viano says if the allegations against Moore are true he should only be tried in court.

“What bothers me is our societal shift to believing the court of public opinion and moving away from what this country is founded upon,” said Viano.

“There is a long standing narrative that was put out there by the Democrats that we have a war on women. I greatly detest that, and I’ve argued it tooth and nail that we don’t. But, this only helps further that narrative,” Viano adds on Moore’s campaign.

There you have it, folks. We suspect he’s not the only one (see below).


You don’t have to stroll very far back down Memory Lane to find this year’s Christian Home Educators of Colorado’s 2017 Homeschool Day at the Capitol: an annual event thrown by and for the burgeoning industry marketing to parents who take their children’s education into their own hands, often for religious reasons–exclusively in the case of the CHEC.

This year’s Homeschool Day at the Capitol featured a special guest: Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore!

Yes, that Roy Moore:

That’s Sen. Kevin Lundberg, now a candidate for Colorado Treasurer, giving Moore some kind of award. Moore later made the rounds with some of the state’s more conservative lawmakers, such as Rep. Tim “OITNB” Leonard:

But gentle readers, there’s one photo of Moore on the steps of the Colorado Capitol that has aged especially poorly.

Hopefully Judge Moore is praying for (pardon us) self-restraint.

Obviously these photos were taken before the sexual molestation scandal that has gripped the Alabama U.S. Senate special election became national headlines. But given Moore’s defiance in the face of mounting allegations, and the many ideologically friendly Republicans who continue to defend Moore, we think it’s a highly relevant question for anyone who appeared with Moore in Colorado as to whether they’re standing by him today.

Now that Sen. Cory Gardner has belatedly called for Moore to be expelled from the Senate in the event of his still-entirely-possible victory, there might be some choice words on the side for Gardner as well! In any event, we suspect there are many more local angles on this story than have been reported up to now.


15 thoughts on “Colorado Republicans Love Them Some Roy Moore!

  1. Did Roy Moore visit any shopping malls while he was here, or did they too ban him from entering their premises, as one Alabama mall did, because of his predilection for underage girls?

  2. And of course I'm positively certain that Mr. Viano was equally disdainful of the mindless 'rush to judgment' from the right, and every bit as open-minded about reserving judgment, where President Obama, President Bill Clinton, and Secretary of State/former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the myriad false, never-proven allegations against them were concerned.

    Because given what he's saying today, to have done otherwise then would now render him a despicable, two-faced, right-wing scumbag hypocrite. Right?

    R I G H T ? ? ?

  3. Typical guilt by association smear job by Colorado Pols. The homeschoolers didn't know anything about the allegations against Moore BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T EXIST YET. Why are you trying to hold them accountable or suggest something creepy happened?


    1. And yet people all around Moore in Alabama have known FOR DECADES that he was a skeevy pervert and a child molester. Now given how folks just love to gossip, it’s a funny thing that word of his dirty little ‘secret’ somehow never managed to reach the GOP fat cats in Colorado…

      Nice little right-wing political cabal ya got there, pal. Be a shame if somethin' was to — ya know — happen to it or anything…

      Oh, and as for your typically shameless Republican hypocrisy where smear jobs and ‘guilt by association’ are concerned:


  4. "MONTGOMERY, AL—Waving off the current allegations against him as vicious attempts to sabotage his election bid, Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore told reporters Monday that the women accusing him of pedophilia were only doing so now because “shifting sociocultural norms have created an environment in which assault allegations are taken seriously.” “These women have had 30 years to come forward, and the one and only reason they’re speaking out now is because they suddenly have less fear that their lives will be utterly destroyed,” said Moore, adding that the women accusing him of sexually pursuing them as teenagers were just several of many “jumping on the sexual assault bandwagon these days” in light of meaningful systemic change and the fact that society would no longer immediately discredit them. “My accusers are nothing but slandering opportunists taking advantage of the deteriorating influence of the patriarchy that has traditionally silenced any woman who makes such claims. If the American public at large had not finally begun truly hearing victims and decided that enough was enough, I guarantee that these women would never have had the audacity to accuse me of such heinous crimes.” Moore went on to say that he would nevertheless continue his run for the Senate despite the charges against him because while the norms had shifted, they had not shifted nearly as much in Alabama."

    1. "taking advantage of the deteriorating influence of the patriarchy that has traditionally silenced any woman who makes such claims"

      umm, wait, what?  Did he say that out loud?  It's pretty much the most important motivation to vote, for gray haired white dudes.

  5. FWIW, the opinion of the chair of the Denver GOP isn't worth much of anything, since nobody cares much who gets appointed to the post, because every GOP candidate in every rate in Denver is pretty much guaranteed to lose. It is a safe place to give the appearance of power to someone who has lots of fire in the belly but can't be trusted in any political post of consequence.

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