The Return of “Juan a Be the Luchador!”

UPDATE: This one is developing rapidly: in addition to running for the Colorado legislature as a Republican in 2010, Edgar Antillon, according to sources, currently serves as the Adams County chair of the Romney campaign’s Latino outreach effort Juntos con Romney! Neither of these seemingly very important facts made it into Sunday’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story below, which bills Antillon only as “a manager at a Denver security firm” upset about immigration.

Short of a very good explanation, this story looks pretty seriously misrepresented.


We were greatly amused to read this story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s James O’Toole, writing Sunday about the aftermath of recent presidential campaigning in this state–specifically, efforts by Mitt Romney’s campaign to “court swing voters in Colorado.”

Mike Melanson, a political consultant and former executive director of the state Democratic Party, said Mr. Romney added to his challenge in the state’s Hispanic community with the tough line on immigration he took on the way to winning the nomination.

Nationally, surveys show that Mr. Obama leads Mr. Romney by the daunting margin of 70 percent to 30 percent. But Mr. Melanson cautioned that there is no such thing as a monolithic Hispanic vote.

Edgar Antillon, a manager at a Denver security firm, proves his point. [Pols emphasis] Mr. Antillon was among those cheering [Sen. Marco Rubio] at the Romney rally. He criticized Mr. Obama for failing to follow through on his 2008 pledge to enact comprehensive immigration reform. Mr. Antillon, whose parents emigrated from Mexico three decades ago, acknowledged that the president retained strong support in the Mexican-American community.

“For us growing up, it was ingrained in you that the Democrats were for the poor, the minorities; the Republicans for the rich, for the whites,” he said. “It’s hard to get beyond those stereotypes.”

But he said the state of the economy was changing attitudes. “The No. 1 issue used to be immigration, but not so much this election,” he said. “Now, the No. 1 issue for Hispanics is jobs.”

Not that we wanted to clutter up Mr. O’Toole’s story, but we’re obligated to note the Edgar Antillon interviewed here, portrayed as some kind of disaffected Latino voter upset about immigration reform, was in fact the Republican candidate for Colorado House District 35 in 2010 running against incumbent Cherilyn Peniston. Antillon was one of a number of legislative candidates we discussed as part of the 2010 “crooks and criminals” expose, including arrests on two counts of felony impersonation in 2004, and over a dozen failure-to-appear charges for missing court dates. And as you may recall, Antillon drew special attention for a series of Youtube videos he filmed under the pseudonym “Juan a Be the Luchador,” which consisted of Antillon firing off various assault weapons while wearing a Mexican wrestling mask (right).

Bottom line: it’s not the first time a ringer has posed as a “concerned citizen.” There are examples on all sides of this, from Obama’s “former Republicans” in ads to “Democrats for Romney.” We’re not going to assert one side is really worse than the other.

But “Juan a Be the Luchador,” a memorable former GOP candidate, is an extra bad ringer.

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  1. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    The story says NOTHING about Antillon’s position with the Romney campaign or that he ran for the legislature. Either this reporter or Antillon, or maybe both, are guilty of misrepresentation.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens a lot, “concerned citizens” that Romney’s campaign turns reporters from out of state on to. No way in hell a local reporter would have written this story, BECAUSE THEY ALL KNOW ANTILLON.

    True astroturfin’ shenanigans…

    • El Bombardero says:

      The only bullshit in this story is that there is even a story at all.  Juan A Be runs in big circles with big men who have big dicks.  He has no time for player haters who want to ride our coattails into the spotlight.

      When Juan A Be wants to be seen, he runs the motherfucking show.  You are of no concern to him.  You’d be better off begging for his forgiveness then trying to get hits on your site by bringing up his revered name.

      All hail the Luchador, savior of our souls and our nation.  Power and glory to his everlasting name beOTCH. Amen

  2. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    This is SOP for the GOP. One can only hope they’ve burned their bridges with one more reporter after this exposure.

  3. El Bombardero says:

    You suckas don’t know about Juan A Be The Luchador.  Bow down to a master.  Juan A Be never left the game, he’s been a shot caller since he dominated his District 35 race in 2010, the year of the Tiger.  

    Trying to run up on Juan A Be will get you a knot in your head a boyscout couldn’t get out.  Don’t try to come up, cause you will get smacked down like a clown.

    You only exist because Juan A Be lets you exist.  Without his permission you would be the Myspace of the political website world, laughed at and crapped at.  You better thank Allah that Juan A Be doesn’t have you flushed down the internet toilet like a cerveza and taco turd.


        • El Bombardero says:

          The Luchador has descended from Elisium to rain blows on you pleebs.  Stepping to the master has only served to turn his vengeance upon you.

          Your best course of action at this time is to make your pilgrimage to Santa Muerte and pray for heavenly help to defeat your new incorporeal foe.  Earthly forces are no match for the Luchador.

          You’ve just been blessed by the Church of That’s Whats Up!  Now go in fear my child.  

          • AristotleAristotle says:



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  4. godlessdustin says:


    • El Bombardero says:

      Sir, I must insist with all possible insistence that you cease to use your caps lock.  Your commentary is annoying and unnecessary.  

      Juan A Be has sired many hundreds of hijos e hijas with many hundreds of putas.  Your claims to moneys and cigarettes are unverifiable and will be ignored with extreme indifference.

      As Juan A Be’s attorney I advise you and any of you other whores to shut your whore mouths before I visit you in the night and staple your lips to your lips, if you get my drift.  

      I speak with the authority of the Luchador. Fear me, love me and respect me as you would your Lord and Savior, Juan A Be the Luchador.  I am eternally, El Bombardero.  

      • godlessdustin says:

        What would you do

        If your son was at home

        Crying all alone on the bedroom floor

        ‘Cause he’s hungry?

        And the only way to feed him

        Is ta sleep wit’ a man

        For a little bit of money

        And his Daddy’s gone thats my jam right there fo yo brown ass

  5. godlessdustin says:

    Butw hen I’m gonna gona get my money? This netflix arent going to pay itself. I know etger has all that money from the setlement and he owes me/ and my cousin!!!!!!!! I missed that job interview because he wouldn’t get out of the bathroom that time what about this light bill and the payper view he ran up?!!!!!!and jo jo said she almost out of diapers@@@@@?

    • El Bombardero says:

      Bitch, you are testing my patience.  If I have to come down there to whatever hole you and your welfare sucking litter are inhabiting, the Lord Jesus Christ will not be able to stop me from demonstrating new and Republican torture methods on your meth and disease ridden meatsack.

      Thus the scriptures do say, “Thou shalt not test the Lord thy Luchador, lest he rain burrito fists onto thy motherfuckin ass.”

      I don’t know anything about this “job interview” you speak of, but if you are as Latina as you sound I am highly suspicious of the veracity of this claim.  Everyone knows Latina bitches don’t have any jobs outside of squeezing anchor babies out of their giant sexual organs and stabbing rival hoes.

      Now please, leave thy Luchador to his work, he has a Mormon that he needs to help win the White House.  

      Thus spake El Bombardero

      • godlessdustin says:

        my cru gonna fuck you up soon as my cousin get out the penn. you dont know me we run this shit. run. this. shit. soon as my cash advance clear the bank I’m gon get gas in my car and you’re ass gonna get it.  

  6. AristotleAristotle says:

    I have to say that the appearance of “El Bombardero” and “godlessdustin” represents the weirdest set of new polsters since the Courties. Even if this is just one person’s joke.

  7. godlessdustin says:

    don’t judge me. You aint my daddy and you aint poaying non of my bills.  

  8. Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

    slightly amusing…for the first couple of posts. I get the impression that this is a script…written by one person.


  9. gunforhire says:

    You ain’t getting your damn money Laquisha.  everytime you come to the Luchador’s crib, you eat everything in his damn fridge.  Do you remember sitting on his cat?  the kids were devastated when they had to bury that furry pancake that used to be a cat, not to mention the wrecked screen door you ran through because you thought Honey Boo Boo Was on the TV. If you’re gonna go looking for handouts, why don’t you go shut your giant whore mouth and  find the free cellphones Obama is giving out then gently eff yourself with it. Juan A Be has more important shit to do.  He’s got shit to run.

  10. whoresbath says:

    Anyone that is anyone, knows that Edgar and Juan a be the Luchador are in fact, two different people. Juan a be fled to old mexico after the last election debacle. He has quit making YT videos and is currently running a traveling donkey show/luchador show.  

  11. godlessdustin says:

    He better get back with my money.  

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