Add Joe Coors To “Personhood’s” Wall of Shame

The thing is, when you run for Congress, people start looking for records of what you’ve been involved with politically in your past. In the case of any member of the illustrious Coors family, you can start with top-shelf conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation, for whom Coors family members and foundations provided startup capital way back in the day.

More recently in the case of new GOP CD-7 candidate Joe Coors, Jr., you find things like this:

Joe Coors’ support for “personhood” is worth noting, because this particular Coors family member has been represented in biographical media reports as the “less political” of the Coors brothers, more interested in religious piety (and golf) than the rough-and-tumble of politics.

But this is different than merely stepping up one’s political giving in advance of a run for office. In the case of Coors’ financial support for 2010’s Amendment 62 “Personhood Initiative,” the simplest way to explain the political consequences is this: Amendment 62 failed in Jefferson County, the largest population center in CD-7, at a rate several percentage points higher than its statewide trouncing–over 73% against. There is really nothing less popular that Coors could have funded on the 2010 ballot.

Given the demographics of the swing district he’s running in, Mr. Coors probably won’t want to make his support for a sweeping abortion ban front and center in his campaign launch press conference next Tuesday. But as you know, the proponents of this initiative don’t really care who it burns at the polls. In 2010, the initiative Joe Coors helped fund helped sink Ken Buck.

It seems to us financial support for this will be much harder to “Buckpedal.”

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  1. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    Only $50.00 for them.

    Who got the big bucks, is really indicative of his priorities. Twice as much for Gessler than Suthers & Stapleton – definitely a priority on getting partisan hacks elected.

  2. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    He can’t say he doesn’t care about these issues. he can’t say he’s running on “jobs jobs jobs.” He’s a bedroom invading socially backward anti-woman activist. He is a bankroller of the abortion bans every woman in Colorado knows about and hates.

    And he’s done in Jeffco.

  3. Middle of the Road says:

    Look at all that wasted cash on the 2010 Governor’s race debacle. First Penry, then McInnis and last choice/chance Tancredo.

    Talk about throwing good money after bad.  

    • Colorado PolsColorado Pols says:

      There are more Coors family donations there than just Joe Coors’. We made the same mistake initially, but Joe apparently donated only to Josh Penry and Amendment 62.

      • JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

        In Penry’s case, MoTR’s point is no less valid anyway.

        In Amendment 62’s case, I think it was a great investment on behalf of Ed Perlmutter.

      • Colorado PolsColorado Pols says:

        Penry, Amendment 62, Amendment 63, and the GOP legislative PACs. This is why names you can shorten out of loving familiarity should be illegal.

        • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

          Let me help you.

          Joe Coors is a successful businessman who supports political candidates and issues he believes in. As a successful businessman, one of the ways he can do that is through financial support. In 2010, Joe Coors and other members of his family helped many good Republicans and conservative issues on the Colorado ballot. This year, Joe Coors will be on the ballot as a conservative running to replace the liberal Ed Perlmutter in Congress.

          This is a lot less confusing than your faked outrage over something totally unsurprising.

          • Fidel's dirt nap says:

            thats born right into the business.  Instant success !

          • gertie97 says:

            Poor Joe. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.

          • Craig says:

            You are so stupid.  The facts are that with the exception of Pete, none of the Coors have been outspoken on abortion except those who are pro-choice.  As for Pete, well, he was so concerned about abortion that he allowed Coors to pay for abortion coverage for its employees (except of course it saved the company money so he had to do it for the shareholders)  Joe,Sr. was pro-choice because he thought the issue would destroy the “Republican” party.  At least there was one issue on which we agreed.  Holly Coors, well she sent large checks to the Republican Coalition for Choice or which I was a national board member.  (Her full name was Holland, something most people don’t know, but I saw the checks for myself and discussed the issue with her.)  Joe, well, he just committed the sin of being pro-choice at the 1992 Republican National Convention, where he and I were delegates and seated next to each other.

            So, by your standards, GiveArapaBadName, the Coors with the exception of Pete are all RINO’s.  Hahahahahaha.  

            Oh, don’t forget Holly and Joe’s gay son.  I’m sure he’s for gay rights.  

            Hell the whole Coors family out to be run out of the “Republican” party on a rail.

            Just in case you didn’t get it, this post was meant to poke fun at you and your party.

          • ajb says:

            Joseph Coors Jr., a member of the family that founded Adolph Coors Co., the third-largest U.S. brewery, was swindled in a scheme in which he and others invested $40 million, the Securities and Exchange Commission said Friday.

            Golden Heritage, a family investment body controlled by Joseph Coors, joined a program that promised a 100% return per week, the SEC alleged in a complaint filed in a San Francisco federal court.


            100% return per week? I wonder how many bridges he bought!

      • Middle of the Road says:

        Thanks for that–I did totally read that wrong.  

    • ajb says:

      Looks like the latter contributions were from John Coors, not Joe Coors.

  4. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    I predicted that the odds of Colorado Pols not having a hit piece on Joe Coors up by noon today were approximately .0000043%. Thank you for beating me by five minutes.

    So utterly predictable. NO. The people of CD-7 are not obsessed with this issue like Democrats.

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