President (To Win Colorado) See Full Big Line

(D) Joe Biden*

(R) Donald Trump



CO-01 (Denver) See Full Big Line

(D) Diana DeGette*


CO-02 (Boulder-ish) See Full Big Line

(D) Joe Neguse*


CO-03 (West & Southern CO) See Full Big Line

(D) Adam Frisch

(R) Jeff Hurd

(R) Ron Hanks




CO-04 (Northeast-ish Colorado) See Full Big Line

(R) J. Sonnenberg (R) Lauren Boebert (R) Ted Harvey

15% 10%↓ 10%

CO-05 (Colorado Springs) See Full Big Line

(R) Dave Williams

(R) Doug Bruce

(R) Bob Gardner




CO-06 (Aurora) See Full Big Line

(D) Jason Crow*


CO-07 (Jefferson County) See Full Big Line

(D) Brittany Pettersen



CO-08 (Northern Colo.) See Full Big Line

(D) Yadira Caraveo

(R) Gabe Evans

(R) Janak Joshi




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Post hands Ritter puff piece compared with its trashing of Beauprez

The Sunday Denver Post published a puff piece on its favorite candidate for governor, Bill Ritter, who, it turns out, favors gay unions, if not gay marriage, and embryonic stem cell research, if not abortion. Those tidbits were buried at the end of the two-page article, which means less than 10% of readers ever saw […]

Get More Smarter on Tuesday (May 2)

The Denver Nuggets took a 2-0 series lead on Monday night by beating the Phoenix Suns in Game 2 of their Western Conference semifinals matchup; Game 3 is in Phoenix on Friday. Let’s Get More Smarter. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If […]

Heidi Ganahl: The New Best Loser in Colorado History

Now that the 2022 election is behind us (most of us, anyway), there are a number of questions to be answered. Chief among them: Just how historically bad was Hiedi Heidi Ganahl’s campaign for Governor? Bad. Really, really bad. Like, all-time bad. In fact, we’d say that Ganahl has dethroned Bob Beauprez as the single […]

Ganahl: Most Colorado Kids Can’t Read, Write, or Do Math

Earlier this year we posted a bracket-style look at the worst major political campaigns in the last two decades in Colorado. The Winningest Loser in our bracket was Republican Bob Beauprez’s disastrous campaign for Governor in 2006, but we noted at the time that 2022 Republican gubernatorial nominee Hiedi Heidi Ganahl was making a run […]

Throwback Thursday: When The NRSC Boosted Andrew Romanoff

As readers know, Colorado Republicans are furiously sounding the alarm over ads running ahead of the June 28th primary attacking Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and governor Ron Hanks and Greg Lopez. Republican strategists interpret these ads as an attempt to boost what they consider to be the undesirable candidate in the race–in the process […]

Boebert Makes “So-Called Candidates,” Like Gardner, Look Awful to Boyles

(Promoted by Colorado Pols) One funny side effect of congressional candidate Lauren Boebert’s rise to fame is that she makes other Republican Party candidates in Colorado look awful–at least in the eyes of conservative hardliners who must vote nonstop if Cory Gardner has a prayer to win in November. Don’t take it from me. Hear […]

Recapping One Of Cory Gardner’s Worst Weeks

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the gross incompetence of President Donald Trump and the non-career professional side of his administration into harsh relief, along with the Republican political establishment that enabled and continues to prop up Trump through his daily displays of embarrassing ignorance, Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado has taken a terrible […]

Get More Smarter on Monday (June 10)

If this were 2020, we’d be two weeks away from the Primary Election. It’s time to “Get More Smarter.” If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show. TOP OF […]

Walker Stapleton: The Candidate Nobody is Afraid to Face

Walker Stapleton will almost certainly be the Republican nominee for Governor. This is almost certainly not great news for Colorado Republicans. We’re just days away from the June 26 Primary, and the overwhelming favorite for the GOP gubernatorial nomination is running a campaign that has Republican observers positively terrified. “I’m starting to worry that Bill […]

TV interview show to focus on election topics and candidates

Denver television fixture Aaron Harber will again produce an extensive series of TV interview shows, called Your Decision 2016, focusing on Colorado election races, ballot initiatives, and related issues beginning no later than Sept. 25 and ending Nov. 6. Harber will soon begin solidifying topics for 14-to-18 half-hour shows. He aims to cover not only […]


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