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April 07, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

County Assembly Open Thread #2

  • by: Colorado Pols

We’ll get this one started early. Please restrict your comments here to topics surrounding this weekend’s county assemblies.


64 thoughts on “County Assembly Open Thread #2

  1. I don’t about the GOP, but this is like Super Tuesday for the Dems: Denver, Broomfield, Arapahoe, Jefferson, El Paso, Weld, La Plata, Costilla, Crowley, Garfield, Gilpin, Montezuma, Montrose and Morgan all have assemblies tomorrow.

  2. GOP has Weld, Larimer, Denver, Pueblo, Mesa, Eagle, Routt, Teller, and about 10 other small counties.

    Beauprez has a helicopter for the trips. Holtzman and Lola are going the traditional route: car and plane.

  3. G.W. Bush – Our Third Worst President…

    Ranking presidents, especially the worst, can be done by a number of different criteria. If you look at how unqualified they are, Harding would probably top (or is it bottom) the list. But I think the need for competency is…

  4. OOPS – was testing trackbacks but did not mean to post it as it’s not “county assembly”.

    Of course living in Boulder we have nothing interesting our assembly – for Democrats that is. I’m sure the two Republicans here in the county will have a fun time.

    – dave

  5. I heard the Pueblo GOP Assembly had to be moved to CSU-Pueblo from it’s original location at a High School. Some sort of conflict between one of the campaigns and the local school board.

  6. am I the only one here to see the helicopter thing as a bit absurd? I think Bob’s been reading too much of his own campaign lit. and actually thinks something like this is “gubernatorial”.

  7. I have put thought over the yeas how a statewide candidate can best hit county assemblies when many of them are on the same day. If you can afford a helicopter it seems quite reasonable. Just to get to the Pueblo assembly from Larimer, Weld and Denver (or vice versa) would be hard without flying and Mesa would be impossible unless you were going to ignore the rest.

    For a Republican, I would think Larimer, Weld and Mesa are “must go” assemblies. Denver too: even though Denver is predominantly Democrat there are still 63,000 Republicans here. Too many for any statewide candidate to ignore.

    At least the weather across the state seems to be okay for helicopters today.

  8. LBJ used a helicopter when he was campaigning for Senate – and it did quite well for him. Both being able to hit more towns and the publicity of a helicopter landing (it was more unusual then).

    Might work…

  9. The SD32 number were not what Mello’s camapign manager gave us in our HD6 meeting. She gave us 58% – 42% but I didn’t get a chance to write down the actual ballot counts.

    In HD1 – votes  %
    Labuda  24  44 on ballot
    Hernandez 19  35 on ballot
    Atencio  11  20 may still petition

    Have to say I was rather disappointed with the disorganziation that prevailed today in Denver in general and especially in HD1. Several of the HD1 delegates ended up leaving before the vote took place. There were only 84 votes cast in the Denver County portion of HD1 by the time they got to it but well over 100 were cast during the governor’s preference poll. (The final numbers above were from the HD1 assembly vote which immediately followed Denver County and only had 54 delgate slots available).

  10. The spacing didn’t hold on the last post:

    24 votes
    44% – top line on ballot

    19 votes
    35% – 2nd line on ballot

    11 votes
    20% – has option open to petition onto ballot

  11. Things were kind of slow and boring at the El Paso Dem assembly until Curtis Imrie decided to parade his mule inside the school auditorium (down the side aisle and up the center aisle)despite the protestations of the assembly chairman.

  12. A terrific assembly was concluded today, despite the last minute potential catastrophe of having our original venue pulled from us, Republicans.  Nothing to do with any campaign, or the typical Pueblo Demo shenanigans.  The change was the recent decision to enforce a ten year old district policy not to allow partisan political activity at any school in Pueblo.  Apparently, one of the charter academies created an uproar, when they hosted a “get out the vote for chicano democrats” rally during school hours. 

    There was quite an outcry from the community, so as to avoid any other similar issues, the district (central administration specifically) sent out a memo to this effect.  Ooops, someone did not get the memo.  The school district administration was not aware that a local high school activities director had signed an agreement with the Pueblo County Republican Party to allow the county assembly to take place at the school.  Once “central administration” staffers discovered the foul, they immediately secured an alternate site at the university (a superior facility to say the least.)  All went well in good Ol’ Pueblo.

    BB dropped by via heli, but the real story was the traction that Lola is securing for herself, Marc, and the campaign.  After today, Pueblo is solidly supporting Marc for “top line.” 

    HD46…look out D Butch…you have an adversary!  Unanimously selected Susan Pelto, stunned the assembly by agreeing to come out of retirement…she is willing to devote her millions to the campaign to bring sanity back to Pueblo, and to bring Pueblo back from the firm grasp of “socialism.”

    HD47…I am pleased to report that our friends up north will only have to suffer Buffie Mac a few more months…the Republicans have their act together and will be offering a “best of class” Puebloan to restore our honor and eliminate the shame.

    Sheriff Dan Corsentino is leading a pack of worthy officer seekers for commissioner, and clerk & recorder.  Bill Thiebaut’s dream of a land free of republicans, where labor, “programs for everyone”, and looting of the taxpayer’s money can exist with out the nuisance of accountability, freedom of choice, and economic opportunity.  (Ask Bill how the DA’s job is going for him…unfortunately for Pueblo he is batting a 1000…0 for 6 that is…6 capital cases in 18 months…4 dismissals, and 2 acquittals.)  I’m glad he is on our side?

    Finally, Scott Tipton, 3rd CD, is showing real muscle!  With an 18,000 vote registration advantage in the district, he has been working the assemblies hard.  No more purple in Colorado…after today, I think many in Pueblo are seeing red.

  13. Not a whole lot of friction at the Denver Dems assembly. Ritter, DeGette and Judd were all unopposed. My favorite part was either the ruckus over the language of the immigration resolution or Ken Gordon’s inspiring, fire-and-brimstone speech. That guy is a heck of a public speaker.

  14. i’m a republican, but I know ken to be a good guy. the bad thing about ken is he can come off as confrontational and caustic. i’m sure you saw that in his speech.

  15. BLUFinP:
    You talked about a great candidate in HD47 but didn’t give a name.

    Matt: you missed the friction, it was all in HD1. Even SD32 went very smoothly.

  16. Matt Smith tromps Penry!  I admit I’m surprised.  That certainly bodes well for Matt in the primary.  Who did the Rs nominate for Penry’s old seat?
    As to Coleman/ Mello, Fran at least made the cut.  If Romer petitions on, he could split the vote with Mello and Fran could win the primary.  That’s for the posts.

  17. A very interesting developement wouldn’t you say Mr. Veep. So here’s my question…

    In the Governor’s race… Who did Josh endorse? Who is Smith supporting?

    Kinda makes you wonder how the Mesa County delegation will be voting come State huh?

  18. RE: Mello/Coleman/Romer
    From what I saw at the assembly today Romer seemed to appeal more to the Coleman crowd than to the Mello. There was a motion to allow Romer to speak even though he was not running in the assembly vote. The motion was resoundly defeated, but I did note the people who supported it were mostly Coleman supporters.

    If the voters follow this trend, then I think Romer will hurt Coleman more than Mello. Also, I have heard his stump speech a few times now and he tends towards the same points as Coleman where Mello goes a different direction. Setting herself apart like that should work in her favor.

  19. From Gilpin, a mixed bag.  Us independent, Progressive types voted to send both some Ritter delegates and some “please say you’ll keep your religion out of your political decisions” Uncommitted delegates to the State Assembly.  Make no mistake – Ritter’s better than either of the Republican offerings, we just want a separation of Church and State and we want to make sure Ritter keeps getting that message.  HD13 delegates were sent on to the HD13 Assembly in a couple of weeks favoring Claire Levy 5-2 over Jim Rettew; both are more-than-capable candidates to replace some big shoes in our term-limited Rep. Tom Plant.

    On the “solid support side”, we didn’t have any trouble putting Joan Fitz-Gerald or Mark Udall back on the ballot, and we will be sending a solid Progressive platform to the State Assembly.

  20. Okay the political junkie in me needs fed:

    From Arapahoe:
    Does Rep. Garcia have a primary? There is an Albert Estrada registered with the Sec of State’s office also running as a Dem
    There were several contested GOP HD races. Who did those assemblies put on?

    From Jeffco:
    Did the Dems fill all the HD and SD seats?
    If so, who is running in SD22?

    From Weld:
    Do the Dems have a HD48 candidate?

    From El Paso:
    Who is running for the HD and SD seats for the Dems? I only know of a couple of them so far.

    From Denver:
    Who are the GOP running in the HD’s and SD’s (if anyone).

    From Mesa:
    Is there a GOP primary in HD55?

    Many Thanks!

  21. I participated in the vote count for SD32.  There were 221 ballots cast.
    129 Mello
    85  Coleman
    7  ballots not counted

    I didn’t write down the reason for each of the 7 uncounted but the ballots were kept by the assembly so if someone wanted to check they could determine the reason for each.  My recollection is 3 were unsigned and 4 named Romer. But again, I can’t say for certain.

    Hope this helps clear up the earlier posts about SD32.

  22. bb is using mh’s talking points?!?

    did anyone else hear that rumor?!?

    here in weld, he spoke on the exact points mh did earlier in the morning.

    did he do this in the odonnell primary, too?

  23. Iron Mike, i know Penry backed BB, as every Republican legislator that has endorsed anyone did, except for Stengel.  But I don’t know who Smith backed, though you’re implying he backed Holtzman.  That would indeed be interesting.  In general, Penry has been saying he’s the conservative and I certainly regard Smith as more moderate on most things, like Ref C.  Holtzman picking up Smith would be a sign that he is finally starting to reach out to the Republican moderates.
    Hang in there and have a bottle of that good german beer for me.  That was the only thing I liked about the old East Berlin but if they could sell that stuff for the equivalent of a dime a bottle, then communism couldn’t have been completely bad!

  24. Talking Points—You need to meet these two candidates in the same room at the same time. There’s no comparison. Check out what RomeFell says under the governor thread.

  25. Weldco-I also heard that bb uses mh talking points along with speeches.
    Talking points-The original thoughts do seem to come from Holtzman. And bb does seem as if he has to steal them, maybe because of the rumor that was going around today that his campaign manager lost faith–and quit.

  26. Any other Democratic county assembly have a 3-hour platform discussion? Looking forward to state platform debate…I may have to be medicated. For  first time in forever, Garfield (GLenwood/Rifle area) Dems may be presenting a FULL slate of candidates. (Any one interested in Coroner?)We’re mad as hell and can’t take it anymore!

    Andy Gold running for 57th impressed everyone in his stump speech-he’s got his message down. Al “nice guy, does nothing” White is in trouble. Kathleen Curry in 61 was praised for her work on surface rights protection.

    GarCo Dem Party is the breeding ground of the surface rights defense initiative which will bring Home Builders Assn, environmental concerns, real estate lobbyists and West Slope Democratic Party members together, working as a team–What! Hell must be freezing over.

  27. Penry’s quote in this morning’s Sentinel seemed to sum it up for me.  McInnis is supporting his brother-in-law (he must not want any more awkward thanksgiving dinners after the ’04 CD-3 primary).  After yesterday, things must be much more comfortable at the McInnis household.  Maybe Scott is off the couch and out of the dog house?!  Great  stragegy, Matt.  Riding Scott’s coat tails ALMOST got you elected to Congress and this time it MAY get you through a State Senate primary.  Where’s the shame?

  28. today’s daily sentinel tells some interesting stories. smith walked away with the assembly vote, 58 percent to penry’s 42, and the colorado republican caucus got creamed again.

    looks like bob caskey is the choice for hd 55. steve king should win the hd 54 vote in a few weeks, witb tom kenyon taking second and dan wilkenson not making the ballot again.

  29. Yes, I have seen the two Republican candidates working the rounds for months. I can say with absolute assurance that Beaupreaz is using Holtzman’s talking points. For example: MH was first to talk about C and D, then BB did. MH was talking immigration and benefits back in October when I heard him at an Immigration Forum, then Beaupreaz followed suit when I heard him last month at a Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner. I think this is also explained by a simple observation I made back in January, when I noticed our local Beaupreaz chairman taking notes when MH spoke at our central committee meeting.

    As to the question of BB having a habit of this, my memory may be playing tricks on me, but I think O’Donnell was always talking School Choice in the Primary (and doing well with that) then Beaupreaz started saying the same thing. But I’m not sure that constitutes a pattern of behavior. It could just mean that Beaupreaz ran a poll and saw how well that played in the district.

    I will see Beaupreaz and Holtzman together next weekend, so I’ll keep an ear out as to the question, and report back. And thanks for the notification of potential plagiarism.

  30. Big upset in SD-13. Scott Renfroe won top line aginst Dale Hall 99-94.

    Anyone who thought there wasn’t going to be a backlash against the Governor’s buddies after last November is sorely mistaken.

  31. Margaret Atencio can be a huge help to Bill Ritter. Ritter will welcome Atencio to his campaign with open arms. Alfredo Hernandez was backed on the secret ballot by a lot of Margaret’s friends. They see Alfredo as a dynamic new leader for the Party and the Hispanic Community. They love Margaret and know that she is a top flight organizer.
    They just think Alfredo has the better chance of winning

  32. Wow-Penry did not get “creamed,” yes he did not walk out with the majority of the votes and unfortunately that is going to mean a lot of work before August. But if anyone truly thinks that the Assembly was a true representative of the ideas and thoughts of the republican voters of Mesa County, they are on crack. Matt Smith came across as the pompous, cry-baby politician that he is. Penry will win the primary in August and we are going to see what a sore loser Matt is yet again. Fortunately Matt can always ride on his brother-in-law’s coattails!

  33. The vote did not agree with that assessment entirely. Alfredo only got 8 more votes than Margaret. I do think that both Alfredo and Margaret were hurt by the lack of organization which caused many to leave before voting. Jeanne seemed to be better to keeping her peeps there.

    Also there was no secret balloting. The final vote was used by using people’s credential tags. There is a clear record of how everyone voted.

    If the assembly vote is an indication, then Jeanne Labuda is the candidate to beat in the HD1 primary. But as we all know Assembly votes often don’t reflect primary outcomes.

  34. coattails,

    are you dyslexic or just an idiot? I said the daily sentinel reported matt walked away with the assembly. that’s true. that was the headline and the story. I said the colorado republican caucus got ”creamed.” that’s also true.

    it’s called reading and writing. learn how to do them before you post. maybe when you’re done listening to sean, sergio, and jake’s worthless talking points, you can pull your mouth away from the meth pipe, get in your pos, and head to sylvan learning center to sign up for some classes. they’ll probably even let you sign with an ”X.”

  35. Wow,
    First of all, I know that he didn’t walk out with a win buddy but I am saying that is not my definition of creamed. I read the article in the sentinel and I also was at the damn assembly. I was talking about Penry not getting creamed not the fucking Caucus. I didn’t have to read Jake or Sergio’s talking points I have my own. I am sorry if I didn’t read your post correctly could be because I wasn’t really paying attention and my comments were not directed entirely towards you. But for God’s sake settle down when you post you don’t have to get so damn defensive and it also might help if you pull that stick out of your ass, thanks!

  36. RINO State Rep Dale Hall got beat by an unknown at the Weld Assembly in his run to replace Sen. Dave Owen. Quite an upset, since he was both county commissioner and state rep.  It looks like his liberal stance and vocal support of Ref C did him in in his own back yard.  Maybe Bill Owens or Hank Brown will help him find a job after the primary…….

  37. Coattails,

    It seems like you’re the one with the stick in his rectum and the one being defensive. (Are you playing defense because you like that stick stuck in there?)

    It also looks like you haven’t taken wow’s advice and learned how to read or write. Click on my link for directions to Sylvan in Grand Junction. Thanks!

  38. Roan Plateau Dem:  Here are my predictions for Garfield County elections:

    Tresi will keep her Commissioner seat, as will Georgia Chamberlain for Treasurer.  Reps will win the Clerk’s office and keep the Assessor’s Office.  We also have a lock on the Coroner and Surveyor. You and I both know the real race will be in two years, when Martin and McCowen retire.

    By the way, who are you putting up for Sheriff?  Lou hurt himself supporting Truden, but he’s still a popular guy and will be hard to beat.

  39. Josh got set down a notch. Getting dissed by his former boss, McInni is a blow.  Superstar Josh might see that it takes more than raw ambition to move up the political chain.

  40. RightinWeld—Similar thing happened in SD 22. Pro-Choice, pro-ref C & D Kiki Traylor, MD, appointed by one of those damn tiny vacancy committees got 28%. The base is rising.

  41. Matt Smith had a big day on Saturday.  Unfortunately for him, and the rest of the McInnis clan, Penry will wipe the floor with him when the voting universe expands to real people.  Smith throws babies and guns in the same trashcan, and he is about to get what he deserves.

    McInnis is over.  His greed gave the 3rd CD to John Salazar, few people in Mesa County give a rat’s ass what the “coach” thinks.

  42. Jon,

    That’s genius. Express contempt for the delegates and alternates–according to you, they’re not “real people”–but expect to win the votes of the “real people” in the primary. I’m sure Josh is proud to have your support. With your game plan–hate the core of your party, but expect its support–I’m sure he’ll go far. You’re such a great coach.

    Matt doesn’t throw babies or guns in the trash can, which is where your mom should have thrown you. Check Matt’s record and you’ll see he’s a staunch advocate of the 2nd Amendment–Matt grew up on a ranch, where they use guns for more than display, unlike in your house–and he supports his constituents’ beliefs on the issue of abortion. (Marshall tried this same smear in the 3rd Congressional District, and it went about as far as your manhood extends–in other words, nowhere.)

    If McInnis is over, Owens is faithful. And McInnis didn’t lose us the 3rd Congressional District. Greg Walcher, Bill Owens, and their buddies did.

    When you get done crying over Saturday, wash the smeared makeup off your face, pick your fat ass out of your mommy’s lap, go to school, get a job, and get a life. Maybe then Josh will want your coaching.

  43. Greg Walcher lost the 3rd CD by selling out the Western Slope 1) in his support for Ref. !; b) in muzzling the professionals at DOW; 3) pushing O&G development, ORVs, RS2477 claims, etc.  over all other DNR objectives: Parks, Wildlife, etc.

    B.O. (our Gov.) is reposnsible as well, and all the Front Range Repubs who ignore the Western Slope. 

    Matt Smith at least has the desire to use the Senate seat for the betterment (in his mind, which I may or may not agree with) of the Western Slope.  As Josh has already shown, his interest in the seat is simply as a stepping stone to his next ambition.

  44. Dan W…

    Jeff Shaw of Pueblo will be announcing this week for HD47.  The dems in Pueblo are quietly applauding this development, as BM, as she is affectionately known in Pueblo, has elbowed her way into taking credit for anything that happens in the southern portion of the state.  Shaw has plenty of muscle to support his run, and the dems will only feign support for BM…she is just to messy and there will news of foul humors arising from BM.

  45. Well I am sad to report that Curtis Imrie’s campaign went down in flames this weekend.  Although he meant well Curtis brought his donkey INTO the meeting while things were still being discussed.  Many thought John Morris (El Paso Dem party chair) was going to burst a vessel he was so angry!  Alas the chances of Imrie to get onto the ballot are slim to none now as many people were upset by the stunt.

    It is sad that the streets of DC will never hear the hallowed clip clop of Imrie’s fighing donkeys.  Sad that in todays political world citizens from Granite with very little money have zero chance to become congressman.  He never really had much of a chance but he is a good man who had a real sense of what it meant to love Colorado like a member of the family.

    Other than that the El Paso Democrat assembly was very energetic.  Good serious candidates for HD 21, SD 11, SD 9, HD 19, HD 14, and HD 17!  The most Dems have had in years down there.  The fight is comin!  YEEEHAAAAW!

  46. Anybody hear about Bill Winter’s comments at the Arapahoe County assemby where he said that he raised $140,000 in the first quarter?  Those aren’t bad numbers but they certainly aren’t great.  Thoughts?

  47. Other than the GOP candidate for HD48, can anyone tell me who Jeff Shaw is and whatbhis part political involvement has been.

    And I am still giggling over the fact that a GOP candidate shares a name with one of the co-chairs of the Colorado Stonewall Democrats, the state Dems’ GLBT organization.

  48. Disappointing Dan…your past entries showed signs of intelligence, which is typically lacking…it is understandable that you have not heard of anyone south of Castle Rock.  By the way…who is Dan Willis?  I have never heard of you…what is your story and past political involvement? 

    As to the common surname “Shaw”, not that there is anything wrong with sharing surnames or anything else, but is that really a relevant point?  Shame Dan, shame.

  49. You can tell that Bottom Line has his head somewhere other than reality.  In HD 46, he reports a millionaire getting ready to give Butcher a nasty race, but the Republican-dominated Chieftain described the reality of the situation as the GOP candidate agreeing to be a “place-holder” while encouraging recruitment of somebody else.

    As for Jeff Shaw, this is a guy who still can’t make a decent campaign speech.  Let’s see — the GOP failed with a blue-collar rich white guy from Pueblo last time, so they figure a white-collar rich white guy from Pueblo will be able to shift the tide.  They just don’t get exactly how popular Buffie McFadyen is in HD 47, or how hard she campaigns.  Amazing…

  50. Jeff Shaw will be a breath of fresh air for Pueblo after having BM serve as rep.  Jeff Shaw is very involved in the community and local politics.  He will announce his candidacy today. I for one am relieved.  BM’s cuteness is wearing thin and won’t carry her through one more election.  Her popularity is worn out and the cool kids are even sick of her.

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