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April 07, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Beauprez Still Claiming Education

  • by: Colorado Pols

We wrote last month that Bob Beauprez was claiming to have a BS in Education from the University of Colorado, when previously his degree was listed as a BS in Physical Education, which is an entirely different degree. Well, Beauprez’s campaign isn’t shying away from calling it a BS in Education.?A new mail piece that went out in advance of the county assemblies says quite clearly “BS in Education from the University of Colorado.”


32 thoughts on “Beauprez Still Claiming BS…in Education

  1. If you think that is terrible, then consider the fact that President Bush allowed Judith Miller to stay in a prison for months, while HE knew “who” was the leaker!

  2. Beauprez is so arrogant!  Owens and Benson have promised him he will be Governor and he doesn’t care what the rest of us think.  Time for a revolution!

  3. We deleted the comment because it included the name that we should have removed from the PDF, not because of anything you said. It was our mistake.

  4. Bob Beauprez graduated in 1970 from the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Physical Education.

    This is from a staffer at the C.U. records office I just talked to on the phone.  Any reporter out there can call up and find out what I just did.  BB is not being honest.

  5. A Ritter/Holzman duel come November.
    Those who think that Beauprez is the tougher opponent are crazy. Holtzman is smarter and tougher than Beauprez.

  6. Marc may be short and he may say stupid things and maybe his Dad is buying him this election…but he’s going to win and win big. Phys Ed Bob doesn’t have a chance. Markie-boy we’re behind you all the way.

  7. Marc Holtzman’s tale of how President Reagan urged him to finish college doesn’t pass the smell test either.  We know he eventually got a Econ degree from Lehigh, so why doesn’t he say so?

    As for Bob, I wouldn’t be excited to put a degree in P.E. on my resume either.  But why lie?  Arguing about academic pedigrees is so pointless and elitist–I really don’t care if either one graduated at all, so long as I can see they make sense and stand for the issues I care about.

    But if Bob’s willing to lie about his college degree, it just makes me wonder what else he’s lied about.  This isn’t over.

  8. None of the paragraphs on Holtzman’s main page pass the smell test.

    “call to service?”.  “Help the formerly enslaved nations of the warsaw pact?” Jesus, give us a break.

  9. I think Greg Walcher should be Bob Beauprez’s running mate. With Walcher’s peach farming skills and Beauprez’s dairy darming skills, they could team up and make some sort of fruit smoothie drink!

  10. Holtzman is the best of the three candidates. Trouble is, he doesn’t come across in the media as well as he does in person. Trust me Shamus, or is it supposed to be Seamus, you’ll like Holtzman in the debates.

  11. Question: I’ve heard from one person Kathryn Isenberger is a big supporter of Marc and from another person she’s a big supporter of Beauprez. Which is right, oops, correct?

  12. Isenberger is supporting the same person that Nancy Reagan, John Elway, George Forman and Rick Santorum are.  We’ll see her on the RV next week.

  13. Wait a minute….didn’t Beauprez get out of the draft because of a physical problem?  Didn’t he claim some kind of minor problem which made him 4F?  How do you get a degree in Physical Education if you can’t be drafted because you are not physically fit?
    I could be totally wrong about this.  Does anyone remember why Beauprez did not serve in the military?

  14. The story…according to the BB people is that BB applied for educational deferments during college.  After three applications, he was merely granted a medical deferment.  He uses some lame story about havinga bleeding ulcer at age 16.  Milking those cows is strenuous activity.

    Maybe he received a 4F because he had a bleeding ulcer at age 16, and therefore, couldn’t go to war later?  He would have a BS Degree.  Bachelor of Sheiza Degree in Elementary Education – Physical Education.

    I still like the idea of a face-off between the two in a high contact sport such as badminton or pin pong.  I wouldn’t do chess because Holtzman would stomp Beauprez (Can you say “Looking like a cow at a new gate”? 

    BB would have to pull a Phoebe Bufay (Friends) with all of us being astonished at her card tricks.  Story – Bob Beauprez was once nominated for Sainthood.  He was rejected because the vatican found out that his fifth miracle was a card trick.

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