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April 06, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

Yabba dabba do!


166 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. In response to Rep. McKinney allegedly punching a cop when he grabbed her. McKinney is a spirited, honest voice who is much needed and we should support her. The Republicans have been using the middle class, the environment, Iraq and the economy as punching bags for years. Kick them out instead.

  2. In October, a source told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that President Bush was directly involved in the CIA leak scandal. It looks like Stephanopoulos’ source was right.

    According to court documents released in the Scooter Libby case, the former chief of staff to the Vice President received “the specific permission of President Bush” to leak a highly classified intelligence document:

    Defendant testified that the Vice President later advised him that the President had authorized defendant to disclose the relevant portions of the NIE. Defendant testified that he also spoke to David Addington, then Counsel to the Vice President, whom defendant considered to be an expert in national security law, and Mr. Addington opined that Presidential authorization to publicly disclose a document amounted to a declassification of the document.

    Although the White House press corps has never pressed Bush on his personal involvement, Bush has repeatedly implied that knew nothing about leaks from the White House:

    “There’s just too many leaks, and if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is.” [Bush, 9/30/03]

    “I want to know the truth. … I have no idea whether we’ll find out who the leaker is, partially because, in all due respect to your profession, you do a very good job of protecting the leakers.” [Fox News, 10/8/03]

    “I’d like to know if somebody in my White House did leak sensitive information.” [Bush, 10/28/03]

  3. In response to Rep. McKinney allegedly punching a cop when he grabbed her. McKinney is a spirited, honest voice who is much needed and we should support her. The Republicans have been using the middle class, the environment, Iraq and the economy as punching bags for years. Kick them out instead.


    You just can’t make up this stuff.  Amazing.

  4. Two things:

    First, I read a post yesterday saying Colorado would never elect a Democrat as Governor. It happened consistently before this current screw-up. And, more importantly, it will happen again, in November. Get used to it.

    Second, the Peggy Lamm campaign is coming on strong in CD7 with the addition of Jim Merlino as Managing Director. This race is far from over; Merlino has led some very succesful campaigns and is one of the best hired guns in Colorado electoral politics. When Peggy’s Q1 fundraising totals come out, you will see her sky-rocket right back to the top of the Democratic ticket.

  5. My personal favorite is that now Rep. McKinney is alledging “Racial Profiling” as the reason she was detained.

    Can’t wait to see what her position is when she is indicted by the grand jury.

  6. Second, the Peggy Lamm campaign is coming on strong in CD7 with the addition of Jim Merlino as Managing Director.


    The unfortunate reality is that it’s Mrs. Lamm’s name on the ballot, not Mr. Merlino’s.  You really think voters give a rip (or even KNOW) who the candidate’s campaign manager is? 

    Peggy’s got too much baggage, IMO, that hasn’t been explained to satisfaction.

  7. McKinney is the wrong person to go to bat for against the Repubs. She’s a wingnut or moonbat (which is the liberal label?) and a hateful one at that – Sharpton in drag. She’s on record saying Gore has “a low Negro tolerance” and Bush and his cronies knew about 9/11 and let it happen. Don’t waste capital on her.

  8. Space Cowboy… No one said that a Democrat couldn’t be elected Governor. The Romer and Lamm administrations pretty much confirm that can happen.
    Interesting about Merlino though. He did do a great job of getting Salazar out of 3rd Assembly with no primary in 2004. So impressive job in the 3rd, but does he know the metro area well enough to do the same in the 7th? If yes, then Herb is last week’s news and Ed might be done for as well.

  9. Peggy supporters love to hear you say that, Bad Moon Rising. Just dismiss this as a non-factor. Meanwhile, Peggy sneaks up on Ed who is too busy basking in the glow of his labor endorsements, and wins the nomination on the ground with a superior field game. Everyone knows she has the name recognition; she has been on the verge of taking control of this race from the beginning.

  10. You are right, Rock 5; I misread that post. Didn’t catch on to the sarcasm.
    As for Merlino, he ran Feeley’s campaign in the 7th… and nearly won. Since then, the district has grown and is leaning even more to the left. He is also working on Winter’s CD6 campaign and Fern O’Brien’s bid for AG. If he didn’t know the area, and if he didn’t think Lamm could win in CD7 he would not be there. This guy has a sparkling track record and is always in high demand.

  11. Meanwhile, Peggy sneaks up on Ed who is too busy basking in the glow of his labor endorsements, and wins the nomination on the ground with a superior field game.


    You’d be correct – if that’s what was happening.  Hey, I’m just looking through the window at what’s going on, and have no dog in the fight.  I don’t see EP as resting on his laurels.  What I do see is a candidate who currently (1Q numbers pending) has a 2-1 financial advantage.
    So we’ll see….

  12. Whoa! WOW!

    From ABCNEWS —


    A lightning bolt of incredible consequences.

  13. Thank God for Republicans and their fiscal conservatism.


    Congress to Spend Record $29 Bln on `Pork’ Projects, Group Says

    April 5 (Bloomberg) — Congress is spending a record $29 billion this year on thousands of lawmakers’ special projects, including a teapot museum in North Carolina and a boxing club in Nevada, according to a report on wasteful government spending.

    Lawmakers increased spending by more than 6 percent from last year to pay for almost 10,000 special projects for their home districts, according to Citizens Against Government Waste, a Washington-based group that seeks to eliminate inefficiency in government.

    The group cited $500,000 being spent on the teapot museum and $100,000 on the boxing club as being particularly egregious wastes of public money and deserving of derisive “oinker” awards.

  14. Whoa! WOW!

    From ABCNEWS –


    A lightning bolt of incredible consequences.

    It is so incredible, that I had to repeat it again … WOW.

  15. Why the Dems would prefer to see Bob Beauprez as their opponent:
    1) Bob Beaupres has a weak record on illegal immigration.
    2) Bob Beaprez has a weak record on veterans.
    3) Bob Beauprez has a weak record on taxes.
    4) Bob Beauprez supported Amendment A in Colorado.
    5) Bob Beauprez called upon Colorado Legislators to support the SANE legislation (Gun Control).
    6) Bob Beauprez has a record of supporting issues then NOT VOTING on similar issues (i.e. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq).
    7) Bob Beauprez (as Republican Party Chairman) turned a blind eye as his Vice Chairman was actively campaigning for a Republican in a Republican Primary (i.e. violation of Republican Party Bylaws).
    8) Bob Beauprez has a weak military service record (i.e. can you say Bill Clinton?).
    9) Bob Beauprez’ El Paso County field director was involved in providing fraudulent information to the City of Colorado Springs.
    10) Bob Beauprez has substantially more baggage yet to be released.  The Dem’s see this as nothing more than OPPORTUNITY.  With a BIG “O”.

    Beauprez narrowly won his first election – 121 votes.  Yes, BB won re-election in a substantially Republican district.  Now that the boundaries are back to where they once were, BB would have faced a tough race in HD 7.

    Everytime the Republicans attempt to put a “MODERATE” up against the DEMS (with only a very few exceptions) the DEMS have prevailed.  In 1998, Bill Owens campaigned as a solid conservative (that is another issue to discuss for another day) he wins with 35,000 additional votes from El Paso County.

    BB’s record counters his Principled Conservative accronym.  Bruce Benson tried, lost.  Pete Coors tried, lost.

    BB is a Horse of a Different Color.  Just because you place a cow in a garage, doesn’t make it a barn.

  16. From FIndLaw, >

    Article III, Section 2 — it states.

    The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.

    Section 3.

    Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

  17. All three candidates against the war!
    Novel point.
    Can you point to a spot on the websites of the candidates in CD7 where they take a stance on the War In Iraq?
    Can you provide a link to any statement that they have made against the War? Sooner not later for withdrawal is exactly the position taken by Bush so Lamm fans will have to do better than that
    Cocktail party chatter is not taking a stand. Statements in settings that will not be covered by the press is not taking a stance.

  18. I think people are underplaying this move at the Lamm camp.  What did Peggy have before?  Great name recognition and an enorsement (read money) from Emily’s List.  All she was missing was an organized and disciplined campaign.  Guess what she just got with Jim Merlino at the helm?  There is no better manager in the state and Peggy’s got him.  Ed look out.  Play times over.

  19. I only remember that Rubenstein said he was against the war from its beginnings.  I’ll check his website.  As far as Peggy and Ed are concerned, I don’t remember them saying anything on the subject. 

    From the top of Rubenstein for Congress website: >

    This war is both a travesty and a tragedy.
    It is a war sold to the American people by lies.
    Democrats cannot be wishy-washy on the War. The War in Iraq must end or it will tear apart our fiber as Nation and destroy America’s good name around the world.

    In Congress I will vote to bring our troops home by July 1, 2007.

    While opposing the war I honor and salute those who served our country so well and so gallantly.

    We must increase Veteran’s Benefits and live up to the promises we made to those who sacrificed so much.

  20. While it’s oft-repeated that Ed Perlmutter and Peggy Lamm have “come out against the war,” I can find no printed evidence of this.

    I’m not impressed.  Herb Rubenstein can do us all a big service by using his waning candidacy to press this issue.

  21. Alright…I’m getting sick of reading about how Herb is the only one “who is against the war” in every thread.  Shut up!  I have more money in my wallet right now than Herb’s campaign.  You have no shot.  You have no money.  You have no support.  Go back to Washington.

  22. From the Rocky article posted by fyi:

    The campaign for Ed Perlmutter, Lamm’s chief Democratic opponent, announced its complete campaign team Wednesday. It includes Denver-based consultant Steve Welchert and “honorary campaign co-chairs” Mike Feeley and former state Senate president Stan Matsunaka.


    Not exactly a team comprised of chopped liver, is it?

  23. I can’t speak for Mr. Rubenstein, but I find your comments as an element of disatisfaction with the Bush Administration, and not with someone who has aimed at a correction over the “thousands” of mistakes (Rice said it so well) that her Administration has made in only 5 1/2 years. 

    No matter if you vote for Mr. Rubenstein, Peggy Lamm, or Ed, you must admit, that Mr. Rubenstein does follow what the Democrat Party has stated, greatly more so than that of the other two candidates.  If you’re a Democrat or a GOP individual who is considering a vote against the ruineous Bush Administration, then Herb could be your choice, no matter how much money he has. 

    His level of support may gain greatly in the next few months … after such damning information on the President and his Administration.

  24. CNN is reporting that the President told Libby to tell a reporter classified information! Oh, my God, this is a scandal!

    Actually, no it’s not. The President is one of a very few people in the nation who can declassify government documents without review.

    Give it another shot lefties!

  25. From the Associated Press and —

    Prosecutor: Bush Authorized Leak of Intelligence Data on Iraq

    April 6, 2006 (AP) — Vice President Dick Cheney’s former top aide told prosecutors President Bush authorized the leak of sensitive intelligence information about Iraq, according to court papers filed by prosecutors in the CIA leak case.

  26. Peggy’s problem was never a decent team.
    Peggy’s problem was Peggy.

    She can’t face a problem without making it worse.
    Look at her performance on the news when she said she really had no idea where she lived. All a campaign manager could have done for her at that moment would have been to fake a siezure to distract the cameraman.

    They can give her the Bush treatment. Surround her with happy followers. Insulate her from the news. Convince her that her Cheney or her Rove will save her from the big bad evil doers who want her to lose. They can keep her in a bubble where she is told her smirking arrogance is charming. More handlers and less Peggy is certainly going to help her campaign, but until she fires herself, she is still on the losing team.

  27. Bush saying he is against leaking info, that he wants to get to the bottom of it, that he cannot comment until the truth is known, letting his staff get slimed through the mud, etc. etc. is the act of a despicable leader.  Now the BMR/Repub attack lockstep machine say:  “duh, the president can declassify info…’

    So why did our ‘I am going to return integrity to the WH’ pres. obfuscate?  mislead? lie? 

    Its time to IMPEACH the traitors!

  28. Good Word, Club Twitty, and spelled correctly …

    obfuscate |?äbf??sk?t| verb [ trans. ] render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible : the spelling changes will deform some familiar words and obfuscate their etymological origins. • bewilder (someone) : it is more likely to obfuscate people than enlighten them.

    Another interesting word —

    treason |?tr?z?n| noun (also high treason) the crime of betraying one’s country, esp. by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government : they were convicted of treason. • the action of betraying someone or something : doubt is the ultimate treason against faith.

  29. “The President is one of a very few people in the nation who can declassify government documents without review.”

    The declassification isn’t suspect, just his repeated lying about it.  “I will find the leaker.”  “I will get to the bottom of this.”

    Wake up and smell the sodium pentathol, BMR.

  30. To BMR & IM, The issue is not whether the President has the authority to release the info. This issue is that that President lied.
    From Fox News:

    Although the White House press corps has never pressed Bush on his personal involvement, Bush has repeatedly implied that knew nothing about leaks from the White House:

      “There’s just too many leaks, and if there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is.” [Bush, 9/30/03]

      “I want to know the truth. … I have no idea whether we’ll find out who the leaker is, partially because, in all due respect to your profession, you do a very good job of protecting the leakers.” [Fox News, 10/8/03]

      “I’d like to know if somebody in my White House did leak sensitive information.” [Bush, 10/28/03]

  31. So when do we get a redo?  Bush/Cheney approval at–what is this week’s nadir? –34%/16% (with only three states showing Bush at above 50% approval, and those are Idaho, Utah, and Alabama).  Now we learn, again, that Bush has been intentionally misleading, many would say lying, about the Plame leak…?  Lying again.  Lying everytime he opens his mouth…money for N.O., sending a manned mission to Mars, Mission Accomplished, greeted as liberators, smoking gun mushroom cloud, lies, incompetene, record deficits, scandals and corruption, ruinious policies, treason and graft…

    When is enough enough?

  32. Herb’s the only CD-7 candidate who has taken a clear stand on the Iraq War.

    Sorry children, we won’t “shut up” until it becomes untrue.

  33. If only we had an opposition party to the GOP in this government, rather than a bunch of “I am so afraid to saya anything that someone might find objectionable” sycophants…

    If only…

    Then we might get some accountability.  Instead we have the Reid/Lieberman/Clinton chickenshits…

  34. So, Sir Robin is now Patriot is HERB. Great, more ego spewing, pompous brained, dogma from the pedantic candidate. Herb, I met you, I spoke to you face to face, and your superiority was a stench. You were not interested in what I had to say as a constituent and voter in your district.  You’ve said you looked for the congressional district that had the closest election and moved there to run, OK, but you refuse to listen to the voters in the district. Your views and positions are antithetical to what the voters are saying.

  35. Attacking the (precarious and morally wrong) principles of the President is dignified, since evidence provided accounts for a pattern of betrayal of his office to the country, not unlike Nixon.  But I can’t understand the continued negativity toward Mr. Rubenstein, since he has outlined only good plans from a grass-roots appeal that “Be The Change” strongly endorsed —

    endorse |en?dГґrs| (also dated indorse) verb [ trans. ] 1 declare one’s public approval or support of : the report was endorsed by the college. See note at approve . • recommend (a product) in an advertisement. 2 sign (a check or bill of exchange) on the back to make it payable to someone other than the stated payee or to accept responsibility for paying it. • (usu. be endorsed on) write (a comment) on the front or back of a document.

  36. “There was no indication in the filing that either Bush or Cheney authorized Libby to disclose Plame’s CIA identity.”


    Oh those pesky details that don’t get read.  Or they get read and quickly ignored.

  37. BMR — you’re correct.  However, when you start putting together the entire set of developments and the information gathered at hand, the obvious is suggestive that President Bush not only lied about his desire for the “truth” in the Plame Case, but the overall claim of uranium being sent from Africa to Iraq was totally manufactured, to further mask the personal choices (motivations) of the President for going to war against Iraq.  In simplified terms, the judgment of removing the US Congress and the “PEOPLE” from the process of making a decision of going into a war with Iraq was not only illegal, but stands in a very opposing position to the true definition of DEMOCRACY.

    democracy |di?mäkr?s?| noun ( pl. -cies) a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives : capitalism and democracy are ascendant in the third world. • a state governed in such a way : a multiparty democracy. • control of an organization or group by the majority of its members : the intended extension of industrial democracy. • the practice or principles of social equality : demands for greater democracy.

  38. Stan Matsunaka two losing races for Congress
    Mike Feeley one losing race for Governor and one losing race for Congress managed by Steve Welchert. Peggy has the lead and is likely to keep it. Jim Merlino knows how to win Ed’s team knows how to lose

  39. The only thing Peggy’s campaign does well is swarm the blogs after the seemingly endless stream of bad news hits.

    Ummm…can I be the first to share what the headline in the Rocky Mountain News today actually read: “Campaign Manager Dumped; Lamm’s move may show she isn’t getting traction”.  I fail to see how it is a good thing when a campaign gets press like that? 

    Point #2:  The article mentions that Jim Merlino is simultaneously helping to manage 2 other campaigns.  So in essence, the news is that Peggy bought a time-share in a campaign manager.  Big friggin whoop, maybe she afford a full time campaign manager in the future. 

    Alright I’m done.  Insert Lamm campaign spin response here _______________.

  40. Rube Herbenstein, aka Patroit, aka Peter, aka….
    The fact of the matter is that CD7 won’t vote for the Rube because we are offended.
    We are offended that a man with such a massive ego and self interest declared while living in Maryland (Washington basically), that he was going to come to Colorado and demand to be our next elected Representative, in where?  D.C.  So that we could pay him a massive salary to continue to live in D.C. So that he could implement his 100 point talking points and tell all of us, how we are going to be represented!
    His authoritarian style, his refusal to hear from the people to whom he dictates his message, and his arrogance is offensive.
    His Borg-like collective of college student drones insist that “resistance is futile”.
    Well, Rube, until you institute compulsory lobotomies for all, we shall resist.

  41. It took a while, but the Herb freaks are finally beginning to be even more annoying than Druid’s frantic flacking for Curtis Imrie.  Personally, I devoutly hope Herb is the nominee in CD7.  That would guarantee a Republican victory and allow us to shift resources to challenging Salazar in 3 and locking up Musgrave in four.  Herb, indeed, is the only Democrat I’m confident ROD can beat hands down.  Peggy would be the toughest opponent, call that a slight edge to the Ds, and with Perlmutter it’s 50-50.
    Still, today marks the first time BMR and Iron Mike have agreed on anything…and they’re right!  Mark this on your calendars.  Holtzman and Beauprez are both gaining ground on Ritter, that’s bad news for Ritter, not beauprez or , obviously, MH.

  42. “Actually, no it’s not. The President is one of a very few people in the nation who can declassify government documents without review.

    Give it another shot lefties!”

    What the hell are you talking about?!  He never de-classified anything!  The entire point of this is that El Presidente took revenge on a guy for poking holes in their “iron clad” evidence for going to war in Iraq.  They outed a CIA agent (treason), because they were obsessed with going to war.  Thats the point.  You have to be a pundit from hell to think that this is NOT news.  😮

    So I am trying to get this strait.  Clinton gets a blow job and righties howl for his head on a platter.  Bush outs a CIA agent, seriously compromising foreign intelligence operations and it is NOT a big deal?  If you think this is OK you want a King NOT a President.

  43. Hey Druid – it’s spelled ‘straight’.

    Haven’t you figured out by now; this president is above the law. He IS the law. Watch yourself lefty, or you’ll end up in Gitmo.

  44. It is amazoing, somehat tragic and simultaneously hilarious, that the 35% (and dropping) of Americans who still support El Presidente Bushit can see no error, no foul, in

    1-repeatedly lying/misrepresenting/covering up to the American people–his ‘bosses’ as it were, as if HE were some kind of emperor given vast authority by dubious directives from the pen of AG Gonzales… 

    2-breaking laws

    3-gross incompetence

    4-fiscal malfeasance

    Its as if they are blind partisans, wits sharpened only enough to attack…  no actual wisdom to consider reality and the demise of a nation…

    Republican traitors gorging at the public trough with Rome in flames…

  45. As if the bland partisans care only about power, about party over principal, and the health of the nation–$9 trillion in debt and counting, the budget w/ the most pork EVER, discretionary spending up considerably since Clinton (and that’s WITHOUT the war)–be damned.  Republican power over Republican principals, raw power over national well-being. Lies to send our nation into years and years of bloody conflict…as Halliburton scims off a few billion more of tax funded largess… 

    And these politicans have the audacity to call themselves patriots, wrapped in their fag-bashing flag of god and guns…  while they pillage and rob and destroy this land.  As a great marine once said: Shame, Shame, Shame.

  46. Bush is actually a “Democrat”, since he outlined so wonderfully that the 1st Amendment and Democracy stands for freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  And he has done more for the cause of democracy, in past 5 1.2 years by showing that Republican candidates and Presidents cannot be trusted.

  47. BadMoon,

    Yes, the “liberals” haven’t had so much fun since Watergate … so that they can rightly express their viewpoints that premote Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech.  It has been a wonderful change to see the Republicans having to eat their words with the rights of those who are not rich and powerful smelling.  🙂

  48. I knew you couldn’t resist flacking your idiotic candidate, Druid.  You’re like a moth to the flame, burning up your tiny credibility every time you tell the whole world that Curtis Whatizname can get elected to something.  Are you the Herb freak too?  Or do we have another patron saint of lost causes on this board? 🙂

  49. “It has been a wonderful change to see the Republicans having to eat their words with the rights of those who are not rich and powerful smelling.”
    But, Patroit, you and your lefty friends DO have a powerful smell.  Boy, do you have a powerful smell!  Have you considered a long shower and a supply of Right Guard?:-)

  50. Is it just coincidence that the discredited Sir Robin/Sir Drunk virtually stopped posting at about the same time the just as incoherent Patriot/Patroit and Club Twitty began?  I think not.  The leopard can’t change his spots and the alcoholic can’t change the incoherence that comes from his disease.
    Of course, Sirrah Robin still posts as “Impeach Him” and other titles as well.

  51. English to Liberal Translation:

    Freedom of Religion = Freedom from Religion.
    Freedom of Speech = Liberal Speech is protected, but how dare you say anything against us?

    And if one more ass-clown has to insert a damn definition from the dictionary in here again, I am gonna puke.

  52. In the meantime, back in Arrogantville:

    Washington – With a federal grand jury considering whether to charge her with assault, Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia went on the House floor Thursday and apologized for her role in a scuffle with a Capitol Police officer last week.

    “There should not have been any physical contact in this incident,” McKinney, surrounded by a handful of lawmakers, said.

    ‘I want to categorically deny that I did anything wrong,’ Rep. McKinney had said on WETA-FM in suburban Washington Wednesday.

    “I am sorry this misunderstanding happened at all and I regret its escalation and I apologize,” McKinney said, drawing applause from the partially-filled chamber.

    But even as McKinney appeared to be trying to put the issue to rest, a bodyguard she hired – reportedly a former Georgia state trooper – was raising another furor when he threatened a television reporter trying to interview McKinney outside the Capitol just minutes before she appeared on the House floor.

    When the reporter from Cox Broadcasting tried to ask McKinney about the grand jury, the bodyguard told him, “I’m going to put your ass in jail. I’m a police officer,” a videotape of the incident shows.

    Asked if he worked for Capitol police, the man said, “I work for Miss McKinney.”

    Word that McKinney had hired a bodyguard roiled the ranks of the Capitol police who were worried that the guard was carrying a weapon. They said they are concerned about what the bodyguard might do if Capitol police challenged McKinney at a security checkpoint.


    She’s sorry.  Why hasn’t she ARRESTED?

  53. Oh, the joys of silly little blogs…

    Am I–who did you call him–Sir Robin? 

    I, of course, would neither confirm nor deny.  May the Sir is simply on a bender, and another jumps up to take his place.  Oh Ye of the dwindling 35% who still imagine you represent some majority in your deluded, yet delightful, state.

    Reminds me of a skit:  “looks like dog shit, smells like dog shit, tastes like dog shit… must be…”  GW Bush.

  54. puke |pyo?k| informal verb vomit : [ intrans. ] I had eaten to the point of puking | [ trans. ] he puked up his pizza. 

    Now Go Raiders … tisk tisk, now lets not translate the word “hypocrit” for the masses of the Republicans now, like Delay and the others.  We can’t have honest Republican candidates that don’t want to weld their power on the little fellows, like Herb and Peggy.  I like Peggy.  As a matter of fact, I’m supporting her too, since she is a democrat too !!!

    I love those truthful democrats everytime !!!  🙂

  55. What about the Poll? Peggy in the lead? Herb in second? I also have to say, attack his candidacy, attack his positions (you have 90 to pick from) But you are way off base for attacking Herb’s character buddy. He actually cares a lot about what you have to say and who you are. He has Katrina victims living in his damn house. He moved here long before both ways announced he would run for guv. Where is the line? how far will you go?

  56. It is humorous that the only response some rightwinger can muster is that I must be someone else who he imagines is already discredited.  So please explain your preseidnet’s incompetence.  Why is the Republican Congress responsible for the largest increase in non-military discretionary spending EVER?

    Please explain how the Sect. Defense can state that he doubts we will be in Iraq 6 months or 6 years, while the Preznotwit is now saying we’ll be there through his term.  Please explain the greeted as liberators comments.  please explain the denial about civil war in Iraq.  Please explain the ‘lets sell off the National Forests’ policy.  Please explain the Dubai Ports debacle, speciifcally why no one on the Presnitwit’s crack team thought to flag it as a potential issues.  Oh I could go on.  I could I could.

  57. Is BMR trying to scapegoat again, while the President is caught in another scandal? You are as bad as Rush.  We have our very own Right Wing Consultant on the Pols.  Always changing the subject to suit your ideological bent.

    Look at this, Bush trying to blame his leak on a liberal media conspiracy!

    “I want to know the truth. … I have no idea whether we’ll find out who the leaker is, partially because, in all due respect to your profession, you do a very good job of protecting the leakers.”

    Why isn’t GW Bush in jail?

  58. American Deaths in Iraq

    Since war began (3/19/03):  2,344
    Since “Mission Accomplished” (5/1/03)  2,207
    Since Capture of Saddam (12/13/03): 1,877
    Since Handover (6/29/04):  1,478
    Since Election (1/31/05):  908

    American Wounded
    Total Wounded:  17,269

    Latest Fatality April 4th, 2006

    US Military Deaths – Afghanistan  284


    I love the Bjorklund wacko wing of the Grand Old Party.  I hope they nominate Tancredo for Senator.

    New, 1:05 p.m.: Colorado Republican Caucus calls for Mesa County GOP chief to quit

    Thursday, April 06, 2006


    The Daily Sentinel

    The same group that recently chastised Republicans who in 2004 backed a Grand Junction Democrat’s legislative bid today called for the resignation of Mesa County’s GOP chief.

    The Colorado Republican Caucus mailed a letter today demanding Mesa County Republican Party Chairwoman Lois Dunn step down for “dereliction of duty.”

    Dan Green, the caucus’ so-called grassroots coordinator, in the letter accuses Dunn of lobbying Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger, a Republican who formerly headed up the Mesa County Democratic Party, to investigate the caucus. Hautzinger called for an investigation into whether the caucus’ first letter attacking Republican activists on the eve of the party’s precinct caucuses might have broken state law regulating political campaigns.

  60. HA, Voyageur hit it when he said Sir Robin is now posting as both Club Twitty and Patriot. Club Twitty’s non-denial denial was posted at 12:00 p.m.  Patriot when posted a typical Sir Robin rant just 2 minutes later! 12:02.  Same dork, switching handles but given away by the time stamp! 🙂

  61. man that’s some great investigative work.  that there coincidental circumstancial non-factual deduction ya got going.  man youse guys is so smart its no wonder the republicans are going down like a lawyer in dick’s hunting party.

  62. The tale of the time stamps is indeed revealing.  Looking at content, the Bojangles between Sir Drunk/Club Twitty/Patriot is also almost certainly Sir Robin.  You can change your name, Sir Clown, but you can’t muster a coherent sentence.  You are also the infamous queen of cut-and-paste and your cutting and pasting constantly also shows who you are.  Please understand, Sir Drunk, Twit, Patois/ Bojumbles all your other aliases, that the smilie face on this post is laughing AT you, not WITH you! 🙂

  63. You’re so way off, it makes me laugh silly … but you might find me somewhere in the DU campus, specifically, the Graduate School for International Studies.  Mr. Joe Biden, you make me sooooooo proud to be an American!!!

  64. Can’tDoTheMath-

    you string together a set of circumstances, drawing a conclusion that is not supported, and yet you cannot see the obvious in front of your face:  the supreme turdiness of Senor Bushit’s tenure in the WH.  The utter failure of the GOP “Revolution” and the terrible legacy wrought by “the Architect.”

    Imagine I am whomever you wish me to be.  Maybe I am the smiling kid who slathers the cream cheese on your bagel or the maid who wipes down your urinal.  Perhaps I serve in the cloak room at the State Capitol, or shine your Governor’s–we all call him B.O.–shoes.  I might hold a highway flag on Vail Pass.  In any case, we subversives–those of us who still believe in personal choice and individual freedom, who thing that there is such a thing as just government which can offer services and benefits to its people, benefits paid for by, gasp, collectivism–watch your party self-destruct.  I for one have to admit its very satisfying, regardless of who I am or am not.  And I vote.

  65. The Republican Party is falling a part at the seams … without a seamstress to be located.  Tisk, tisk …

    seamstress |?s?mstris| noun a woman who sews, esp. one who earns her living by sewing up the wounds of dead American troops in Iraq, without cause.

  66. I am the sole conspirator, destroyer of Republicans.  I alone oppose the failing Bush Empire, and I alone am the 65% of polled Americans who no longer have any faith in the man yanked by the puppeteers and his squandered capital.

  67. President Bush Authorized the Leak

    Apr 6, 2006 — WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush authorized the leak to the media of classified material about Iraq, a former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney said according to court papers filed by prosecutors and made public on Thursday.

    The aide, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, also testified that he was specifically directed by Cheney to speak to the media about the intelligence information and about Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador who had criticized Bush’s Iraq policy, according to the papers.

    Libby has been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice after an investigation into the leaking to the media of the fact that Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent, which Wilson says was done to pay him back for his criticisms.

    The court documents made public on Thursday emerged from that investigation.

    The reported authorization by Bush of disclosure of secret material in 2003 came at a time when the March 2003 Iraq invasion was being challenged after U.S. forces failed to find weapons of mass destruction, cited by Bush as the main reason for the action.

    Bush had the authority to declassify and allow publication of the material. But the court papers said Libby noted “it was unique in his recollection” to get approval from the president, via the vice president, to discuss material with a reporter that would be classified if it were not for this approval.

    The documents showed that Libby, testifying before a federal grand jury before his indictment, said that he got approval from Bush through Cheney to discuss the classified Iraq material with then-New York Times reporter Judith Miller.

  68. i could still be patriot but not the sentinel (or not both the sentinel AND patriot) according to the time stamp.  write it down.

  69. Sir Club Twitty Robin No-Name, aka “you that person”

    I have an idea, lets spend billions of buckero’s to start spying on the country and more specifically ME, so that we can stop those “truthful” “honest” and “compasionate” people from messing up everything that a liar President and staff has decided to do … ops, but then again, I can’t say that, since we are not a DEMOCRACY anymore … 🙂

  70. Ops, but wait a second, didn’t GW say yesterday that we we’re fighting for DEMOCRACY???  Hmmmmm.  Something sounds a bit fishy here …

  71. Not to sound juvenile, but Patriot, by any chance did your parents have any children that lived?

    I am suddenly finding myself in favor of abortion.

  72. i’m so confused.  i thought republicans were for spending restraint.  i thought they were for supporting our military (and not just the defense indistry).  i thought republicans stood for putting ethics back into government. 

    oh shit, i crack myself up.

  73. and national security too.  you know, not undercutting the military command through giving them impossible assignments, not ratting out a CIA agent to create a false cover for a ill-conceived and poorly executed excercise in… “democracy” building (ps-we don;t like your PM any more, get rid of him).

    i thought republicans were for all those things.  i am so confused.  next you’ll tell me that the presidnet thinks the world is 6,000 years old or that he never left the country until after he was selected President or that all his previous attempts at business were handed to him (much like the presidency) and he failed in those too.  now his mess is too big for even daddy’s friends to bail him out of, and they are all ashamed and horrified at what they have created anyhow.

  74. at least Babs still loves him.  you know ‘oh look how much the poor people are loving Houston, as scary as it is to see them here’ Babs, matriarchal horror-show of the Bush dyna$$$ty, Babs who gave her katrina donation to son Neil.  she did teach him well, that rewarding your wealthy family and friends, keeping the fruit of the labors out of the grimy hands of those dirty laborers themselves, and into the pockets of those who don’t have to work for their hard-earned (by someone else) money…

    Here’s a toast to ya Babs!

  75. Has any talked about Delay’s campaign wrecking Lampson’s press conference this morning?  His staffers, who sent out an e-mail last night to all Delay supports, disrupted the press conference and began physically harassing Lampson supports.

  76. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes: The Doyle case “has triggered a congressional inquiry into hiring practices and security clearance policies at the department,” The Washington Post’s Ernesto Londoño and Spencer S. Hsu report. Speaking of which: Frank Figueroa, ex-head of DHS’s child-sex-policing Operation Predator, pleaded no contest yesterday to masturbating in front of a 16-year-old girl in an Orlando mall food court, The Tampa Tribune’s Elaine Silvestrini recounts. “Just one more reason to take Operation Predator away from DHS,” Justin Rood, relatedly, blogs for TPM “If one department could have done without any more humiliating news, it is the post-Katrina DHS,” The Chicago Tribune’s Frank James jams. On which note, AP’s Chevel Johnson has two FEMA employees pleading guilty Wednesday to soliciting kickbacks from a food contractor during post-Katrina recovery efforts.

  77. The Very Rich Gain Most From Latest Bush Tax Cut
    International Herald Tribune

    By David Cay Johnston

    The first data to document the effect of President George W. Bush’s tax cuts for investment income show that they have significantly lowered the tax burden on the richest Americans, reducing taxes on incomes of more than $10 million by an average of $500,000

    An analysis of Internal Revenue Service data by The New York Times found that the benefit of the lower taxes on investments was far more concentrated on the wealthiest Americans than were the benefits of Bush’s two previous tax cuts, on wages and other noninvestment income.

    When Congress cut investment taxes three years ago, it was clear that the highest-income Americans would gain the most, because they had the most money in investments. But the size of the cuts and what share went to each income group have not previously been known.

    As Congress debates whether to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, The Times analyzed figures for 2003, the latest year available and the first that reflected the tax cuts for income from dividends and from the sale of stock and other assets, known as capital gains.

    The findings included these:

    Among taxpayers with incomes greater than $10 million, the amount by which their investment tax bill was reduced averaged about $500,000 in 2003, and total tax savings, which included the two Bush tax cuts on compensation, nearly doubled to slightly more than $1 million

    These taxpayers, whose average income was $26 million, paid about the same share of their income in income taxes as those making $200,000 to $500,000 because of the lowered rates on investment income.

    Americans with annual incomes of $1 million or more, about 0.1 percent of all taxpayers, reaped 43 percent of all the savings on investment taxes in 2003. The savings for these taxpayers averaged about $41,400 each. By comparison, these same Americans received less than 10 percent of the savings from the other Bush tax cuts, which applied primarily to wages, though that share is expected to grow in coming years.

    full story at:

  78. Red State Letters to the Editor (Today’s installment from the ROck RIver Valley, Illonois, Land of Linclon).

    Tax cut now, pay later

    We are borrowing $2 billion a day. President Bush has borrowed more money than all 42 of the presidents who served before him.

    Our national debt is more than $8 trillion and growing. This debt does not include the money we are spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the $2 trillion of accumulated foreign trade deficit, the $2 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund that future Congresses are going to have to pay off, and the tens of trillions of dollars that Medicare is estimated to cost in the next 75 years.

    It is inconceivable that the president is still calling for tax cuts with this debt staring him in the face.

    How is it possible that he doesn’t understand that every dollar of tax cuts now will mean an additional tax on our children and grandchildren?

    — Rudy Hazucha, Rockford

  79. ah hummm, (clears throat and staggers, almost falling over) … “actually, it is $8,391,979,477,176.13 at 08:32:01 PM GMT, 06 April 2006, but who is counting?  It certainly isn’t President Bush.

  80. March 15-Poll of CO Bush Approval Rating

    Colorado  Bush  Approve-36%  Disapprove-61% 

    Thats down from 43% in January.  Wow, looks almost like free fall.  What is terminal velocity again…?

    Still, the big news is that Bush gained a state, there are now FIVE–count them five out of fifty, that’s double diget percentages!–states where the Pres’ approval rating hits 50% or higher!!!  That’s up from four states last month. 
    BUSHLUVINDEX  2004  APPROVE DIS- (as of 3/15/06)
    1  Utah  Bush  55%  42% 
    2  Wyoming Bush  52%  45% 
    3  Alabama Bush  51%  46% 
    4  Idaho  Bush  50%  47% 
    5  Miss. Bush  49%  47%

    Maybe the GOP is staging a comeback…?

  81. Serf Club Twitty Robin No-name,

    I think Bush should consider hiring a new team of political advisors, and what about Mr. Karl Rove?  What big piece of bubber and gas tanking rot manure is that guy.  I wonder how much his cronyism job pays. 

    Note: An average 1000-pound horse produces 9 tons of manure a year (50 pounds per day) containing valuable fertilizer elements!!!  🙂

  82. make that 4 up from three, not quite yet in double percentage of states w/ 50% or better approval, but who’s counting.  I for one would never let a pseky thing like approval of the by, for, and of the people thingy have anything to do with my policies of turing the nation’s resources over to a wealthy elite either.  i mean if i were the hand-selected puppet of that elite i wouldn’t.  i too would simply do as i am told thru the little box in my suit, try not to look too befuddled, and make wahtever random promise came into my head at the time about, say, sending people to Mars (even though we have a $8.3 trillion deficit…

  83. Bush is the Leaker Say’s Libby

    From BBC (London) — President Bush authorised the leak of secret intelligence to the New York Times to help defend the war in Iraq, a former top White House aide has said.  The claim comes from Lewis “Scooter” Libby, the former chief-of-staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney.

    Mr Libby is facing trial for allegedly obstructing an investigation into a different leak.

    He is accused of lying to prosecutors investigating who revealed the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame to the press.

    Ms Plame’s husband, former diplomat Joseph Wilson, wrote a high-profile article in the New York Times in July 2003 casting doubt on a key White House claim about Saddam Hussein’s pursuit of nuclear weapons.

    Mr Libby reportedly says in court papers filed on Wednesday that soon afterwards, Mr Cheney told him to pass information from the classified National Intelligence Estimate to Judith Miller, a New York Times reporter.

    Disclosing classified information in that way was “unique in his recollection”, his testimony reportedly says.

    First Bush link

    Mr Bush approved Mr Cheney’s instruction, the vice-president told Mr Libby, according to the court papers.

    Top Senate Democrat Harry Reid called the claim “shocking”, and said Mr Bush “must fully disclose his participation in the selective leaking of classified information”.

    The White House has not commented on the report. The lawyer prosecuting Mr Libby does not claim Mr Bush broke the law.

    Experts disagree on whether the president has the authority on his own to declassify secret information.

    Mr Libby’s testimony marks the first time he has put Mr Bush into the frame of events surrounding leaks from the White House to the press over the Iraq war.

    Reports suggest he disclosed Mrs Plame’s name to the New York Times in the same conversation where he passed on National Intelligence Estimate information.

    No-one has been charged with a crime over the leaking of Mrs Plame’s name to reporters.

    Mr Libby is charged with lying to investigators and obstructing the investigation.

    He resigned as chief-of-staff to Mr Cheney after he was charged and is due to go on trial in January 2007.

  84. Dems call for Bush to ‘come clean,’ cite 8 denials

    Published: Thursday April 6, 2006

    After today’s claim by Ex-VP chief of staff “Scooter” Libby that he was lead to believe the President had approved the leak of classified information to reporters, Democrats have called for the President to set the record straight about his alleged involvement.

    “President Bush must fully disclose his participation in the selective leaking of classified information,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in a brief statement. “It’s time for the President to come clean about his involvement in the leak case.”

    The statement was accompanied by eight of the numerous instances in which Bush or his spokesman, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, denied the President had knowledge of the leak.

    That incidents identified by Democrats follow:

    President Bush, 9/30/03:

    “I don’t know of anybody in my administration who leaked classified information. If somebody did leak classified information, I’d like to know it, and we’ll take the appropriate action.”

    President Bush, 9/30/03:

    “If there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. And if the person has violated law, the person will be taken care of. . . . I have told our administration, people in my administration to be fully cooperative. I want to know the truth. If anybody has got any information inside our administration or outside our administration, it would be helpful if they came forward with the information so we can find out whether or not these allegations are true and get on about the business.”

    President Bush, 10/28/03:

    “I’d like to know if somebody in my White House did leak sensitive information.”

    President Bush, 6/10/04:

    Reporter: “Do you stand by your pledge to fire anyone found to have done so?”

    President Bush: “Yes. And that’s up to the U.S. Attorney to find the facts.”

    President Bush, 10/28/03:

    “I want to know the truth. … I have no idea whether we’ll find out who the leaker is, partially because, in all due respect to your profession, you do a very good job of protecting the leakers.”

    President Bush, 7/18/05 issue of USA Today:

    “If someone committed crime, they will no longer work in my administration.”

    White House Press Secretary, 9/29/03:

    “The President has set high standards, the highest of standards for people in his administration. He’s made it very clear to people in his administration that he expects them to adhere to the highest standards of conduct. If anyone in this administration was involved in it, they would no longer be in this administration.”

    White House Press Secretary, 10/7/03:

    “Let me answer what the President has said. I speak for the President and I’ll talk to you about what he wants . . .If someone leaked classified information, the President wants to know. If someone in this administration leaked classified information, they will no longer be a part of this administration, because that’s not the way this White House operates, that’s not the way this President expects people in his administration to conduct their business.”

  85. my favorite:

    White House Press Secretary, 9/29/03:

    “The President has set high standards, the highest of standards for people in his administration. He’s made it very clear to people in his administration that he expects them to adhere to the highest standards of conduct. If anyone in this administration was involved in it, they would no longer be in this administration.”

  86. Definition of Ego: The central organizing complex of the psyche. Two principals, Inflation and alienation. Inflated, thinks it can win SD 21 and HD 22 simultaneously(Republican). Eventually moves to Arizona. Alienated, the organism is pitiful, feels inferior, the victim of racial profiling and requires never ending special treatment (Democrat). Gets tattooed…again.

  87. Anybody here every think that the net-nanny software should block political blogs?

    Maybe that we wouldn’t have to sift through the past 50 or so posts by the same guy that doesn’t understand that we all think he is a moron

  88. “You’re like a moth to the flame, burning up your tiny credibility every time you tell the whole world that Curtis Whatizname can get elected to something.”

    I didn’t think ANYBODY had credibility on this blog.  Laughable!  (Except Voyageur, of course.)  I certainly DO NOT have credibility.  Never claimed too.  Unlike Voyageur, that astute mastermind of the political spectrum; that mind of minds of the Colorado “big boys”.  You savvy insider you.  😀

  89. Remember the old days when bloggers actually blogged about Colorado politics, (thus the name ColoradoPols) Serf, Twitty, whatever the fuck your name is?

    FYI: Most of us own a dictionary so you can probably skip that part in the future.

  90. I see my work here is done.  I do love how so few republicans can muster ANY defense of their loser president.  i understand.  he really is that bad, that much of a disappointment.  i would change the subject as well.  how is rep. mckinney connected w/ colorado politics?  more so than the chief exec of the U.S….?  oh i get it. right.

  91. Serf Bore the Crap out of me,

    Your point would be valid if Oy had also posted dozens of lengthy, cut and paste comments on the thread. Open thread is for discussion. You’ve basically been talking to yourself all day.

    Outta here–headed over to LOCAL news. Try weighin’ in on that, for a change. And I’m a Democrat so give the pouty shit a rest.

  92. I would like to include Serf / Twit / Whatever the hell that means in my earlier question of: By any chance did your parents have any children that lived?

    I am suddenly finding myself in favor of abortion, and twice on the same day.

  93. dozens…

    yeah, i knew you were a democrat.  i got plenty to say about them too.

    i love watching the GOP go after each other.  (my comment on LOCAL news) or how about this-

    gee it kind of sucks that western colorado is about to become a giant industrial zone from montrose to moffat counties…

    its sad our senator is leading the anti-gay battle along with crazy tancredo waging his xenophobic fight and marilyn, what is up with that winger?

  94. Serf etc. is Sir Robin.  One of his signatures is that, on a site devoted exclusively to Colorado politics, he never posts anything about Colorado politics.  In fact, I’m not sure he even lives here.  During the Ref c debate he posted a number of typically inchoate rambles purporting to be a public employee in Oregon.  They were so goofy, I couldn’t tell if he was quoting such an employee or claiming to be one.  But I think there is a good chance he does live in Oregon, which explains why he doesn’t know anything about Colorado politics.  In that case, he roams over a dozen or more blogs, in several states, spewing the same drivel over and over.  Whatever he is, this is a man with a serious drinking problem and a desperate need to blame his reduced personal circumstances, probably triggered by his alcoholism,  on George Bush or any other external circumstance other than his own failings, which are manifest to all who know him.  A sad case, to be sure, but I can’t spare pity on such an overwhelming pain in the ass.

  95. Voyager,

    Are you making this up (the Oregon thing) or are you serious? Because that would explain why he never has ONE word to say about local races and by local, Serf Blab Alot, I mean state house and state senate races, congressional races, etc.

  96. I’m not making it up, Middle.  I was very active in the Ref C fight and followed Sir Robin’s posts closely.  But I’m also serious when I say they were so incoherent it was never clear to me if he was writing on his own experiences for forwarding something from another blog.  About that same time he posted a piece from another blog that went on in obscene detail about President Bush copulating with the rotting Corpse of Rosa Parks.  That was so indescribably foul I complained to Alva Adams and it was removed from the blog.  My guess is that he has spent some time to Colorado, may have lived here in the past, but no longer does.  That would explain his total lack of posting on local issues.  He doesn’t know any.  He wouldn’t know Josh Penry from Mosh Pit Penury!  You can put up with a certain amount of stupidity on any blog but when he goes on an endless rampage like today, he simply destroys the spirit and purpose of this place.

  97. Voyager,

    Are you making this up (the Oregon thing) or are you serious? Because that would explain why he never has ONE word to say about local races and by local, Serf Blab Alot, I mean state house and state senate races, congressional races, etc.

    Please forgive if I sound like I’m doubting your honesty. I don’t mean it like that at all. I’m just really wondering.

  98. Voyager,

    Please forgive my 2nd post. I went and answered the phone, couldn’t remember if I had sent it in the first place, so hit post without looking. I’m only 39 but you wouldn’t know it from my level of forgetfulness.

  99. “Whatever he is, this is a man with a serious drinking problem and a desperate need to blame his reduced personal circumstances, probably triggered by his alcoholism, on George Bush or any other external circumstance other than his own failings, which are manifest to all who know him. A sad case, to be sure, but I can’t spare pity on such an overwhelming pain in the ass.”

    I have been to Oregon.  And Romania.

  100. This is all quite amusing.  In addition to fine investigative work, I see you excel in psycho-anlayis too.

    What would you like to know about Mr. Penry?  Note the name Club Twitty… sound like something, something Western Slope oriented…hmmmm.

    Oregon.  But I am ready for a cocktail.  Ssshhh.  You guys are dense, and easier to play with than Barbara and Jenna.

  101. I am w/ Voyageur and Middle of the Road. I want the last 2 minutes of my life back for having to scroll through all that incoherent blather.

  102. Now this is more like it, even if it isn’t in English but oddly enough, it’s more interesting than what I’ve been reading all day from Serf and Turf.

    Dare I ask what you are saying, Shamus?

  103. MOR, I asked him where he went in Romania and if he speaks the language.  Then I just called him a douchebag for good measure – I couldn’t help it. 

    I hope I haven’t spoke to soon but I think he’s gone, or just passed out.  Kind of like an exorcism!

  104. Shamus, you da man!  Anybody who can get Sir Drunk back on the sauce and off our blog is a hero in my book!
    And Druid, at least it’s better to talk about Sir Drunk than to prattle on for endless posts about Curtis Imrie, your own contribution to the end of Western Civilization as we know it!

  105. I agree Shamus
    What a bunch of garbage here today. Sir Robin the Bravely Running Away must not have to work, eh? To post all day long under different names……..

    Voyageur, several months back Sir Dum Dum tried to blast me because I wrote something negative about the state of Wisconsin. He at that time told me he was FROM Wisconsin.
    Your theory could be correct. He probably doesn’t live here at all. Maybe he traveled through here on his way from Wisconsin to Oregon? That would explain his lack of knowledge or opinions on state issues.
    Either way, we need to petition CoPols to put in a SR filter.

  106. I believe my boy is going to go all the way to heaven, and the Governor’s mansion!  (Not this time, but Josh has every thing it takes.  He was a football star.  Go Tigers!

  107. Patriot, President Bush has NO COMMENT.

    Obviously, that’s more than we can say for you.

    Shamus, apparently Patriot/Serf & Turf/Josh Penry, et al.’s coffee break is over.

  108. Voyageur & Gecko, I do think Sir Drunk is back in his cups, or possibly horizontal.  He came on hard today but fizzled in the end…

    BTW, Josh Penry is God, got your point.

  109. Some days I wonder what I missed by not reading this blog, today the answer is right in front of me.  Nada, Zip, Zero, and Bumkiss.

    Jeez, is that old SR dude back up to his usual garbage again?  Don’t know where he is from, but I sure wish he would go back there. 

    And judging by the posts today, my assumption is going to have to be Utah.  Wonder how many wives he has, and in which trailer park he resides…

    Ah the hell with it, he will tell us it is President Bush’s fault anyway.

  110. I’ve just come back. Let me say that the read on todays posts has been very interesting.

    Here’s my take:

    The apologists for the Republican party and this administration have to look at them selves in the mirror.

    Beyond that:

  111. So did anybody see the brilliant amendment today by Matt Knoedler to the bill banning office holder accounts.  Knoedler wants to allow lawmakers to opt out of getting knick knacks on their desks.

  112. Just love watching you donkeys ripping each other as well as perlmutter/Lamm/Rubenstein.

    And, oh yes…Patriot, you really ought to lay off those Barbara Streisand comic books and pay more attention in class. Or has Ward Churchill been given tenure at DU as well?

  113. This Patriot/Sir_Robin/ClubTwitty/whoever else business is so embarassing I feel like switching parties to save face . . .

    How can somebody be motivated to post so much inane garbage in a single day?

  114. Meanwhile, where is waldo? He is listed on every other political
    the greenpapers and politics1. Get busy and find waldo for Colorado. This is a three way race. On your mark, get set…..go!

  115. My tenure is assured in November with Bush in office,  aaaaaah, I can’t just read the papers on the morning of November 5th, Democrats take control of both House and Senate.

  116. And if Bush is the celebrated representative of good moral values for “Christians” everywhere, HE gives me reason to never walk through the doors of another “church” for the rest of my life.  Bush has really gone too far this time.

  117. Bush’s problem is he’s weak. We have all these A-10s collecting dust that could be put to work creating a wall of bodies on the border. A patrol that means business would end illegal immigration immediately. No RINO, no Democrat will end this problem.

  118. Mr. Patriot,
    Thank you for proving your idiocy.  The election this year is on November 7th, not the 4th.

    Though I am fairly sure that if you move to Washington state, they will be happy to take your ballot on November 8th, 9th, 10th, whenever it is convenient.

    After your blithering idiocy and mindless drivel, I feel fairly certain that we can get the readers of this site to kick in on a collection to help you relocate there.

  119. Go Raiders —

    A-Typical response from a GOP crime wagon.  If I had a dollar for everytime Bush said a mistruth, or said, “I have NO COMMENT, this is an internal investigation,” I would be able to run for political office myself.  This repeating pattern has now earned President the “lunic” at the helm award.  And as far as idiocy, I find it interesting that whenever the GOP is caught in a lie or a mistruth, they always “spin” their ignorant reality of what the truth is in reverse, and label it upon those who are truthful instead. 

    I would not be surprised if “Bush” contends that his wife was the leaker instead, so that he not take any blame for his office.  (laugh)

    “Mr. President, was it your wife that leaked, or was it you?”  NO COMMENT.

  120. Interesting…. I nailed you on your general lack of knowledge as to when election day is, and you choose to ignore the facts and replace them with a diatribe against the President.

    Let me know when you get bored out there in fantasy-land.  We may consider asking you to join us in this place called reality.  Then again, we may not…..

  121. I apologize for not “stopping in my tracks” to grab my calendar, to see what day the November election actually falls upon.  “SLAP” my hand, I made a mistake about your request for accuracy for the date of when “diatribe” will certainly fall upon the President. 

    Again, my only question IS, will the Republicans continue to “protect” and “affirm” their lying “leader” or will they embrace what “America” used to stand for …

    “I pledge allegance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, ONE nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all …”

    Explain, to me, where that has been the case since Mr. Twinkle Bush took office … doesn’t the “truth” matter or not for the Republican Party?

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