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August 20, 2017 11:23 PM UTC

Monday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him.”

–Booker T. Washington


55 thoughts on “Monday Open Thread

  1. Still no news of scary Democrat Confederate Statues killing innocent citizens. There is intel that these Democrat Confederate Statues will use the dark of the eclipse to set upon unsuspecting citizens. Continue to be afraid. The appropriate response to these killer statues is to riot and burn buildings and cars. Show them you are stand in defiance.

  2. Confederate statues don't kill people.  People who defend Confederate statues kill people.   Dylann Roof killed nine people to honor the Confederate flag. James Fields killed one person and injured 19 more to honor Confederate statues. How many more will die before even PP realizes that Slavery was not cool?
    And that Trump stinks.

  3. Oh, I get it now. The rioting and mayhem was about slavery and not about Democrat Confederate statues. But wait, the slavery issue was solved with over 600,000 killed, and slavery was abolished, so why the rioting? Oh yes, slavery is not cool. So after 154 years we have to remind ourselves that slavery was not cool so rioting and mayhem is SOP.

    In the 60's there were plenty of riots about the Vietnam war. Shouldn't we be rioting today because the Vietnam war wasn't cool? There were riots for the 1968 Democratic Convention, definitely not cool. Should we riot at every political convention.

    Of course, MJ's peeps, the anarchist, really don't care about slavery, they just want a chance to earn spending money and get to tear shit up for the fun of it, while serving the purpose of the extremist political left.

    1. Uhh, PP, the rioting and murdering is from your peeps.  The only reason anyone honors the Confederacy is that it fought for slavery.   James Fields killed to honor slavery, and people who killed to save slavery.  Dylann Roof is your peep, not ours.  He killed to save the Confederate flag, the flag of slavery.

      One of your statues, Nathan Bedford Forest, while alive, said, "If we are not fighting to defend slavery, then why are we fighting?"

       The Confederacy stood for slavery and rape.  Nothing else.

      So why do you honor the murderers who kill in its memory today?  Why do you honor James Fields?  Why do you honor Dylann Roof?




    2. You've got NOTHIN,' Pear.

      Never have had, never will have.

      All we get from you is transparent dis-ingenuousness, obfuscation and diversion.

      The simple truth is that you and your reactionary ilk routinely support and vote consistently for very, very bad people who act solely on the behalf of themselves and those who look, think, believe, worship and behave exactly as they do.

      What they do, and what you do in your knee-jerk support of them, is positively un-American. And no amount of disingenuous obfuscation can hide or obscure that.

          1. As usual, PP (Passionate Prune) ignores his fellow travelers on the far right; like Oathkeepers, Minutemen, Jason Kessler, Aryan Brotherhood, the Bundy clan, and so on. Groups like these appear unable to do anything wrong in Prune's eyes. 

            1. He is just like everyone else in the alt-right. He says whatever is expedient to the moment. Nothing really matters to him except "winning". Losers are like that. That is why he adores and honors  Trump…an undeniable law breaker.

              In the circles inhabited by PP, the truth is an orphaned child.

              No honor to law breakers. 

              You honor law breakers every day, peepee.. It is only a matter of which laws. Apparently, if it is rich, old, white guys breaking the law, they get a pass. If it is Neo-nazis it's because someone else started it, and they get a pass. Those guys wearing swastikas in Charlottesville were just protesting Russian adoption laws, or something like that. They get a pass…Amirite?

              1. Duke old buddie old pal, calm down your going to have a stroke. I need you here commenting so people understand who the radical leftists KOOKS are. 

  4. The fact that I make fun of people who claim righteous indignation when in fact it is nothing but political warfare from the left who seek to succeed by dividing Americans. Sorry but this is a contrived propaganda by the left. The slavery we should all be worried about is economic slavery by the government.

    1. It's odd that you never make fun of those righteously indignant folks who by virtue of their whiteness are so resentful of their inferiors having equal opportunities.  It's odd the you never make fun of those righteously indignant folks whose Sunday superstitions are claimed justification for every kind of nonsensical prohibition . . . 

      . . . I guess your righteous indignation is at least as righteously selective and narrow-minded righty political warfare as your choice in racial superiority (yours), and your preference of imaginary playmates (yours)?

    1. Ya' think maybe you could use some of your tremendous . . . 





      . . . to convince Bernie to get up off his ass and run for the Senate from Colorado?

      (You won't be happy with anyone else — show the folks here you're not just another status-quo satisfied whiner enjoying his own howling and baying!)

      1. That's exactly why! . . . 

        . . . so that we never lose sight of, nor even begin to take for granted for even a moment, just how obviously dangerous and ignorant this insane clown troupe is!

    1. But hopefully the report will still see the light of day:

      But NOAA communications director Julie Roberts said in an email Saturday that “this action does not impact the completion of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, which remains a key priority.”

          1. Nice dig on Americans of Asian descent MJ. Of course they all speak like that. Much the same way you hate using those call centers where they don't speak "American English". I see a Nationalist pattern here. Classic attitude from the culturally sensitive liberal elites.

                1. "nice dig on Americans of Asian descent….."  Prune is a master of minutiae which allows him to avoid having credible & relevant comments on issues of substance.

                    1. I gotta hand it to you, peepee. 

                      You are, in fact, a "revolving asshole."


            1. That's cool, PP can be the MC of PC.

              In addition to his full time job of protecting the virtue of helpless Confederate statues.

              As usual, I was just playing with the wordsies, cause the linksies no worksies, not thinking of any particular ethnic group. However, we'll let PP be in charge of political correctness from now on, as I clearly can't handle the job.

              I have subscribed to cable and phone service based on whether their call centers hire and speak American. I'll let PP advocate for sending jobs overseas for greater corporate profit. So either I'm not really as much of a raging librul KOOK as was portrayed, or something in the definition of librul KOOK needs to be updated – which is it?


              1. Well the time has come that I say good bye to my PolCat friends. The experience has been illustrative in how people can see facts from different perspectives, and the extremes they will go to win a position. My hope for you is that you personally are a success and your policy's are failures. In any event my days are numbered and that is fine with me. I would hope that you would open your heart to GOD, not a customized or commercialized GOD but the GOD of the Bible.

                Best wishes!

                Powerful Pear

                1. Ah, c'mon Pfruit . . . 

                  . . . you're just having a little late-life slump.  I'm sure you haven't run out of ignorant or rascist yet.

                   Pull yourself back together, Drumpf and FOX and Limbaugh will find you some more folks to hate and resent . . .



                  PS — if you really are leaving (yippeee!! [claps hands]), would you mind taking Trump with you? As a small personal favor? For, you know, old-time’s sake?


                2. Best wishes to you, too, friend.  You kept this place from being an echo chamber and, unlike Carnholio, the shill, showed your real self in the process.

                  Whatever else happens, love your family, love your dogs and do not go gentle into that good night.

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