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August 14, 2017 09:35 AM UTC

Crowdsource: What Would You Ask Cory Gardner?

  • by: Colorado Pols

After over a year and a half of avoiding public events like the plague, Sen. Cory Gardner has scheduled three open-admission town halls for tomorrow in Colorado Springs, Greeley, and finally on the campus of Colorado Christian University in Lakewood. The recommendation for all three of these town halls is to arrive as early as possible, as space in limited–and in the particular case of CCU’s campus, there’s a rumored possibility of shenanigans with the conservative student body being employed to pack the event.

Despite this we do expect interest in these events to be quite high, and every question posed to Gardner in these public forums tomorrow should be, you know, a good one. Use this space to suggest and refine questions for Gardner–questions that either you or another reader might get the chance to ask tomorrow.

We’ll start: how was Disneyland?


13 thoughts on “Crowdsource: What Would You Ask Cory Gardner?

  1. Remember back when Mark Udall avoided town halls for years? And most (not all) the liberals on this site figured that was fine.

    And all those same people now have their panties in a twist because Cory Gardner did the same.

    Anyways, same as I often said about Senator Udall – it's way past time Senator Gardner held a town hall. And my first question would be what was so scary about them that he's avoided them so long.

      1. I've been here almost as long as you, and I don't remember this being an issue. Perhaps you could provide a citation.

        Also, perhaps you could actually address the topic at hand without sophistry instead of deflecting with whataboutery and bothsiderism.angry

  2. Senator, this past weekend, you bravely stood up and proclaimed what happened in Charlottesville as Domestic Terrorism perpetrated by White Supremacists.  What do lawmakers (such as yourself) do to discourage this discourse from them that is an existential threat to our country?

  3. 1. After weeks and months of justifiably horrific press coverage due to your obscene cowardice on the healthcare issue and the repercussions following your votes thereupon, are you now in fact cynically 'standing up' to trump, at little to no political risk to your career, by trying to appear to take the 'high road' with respect to the right-wing debacle at Charlottesville, or is there something you can say to assuage the presumption of so many of mere political opportunism and diversionary tactics on your part?

    2. When can we expect you to provide the alleged paperwork which you claimed during your campaign to possess, demonstrating the alleged "massive increase" in healthcare premiums to which you and your family were allegedly subjected due to the ACA (a.k.a. ObamaCare)?

  4. (As an aside, Jeez, what a pic! Looks like a recruitment poster for smug, arrogant, out-of-touch old conservative white-male dominance — a true ‘rogue’s gallery.’)

    1. Too easy — anecdotally, Gardner – and, hence, his own minions; hell, probably everyone he knows – all owe their very own phony-baloney employment to tax-cut-enthusiastic oligarchs . . .

      I'm thinking someone should ask, "Can you somehow be any more wonderful as a senator?"  (WTF, someone ought to ask at least one question Corwardly might actually try to answer? . . .)

  5. Senator, in view of the growing threat from North Korea, how do you propose to strengthen anti-mssile defenses for America and our allies in the region?

  6. Senator Gardner, you have repeated, ad nauseam, that we need to replace the "failing" ACA. You contend that it is failing based allegations of rising premiums, high deductibles, and financial instability. But every replacement that has been proposed (and voted on) by you and your Republican colleagues would increase premiums, increase deductibles, and, most importantly, increase the number of uninsured. What proposal do you have that will reduce premiums and deductibles and provide better health care to Americans? Brief follow up – if you have a replacement plan that accomplishes any of these goals, what are you waiting for – show us what it is?

  7. Does the Trump budget have appropriate levels of support for scientific research at the 33 Federal facilities in Colorado, such as UCAR, NCAR, NOAA and NREL? If it were passed, what would be the impact of a Trump budget on Colorado environmental monitoring and cleanup efforts?

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