Thursday Open Thread

“Good satire comes from anger.”

–Carl Hiaasen

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Trump stinks.

    And Carnholio is his Goebbels.

    Stay upwind, my friends.

  2. notaskinnycook says:

    Last night we were watching CNN's series on "The History of Comedy (DVR'd). They were discussing the difference between parody and satire. I think the Sadministration is a parody from which some great satire is springing.

  3. Pseudonymous says:


    The Democratic Party’s Looming Fundraising Crisis

    Trump-era Republicans learned from Bernie Sanders’ success. The Democratic National Committee still hasn’t. And that fact threatens to undo Dems’ potential gains.

    What we found to be most powerful wasn’t just hiring the right people or using the right technology. What mattered more was figuring out an empowering message of hope and reaching people with it. In the Trump era, the Democratic Party has sputtered along with fundraising appeals focused on scare tactics—understandable, but counterproductive. Meanwhile, Trump—a billionaire who is already president—is still winning grass-roots donors by offering his supporters an empowering message

  4. DawnPatrol says:

    Here they are — the world's two biggest dickheads — er, I mean…dictators. Also.

  5. Diogenesdemar says:

    Jesus I wish this guy would take a fucking vacation . . . 

    In the Trumplestiltskin news-o-today:

    – not nearly bellicose enough with posturing nutty-buddy Kim.  (What the world needs now is war, sweet war . . .)

    – transgender ban is a "great favor to the military."  (We do so little for our people in uniform, we could do with less . . .)

    – thankyou V. Putin for expelling our embassy staff and saving us money. (Whatta' guy, huh? . . . they were probably all trannies, anyway?)

    -Yertle should quit. (Don't let your shell hit you in the ass on your way out.)

    . . . hey Cheetolini, batting .250 ain't yuge, it ain't even "big league" bench-warmer material!! 

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