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April 05, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Wednesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

These boots are made for bloggin’


115 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. The Cynthia McKinney story has gone national and there is not a peep about it on the Pols.  DeLay resigns and it gets covered, as it should, but where is the parity?

  2. Be careful what you wish for: a little reorganization at the top and the Peggy Lamm for Congress campaign is about to take off. All guns will be blazing as Peggy leaves Ed in the dust and prepares for Rick O’Donnell in November.

  3. So what is going on in Peggy Land?
    Is Rick “Howard Dean Would Be President If He Hadn’t Fired Me” Ridder in or out. Is McDonald in or out? What happens to all the youngsters she hired? Ed is as cool as the other side of the pillow. Raising money and putting it in the bank instead of blowing it.
    Peggy spent thousands and thousands of dollars on opposition research and came up with Ed going to a promise keepers meeting. Ed on the other hand nailed Peggy for living outside the district and endorsing Bill Owens. Peggy it is time for you to get out

  4. It’s pretty simple, actually. Cynthia McKinney wasn’t the House Majority Leader. We really don’t cover anything national unless it involves a major figure or could relate back to Colorado. DeLay is both a national figure and relates to Colorado because two candidates here have close ties to him.

  5. I thought it was more disturbing how Claudia Beauprez describes herself as the “Chair-Chick” of Heritage Bank…

    So if Bob wins the election, does that mean we would no longer have a “First Lady”, but rather a “First Chick” for the State of Colorado?

  6. Can we finally be honest here, “what’s going on with Peggy”?

    Peggy Lamm is, realistically, the only democrat who can win the general election. She had a good first quarter raising money, and now she is reorganizing her staff for a big push to 1) get on the ballot and 2) win the primary.

    Ed is not an electable candidate. He cannot beat Rick O’Donnell in a general election. For the good of the state, Ed needs to drop out of this race NOW. Playtime is over. Move aside, Ed, and let the heavyweights go at it.

  7. The CEO of Heritage Bank, a lady nearing the age of 60, Claudia Beauprez is no “chick” — more like a “haggard hen”, don’t your think?

  8. Peggy Lamm is, realistically, the only democrat who can win the general election.


    Now if we only knew what District she lives in…

  9. I’m sorry way2_liberal, you lost all credibility with your Alan Salazar nonsense and your claims of a nonexistent poll. Nothing you have claimed has turned out to be true. A “restructuring” at the end of a quarter can mean 1 of 2 things. 1) Peggy had amazing numbers and she can now afford “the big guns,” as you say or 2) Her staff knows her money situation and is jumping ship before it goes down. Based on your record with accurate statements around here, I have my guess which it is, but we’ll know in the next few days. Will this be another 5 PM filing to avoid the press? Can’t wait to see those #s.

  10. Oh, good point BadMoonRising. You got me there. The only thing stopping Peggy from running away with the nomination is her inability to give the correct address, right?

    You can try and forget the poll among working class voters – done by Ed’s pollster – that has Peggy far ahead and not looking back. And you can try and forget that Ed’s client, SupportKids, which is funded by Republican Casey Hoffman, uses unfair and unethical methods of collecting. The records speak for themselves; Peggy is the superior candidate, and Ed is not capable of winning a general election.

    But Peggy did screw up her address one time…

    Give me a break!

  11. Ed has $550,000 in the bank.
    Peggy has little money in the bank.
    Ed Perlmutter has never lost an election. Ed is a winner with a well oiled campaign team.

  12. You know what’s interesting, Wondermonkey? YOU were one of the Ed supporters claiming Alan Salazar was in the Perlmutter office all of ONCE. Now Salazar gets on ColoradoPols and ADMITS that he has been working on the Perlmutter campaign. He says it is on his own time, which may or may not be true. It just goes to show you that a Perlmutter supporter cannot be trusted to tell the truth. So what else are you guys hiding? I mean, Salazar hung you out to dry, so what else did Ed instruct you to lie about? The poll? You can claim that it doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t make it go away. The fact of the matter is that Peggy won, hands down, in a poll done by Ed’s pollster!!!

    I’m not saying I blame you for trying to spin the reshuffling within Peggy’s campaign; that’s what Ed (or Alan Salazar?) told you to do. But I know you are sweating behind the computer screen, and I don’t blame you for that either.

  13. Rick O’Donnell?? O’Donnell can’t get out from under the EPA thing!! He can trot out Cheney, Mehlman, Hastert, or whoever he wants… he doesn’t have a chance against Ed or Peggy or even Herb! Sorry to tell you, Druid, but the O’Donnell ship is a sinking one. Whoever comes out of the Democratic Primaries wins this election running away!

  14. Now hang on “justthemessenger” I’m sure we really apprieciate your zeal but wow, that Haggard Hen comment was just a little uncalled for.

    Claudia trivialising a formal position as a senior member of a bank is one thing, to go after here looks… Come on buddy. We don’t have to go there.

    Besides, if Bob hadn’t cheated that one lady out of her stock, Claudia wouldn’t even be able to be a “Chair-Chick”.

  15. You know just as well as I do, BadMoon, that the numbers haven’t been released yet. But the Emily’s List money shows up in the first quarter totals…

  16. So Holtzman wants all of us to just entrust him with the keys to the Governor’s Mansion, but he won’t even disclose his tax returns?  If he wants voters to trust him, it is the voters right to know.  Someone remind this guy that he is running for public office.

    My guess is that he dosen’t want anyone to know most of his money comes from Daddy.

  17. I knew I shouldn’t start in on this…
    way2_liberal…apparently you read Alan Salazar’s post. For the record he stated:
    For the record, I am a strong supporter of Ed Perlmutter (as the General Chairman of his campaign) but my assistance is strictly voluntary and has only been conducted using vacation or personal time.
    What I said was that your claim that he was “at campaign HQ all the time on the clock collecting taxpayer money” appeared to be false, as I had not never seen him there and neither had many of his staff. I didn’t say he had nothing to do with the campaign. If you’d read his posting and had evidence to the contrary, he specifically asked you to present it. You did not.

    I do not take direction from anyone at Perlmutter HQ. I do this thing called “fact checking” when I’m about to post something. I ask questions so I don’t just spit nonsense on these boards. Sure, it’s possible I’m being lied to, but it’s also possible that you have no evidence for any of what you say. You haven’t even said how you come to have such privileged knowledge of this poll. So do I believe people I’ve met and can look in the eye when they tell me what’s going on, or some person on a message board with no evidence? Noone has ever told me what to write or suggested ways to combat your attacks. Can you say the same?
    We’re all on the same side here. We need to beat Rick O’Donnell. If we tear each other apart now we’re finished. Tell that to whoever is pulling *your* strings.

  18. Honestly, I’m embarrassed for Bob and his family.  This is what passes for news?  When did the DP become a sensationist tabloid?

  19. Before anyone jumps on this, I meant to say I have NEVER seen Alan Salazar at HQ. That was not an intentional double negative there…

  20. Seriously, this is what passes for news?  I’m embarrassed for the Beauprez’s.  Personally I don’t know why they gave their returns to susan “i’ll do anything for a few column inches” greene; I guess they feel they have nothing to hide but I don’t think it was a wise move.  But this is ‘journalism’?  Has DP really sunk this low?  When did it become a tabloid sensational rag?

  21. Shamus–

    Really you think the average voter cares where he gets his money from? From the Eastern Europe company, his daddy, or hell even the bankrupt corp.? My guess is that really, why the hell does where or how much money someone makes matter a damn bit when it comes to running a state. No where in tax returns is there a budget, or a detailed list of how he runs his household accounts, rather taxes only look at the amount coming in, the amount in write-off, and the amount the government wants in taxes, that’s it. No display of how much he owes in debt….. I would think that might be much mroe important.

    But hey I am just the average knowledgeable voter…. what do I know.

    My guess its more to look at Holtzman is able to hide his money from the government, like the best of us try to do.

  22. Wow, Ed, moving on to attack Holtzman before you answer for the “Kiki Traylor is more conservative…” phrase. You’re ambitious.

    So are all of Bob’s supporters as “conservative” as Kiki?

  23. So, Wondermonkey, we’re only on the same side if we agree in supporting Ed? Let’s not be hypocritical here. I am interested in seeing Rick O’Donnell defeated, but I know that there is one candidate in this race who is capapble of defeating him in the general election, and it is NOT Ed Perlmutter. He is a good fundraiser and a good Primary candidate, but  you know what? So was John Kerry. That endorsement was very fitting.

    “I volunteer at Perlmutter HQ whenever I have time, so I’m there at all different hours all different days of the week, and I’ve NEVER met Alan Salazar. You’d think if he were there as much as you claim (and how do you claim access to this information anyway?) that people around the campaign would be aware.”

    “Salazar isn’t even doing what you claim. I’m told by paid staff who WORK IN THE OFFICE that they’ve seen him there ONCE.”

    Two quotes from SoapBlox, Wondermonkey. You claimed that, if Salazar worked at the Perlmutter campaign, people would be aware. Well, yes, one would think. But Salazar admitted to working in the office… effectively hanging you and the paid staffers out to dry! So are the staffers unaware of what goes on in their office, or is someone (Salazar or you yourself) lying?

  24. You know just as well as I do, BadMoon, that the numbers haven’t been released yet. But the Emily’s List money shows up in the first quarter totals…


    Fine.  Then let’s talk about what we DO know:

    H6CO07031 LAMM, PEGGY House
    Colorado 7 Democratic Party Open Seat

    Total Receipts: $244,915
    Transfers From Authorized Committees: $0
    Individual Contributions: $244,915
    Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees: $0
    Contributions from Party Committees $0
    Candidate Contribution: $0
    Candidate Loans: $0
    Other Loans: $0

    Total Disbursements: $105,544
    Transfers to Authorized Committees: $0
    Individual Refunds: $0 
    Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds: $0 
    Candidate Loan Repayments: $0
    Other Loan Repayments: $0

    Beginning Cash: $0
    Latest Cash On Hand: $139,370
    Debts Owed By: $0

    Committees Included:
    Through: 12/31/2005

    Total Receipts: $519,546
    Transfers From Authorized Committees: $0
    Individual Contributions: $461,008
    Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Committees: $54,950
    Contributions from Party Committees $0
    Candidate Contribution: $0
    Candidate Loans: $0
    Other Loans: $0

    Total Disbursements: $118,484
    Transfers to Authorized Committees: $0
    Individual Refunds: $0 
    Non-Party (e.g. PACs) or Other Refunds: $0 
    Candidate Loan Repayments: $0
    Other Loan Repayments: $0

    Beginning Cash: $0
    Latest Cash On Hand: $401,061
    Debts Owed By: $0

    Committees Included:
    Through: 12/31/2005

    Notable that Lamm had $0 from any PAC, which includes the vaunted ‘Emily’s List’.  So she’s supposedly going to receive big results from them in 1st quarter?  Well, I guess we’ll have to see.  But at year-end, she had a big hill to climb.

  25. Salazar didn’t say he worked in the office. He said he worked on the campaign. That can mean anything, anywhere. Nothing you quoted contradicts anything else.

  26. BadMoonRising,

    Just so you have an idea of how Emily’s list works, the group itself does not send a contribution, rather they send a letter to their members asking them to contribute.  You won’t see “PAC” money from Emily’s List for Lamm.  Rather you would notice it from abnormally high contributions from people outside of Colorado. 

    Just FYI

  27. Let’s not forget EMILY’s List really stands for “Early Money Is Like Yeast”…

    I’m with BMR today though in thinking that for Peggy, they forgot to store the yeast in the fridge and so it went bad.

  28. If money in this country buys an election, then maybe we should just find the richest people in Colorado to run for office, then put them all into a room and let them battle over who can make the best advertisements, or simply make the best MUD. 

    Simplified version: Money = A Good Candidate Everytime.

  29. Ops, I forgot to ask, “How much money do I need to buy/win an election in CD-7?”

    500,000 …
    1,000,000.  Cha-ching.
    1,500,000.  Cha-ching.
    2,000,000.  Cha-ching.


  30. COHOYA, yes, and thanks for that reminder.

    EMILY’s LIST is indeed a ‘funnel’, if you will.  The bit about Lamm getting money ‘from them’ is in error in my previous post.

    Which leads us to “we’ll have to see” what Lamm’s 1Q numbers are like.  However, based on the 12/31/05 reports, she’s got a big hill to climb, and her dishonesty over where she lives, and for what purposes, isn’t going to help her efforts.

  31. What a debacle!  The Architects of War: Where Are They Now?
    Three years after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the signs of the Bush administration’s mismanagement are glaring:

    * No nuclear weapons
    * No WMD
    * No collaborative relationship with al Qaeda
    * International terrorism on the rise
    * Botched reconstruction
    * Anarchic civil war
    * No independent Iraqi army
    * No Iraqi government
    * $300 billion spent and counting
    * More than 2,300 U.S. troops dead
    * More than 30,000 Iraqi civilians dead

    Instead of firing those responsible for this debacle, most have been promoted and rewarded. Is this sane? Here’s the architects and where they are now.

    Time to Impeach!

  32. So Patriot… Have you just been misspelling the word Patriot for like the last week?

    At first I thought you were being clever with the P-A-T-R-O-I-T spelling. Kinda like a protest kinda thing…

    Now I’m just thinking you’re stupid and no patriot at all.

  33. Red Wings, I think the average voter cares when a candidate attempts to conceal something from them.  This was the same situation when Marc accidentally forgot to put his tenure at Jewelcor on his resume.  People might just might wonder, hey, if this guy can’t be straigtforward with me now, why would he do so as governor?

    I mean really, this guy omits full jobs from his resume, doctors photos, tells everyone all these people are going to ride in his ridiculous RV, won’t disclose his tax returns, distorts his background, calls the capital of our state a “rogue city”, files a criminal complaint against his opponent then can’t substantiate it, etc., etc. etc. 

    Does this sound to you like someone who is a little slippery? Is this someone you want to be your governor?

  34. You know, as I review Bob’s campaign lit… I’m missing where he lists himself as a Real Estate Developer… You know, when he sold off the family dairy farm and turned it into a golf course…

    What was his major in college again? Education?

  35. Good question Iron Mike.

    I wondered when someone would notice.  I figured that once I spelled it right, then someone would mention it.  You win the prize for the day.

    The play on words does suggest a rejection on the way politics runs today — good point.  Money is KING, but it never does offer a clue on who is a good candidate or not.  I bet Kerry (Catsup) loses next to Bush (oil) evertime as well (and not because of money, but power).  However, I’m digressing here.

  36. Universal health insurance is doable, desireable and would be a tremendous accomplishment for the next Governor.


    Yeah, no sense waiting until the results are in, let’s leap off the cliff that Massachu – er – TAXachusetts has.

    Reminder:  It isn’t going to “free”.  SOMEONE’s got to pay for it.  (guess who that’s going to be)?

  37. I guess we should marshall the ethics police and sick them on Beauprez and fully chastise him for making money with what he has, notably, a farm.  While you’re at it, make sure they stop by and issue an honorary citation to Marc for making money with what YOU have, i.e. your taxpayer dollars. Hungarian-American Enterprise Fund, anyone?

    300 grand a year salary, straight from the taxpayers pocket, and now Holtzman has an epiphany and suddenly is a champion of fiscal conservatism.  And this guy call Beauprez “Both ways Bob”?

  38. A trip down memory lane:
    (too bad that Reid has politically vacated his stance)

    Dem Senate Leader Harry Reid: ‘Our Federal Wallet Stretched To Limit By Illegal Aliens Getting Welfare’

    ‘Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally’

    August 5, 1993

    The Office of Sen. Harry Reid issued the following:

    In response to increased terrorism and abuse of social programs by aliens, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) today introduced the first and only comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress.

    Currently, an alien living illegally in the United States often pays no taxes but receives unemployment, welfare, free medical care and other federal benefits. Recent terrorist acts, including the World Trade Center bombing, have underscored the need to keep violent criminals out of the country.

    Reid’s bill, the Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993, overhauls the nation’s immigration laws and calls for a massive scale-down of immigrants allowed into the country from approximately 800,000 to 300,000.

    The bill also changes asylum laws to prevent phony asylum seekers. Reid said the U.S. open door policy is being abused at the expense of honest, working citizens.

    “We are a country founded upon fairness and justice,” Reid said. “An individual in real threat of torture or long-term incarceration because of his or her political beliefs can still seek asylum. But this bill closes the door to those who want to abuse America’s inherent generosity and legal system.”

    Reid’s bill also cracks down on illegal immigration. The 1990 census reported 3.3 million illegal aliens in America. Recent estimates indicate about 2.5 million immigrants illegally entered the United States last year.

    “Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants placing tremendous burdens on our criminal justice system, schools and social programs,” Reid said. “The Immigration and Naturalization Service needs the ability to step up enforcement.

    “Our federal wallet is stretched to the limit by illegal aliens getting welfare, food stamps, medical care and other benefits often without paying any taxes.

    “Safeguards like welfare and free medical care are in place to boost Americans in need of short-term assistance. These programs were not meant to entice freeloaders and scam artists from around the world. “Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally,” Reid said.

    Specific provisions of Reid’s Immigration Stabilization Act include the following:

    — Reduces annual legal immigration levels from approximately 800,000 admissions per year to about 300,000. Relatives other than spouse or minor children will be admitted only if already on immigration waiting lists and their admission does not raise annual immigration levels above 300,000.

    — Reforms asylum rules to prevent aliens from entering the United States illegally under phony “asylum” claims.

    — Expands list of felonies considered “aggravated” felonies requiring exclusion and deportation of criminal aliens. Allows courts to order deportation at time of sentencing.

    — Increases penalties for failing to depart or re-entering the United States after a final order of deportation order. Increases maximum penalties for visa fraud from five years to 10 years.

    — Curtails alien smuggling by authorizing interdiction and repatriation of aliens seeking to enter the United States unlawfully by sea. Increases penalties for alien smuggling.

    — Adds “alien smuggling” to the list of crimes subject to sanctions under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Expands the categories of property that are forfeited when used to facilitate the smuggling or harboring of illegal aliens.

    — Clarifies that a person born in the United States to an alien mother who is not a lawful resident is not a U.S. citizen. This will eliminate incentive for pregnant alien women to enter the United States illegally, often at risk to mother and child, for the purpose of acquiring citizenship for the child and accompanying federal financial benefits.

    — Mandates that aliens who cannot demonstrably support themselves without public or private assistance are excludable. This will prevent admission of aliens likely to be dependent on public financial support. This requirement extends to the sponsor of any family sponsored immigrant.

    — Increases border security and patrol officers to 9,900 full-time positions.

  39. BMR is right again… I expanded my business into Canada last year and even though they have universal health care, guess what the number one desired benefit is when job hunting?

    Private health insurance offered by the employer.

    Why would they need that if they have Universal Health Care? Because it is “welfare care”. Not much health involved.

    In the recent elections Martin’s Liberals tried to go after the Conservatives as being in favor of privatising the Health Care System. It was a big attack, hit piece… They still lost!

    Universal state funded health care doesn’t work. The Canadians hate it and they are the best example out there.

  40. Stop it Shamus… I’m laughing too hard at you to respond.

    Hey Shamus, hit us with another one of those “I’m not a Beauprez supporter” again dude.

    … Oh yeah, and tell us all about what “President Regan” said again smart guy. That one makes us laugh too.

  41. Hey Iron Mike — try this one for size.

    I LIKE THIS!  It is interesting!
    Can you read this?

      Olny srmat poelpe can.

      cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal
    pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t
    mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht
    the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and
    you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not
    raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas
    tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

  42. See, that’s what I meant.

    I though you were being clever with the “Patroit” name. Looks like “Patriot” at first glance, but then… It’s kinda, frenchy, kinda protest-y…

    But now I’m just disappointed.

  43. Nicholas Confessore’s Washington Monthly article on the K Street project is a must-read for anyone fuzzy on the details about how the GOP gamed the lobbying business to fund its illegal enterprises by hoovering up every tax dollar in sight, and quite nearly got its hands on the “prize pig” of the Social Security trust fund.  And Sarah Posner’s article in The American Prospect is a searing expose of how lobbyists like Barbara Comstock set up a clearing house for companies wanting to bilk the government in the wake of 9/11, capitalizing on Republican fear-mongering and making sure that copious amounts of cash made their way back into GOP coffers and insured the perpetuation of the system.

    The result?  The government bought a bunch of expensive, useless shit it didn’t need.  DeLay and the GOP were very good at ripping off the nation but they left the country vulnerable, weakened and poor, ill-equipped to meet the challenges of a new century.  National and economic security were the furthest thing from their minds.  Every man, woman and child in America now carried $30,000 worth of government debt on their backs.  And thousands have died in their expensive, futile, graft-laden war.

  44. Has the DA cleared Peggy?
    Is the DA still investigating Peggy?
    Did she shake up her campaign team?
    Or,is it the same old crew? Ed will have $550,000 cash on hand when he reports. How much will Peggy have cash on hand?
    Does anyone know?

  45. Wisconsin Residents Vote to Withdraw Troops From Iraq.

    April 5, 2006 ( — Voters in 32 Wisconsin communities had their say on the Iraq War in a referendum Tuesday, and they decreed that enough is enough. Residents in 24 of the 32 towns and villages voted to start bringing the troops home now, a greater victory than supporters of the referendum had hoped to get.

    The vote has no legal power, but it could be seen as indicating increasing discontent with the toll of the Iraq War, both in lives and money. Supporters of the referendum see it as a signal to Congress as the 2006 midterm election approaches.

  46. Iron Mike, wasn’t “Nathan Patroit” a character in Guys and Gals?  As I recall, he was a no-account gambler and a physical education major 😉

  47. I find it a bit humorous that Mike Teal spends all of his time on this blog bashing Beauprez all day long.  Is there really nothing better to do with yourself, like I don’t know, campaign or something.  Go walk a precinct and win some votes for Marky Marc.  It’ll do you some good as well.

  48. Patroit

    That is probably because they are either stoned or drunk. I lived there and in the state next door for many years. My twin sister and family still live there.
    There is nothing to do in that state but drink beer, smoke pot, or shoot forest creatures.
    In fact I think drinking beer is mandatory………..
    So I wouldn’t call their referendum a giant victory. They were probably trying to swat the king size mosquitos and tics and checked the wrong tab.

  49. The vote has no legal power, but it could be seen as indicating increasing discontent with the toll of the Iraq War, both in lives and money. Supporters of the referendum see it as a signal to Congress as the 2006 midterm election approaches.

    – brought to you by ‘Patroit’, the false patriot.


    The more important signal that it sends will be received loud and clear by the terrorists in Iraq and around the world.

  50. Gecko

    Tom Tancredo just announced that he is a likely candidate for President in 2008 (on Fox News).  He is gambling his fortunes on one issue — immigration.  Even though I agree with him on the control of our borders, I cannot help to remember his ideas on bombing MECCA holy sites.  He kinda reminds me of a Pat Robertson on steriods, but younger.  Maybe, Tancredo actually is from Arizona and likes king size mosquitos and playing cards with only one “ace” card.

  51. Gecko, as a FIB / FISH I always wondered if the sign at the Border to Wisconsin should read:  “Welcome to Wisconsin, please note the two drink minimum, and while your at it, please buy some cheese..”

  52. I wouldn’t pretend to know what President Reagan said Iron Mike.  Marc should know though.  He and Nancy are real tight.

    And on the other subject, I emphatically repeat that I am not a Beauprez supporter.  I am just one of many who think Marc has no business near the Govs mansion.

  53. BADmoon,

    Yep.  I don’t think we should be running with our tails under our legs, at least not until we make sure Iraq and the Middle East understands democracy (without a doubt) — either you agree with democracy, or you don’t.  Frankly, democracy makes a great deal of sense to me!!! … even though, we may have placed our religious tones ahead of democracy in the past.  Our forefathers were brilliant and I stand to protect their design–besides, who in the world would not have liked Benjamin Franklin?  What a fellow he was … 🙂

  54. “And on the other subject, I emphatically repeat that I am not a Beauprez supporter.”


    Oh man Shamus, you make reading this blog worth it!

    Let’s see a show of hands for all who believe Shamus is not a Beauprez supporter.

    By the way, good to see you learned how to spell the President’s name correctly.

  55. A message to Tom Tancredo —

    IF you want to radically change the border issue, then encourage American investment dollars into Mexico, with Mexico allowing those dollars into their country.  I’m certain that a policy of not allowing Americans an opportunity to own a piece of property in Mexico (or to invest there) is a plan that encourages hot tamales and burrito menus in the United States to be spelled in Spanish, rather than English, all over the place.

  56. On Lamm:

      First off, EMILY’s list posts their numbers every month, so we already know that Peggy made enough from them that she can continue her vanity project, but not enough to really give O’Donnell anything to sweat about.

      Secondly, Way2 is not from the 7th district, so can be forgiven for not knowing that John Kerry won this district. So the comparison of Ed to a proven winner in the 7th district does not do much to make the case for Peggy.

    Thirdly, if staff defections are what passes for good news these days, then Peggy should hire new staff every week. She hasn’t had any good news since 2005, and the ‘good news is on the horizon’ posts are getting a little tiresome. Peggy shills talking about her campaign sound exactly like Bush’s shills talking about Iraq. They keep saying that every new bloodbath is reason to believe we have turned a corner. What is your exit strategy to this campaign Peggy? Victory? Suuure.

    Fourth on the list is a bit of free advice that I am sure will be ignored: Going negative on Ed is the dummest move she has made to date. When you think your edge is in name recognition, don’t put your opponent’s name on the front page of your website five times (as Peggy did last week), don’t pay for a poll that calls the people in your district asking them if they have heard the name Ed Perlmutter. (If they hadn’t, they have now) and don’t send your shills onto every website to shout the name ‘Ed Perlmutter’! Heck, don’t even go on websites where you are going to create conversations about Ed vs. Peggy. Every time you do that you get Ed’s name mentioned over and over. Ed Perlmutter. Ed Perlmutter. See what I get to do because of your posts? Ed Perlmutter.

    Fifth: Peggy can’t win in the Seventh District.Peggy doesn’t have the grassroots behind her, she doesn’t have the party behind her, she doesn’t have the unions behind her, she doesn’t have money behind her, and she is not different enough from Rick O’Donnell to get the left to show up at the polls.
      Ed has won in the 7th district. Peggy was a single term State House Rep. from somewhere else. Ed was a State Senator for eight years from right here. He is the strongest Dem candidate we have had since the District was drawn, O’Donnell is the weakest Repub. Dem registrations are up, and the past races were tight. It won’t take much to win this one, and while Peggy certainly fits the bill when it comes to ‘not much’, I think Ed will give us a solid win.

      I know Peggy feels she deserves to win because she was married to some guy who was related to some other guy who back in the day was more sensible than he has been lately, but I don’t think that Princess Peggy should be allowed to marry her way into being my representative.
      I am going to vote for Ed Pewrlmutter, the guy who has worked here his entire life and has earned it. The way I see it, while Herb Rubenstein is elevating the debate and enriching the process by his involvement, Peggy is just making a huge in kind donation to the Republicans.

  57. A message to Tom Tancredo —

    IF you want to radically change the border issue, then encourage American investment dollars into Mexico, with Mexico allowing those dollars into their country. I’m certain that a policy of not allowing Americans an opportunity to own a piece of property in Mexico (or to invest there) is a plan that encourages hot tamales and burrito menus in the United States to be spelled in Spanish, rather than English, all over the place.


    Is there anyone out there that wants to translate this?

  58. “Peggy is just making a huge in kind donation to the Republicans. “

    – TBTH


    Yowza.  This is what’s known as the proverbial ‘Frozen Mackerel Upside the Head’.

  59. Druid, you really gotta get off that Curtis Imrie thing!

    Iron Mike, you keep bringing out that tired old saw, accusing everyone who thinks Holtzman is a dick of being a Beauprez supporter.  Lots of people just think Holtzman is a dick.  He’s got Dan Quayle’s elitist preppy, silver spoon in the mouth and Richard Nixon’s weird, nasty paranoia all wrapped up into one.  The guy’s entertaining, I give you that, but that’s about all.

  60. I love checking the comments just to see what way_2liberal will say next . . .

    Explain to me how Ed is a bad candidate against O’Donnell?

    Ed: Half a million and rising in the bank (Ed’s a talented fundraiser and has a huge support network, all Peggy has is Emily’s, and it hasn’t performed for her so far) . . .

    Ed: Scandal free (Can Peggy say that?  Support for Owens, investigation of voter fraud by the DA, blatantly dumb mistakes with filing and deadlines, campaign team jumping ship) . . .

    Ed: Never lost an election and had an outstanding record in the state senate (Peggy is banking on her ex-husband’s name recognition to generate numbers) . . .

    Ed: Robustly endorsed by just about everybody, and I’d wager to say that Emily’s list would be on board if Ed, were, uh, qualified for their support (Peggy will have a hard time raking in those Emily’s dollars as many of their big contributors are the unions which have already endorsed Ed) . . .

    P.S.  As wOnderMonkey already did an excellent job of explaining, Alan Salazar is an Ed supporter, but has only VOLUNTEERED his advice and time to the campaign.  And, as way_2liberal seems to have a great deal of difficulty understanding, he doesn’t necessarily need to be “hanging around the office” to do this.  Ed has huge support from many prominent Democrats, and many are assisting with his campaign.  I’m not sure how this is supposed to be a negative.  Like I keep saying, if the Peggy people think these inane internet attacks are going to reverse their fortunes, then they really are dead in the water.

    If they want to even have a chance they should be out pounding pavement in order to get those petition signatures (since Peggy was forced to dodge the caucus process), rather than sitting on the computer and spreading false information.

  61. BADmoon,

    Translation … “Nafta” does not stand for, “North American Un-fair Trade Agreement”.  And we should be allowing free speech, free trade, free, free, freeeeeeeeee, but why is it that Americans have to pay for illegals to walk into America on our tax money, paying for schools and health care–but they don’t pay any taxes, take away jobs from Americans that do … and I have to learn Spanish if I want to live in San Diego?  What is up with that?

  62. I mean, if you go to the link you provided, Holtzman is up 8 points since the last poll, Beauprez is up by 7 whereas Ritter has only gone up by 1 point. The link also very clearly states 20% are still undecided.

    It just looks like we on the GOP side of the aisle with all of the blood and guts being thrown into this race are gaining ground while Bill stands still.

  63. Under President Clinton, the IRS perfected a program to identify and return to employers bad social security or other illegal employee status indicators. It was a very effective “fence” that caught over 1 million illegal immigrants a year and put pressure on large retaurant, hotel and other industry chaines to clean up their hiring practices. Along comes G. Bush, and almost immediately after being selected as president, at the request of the Chamber of Commuerce, that unit was eliminated within the IRS and the software that had been developed was sold. No more “fence”.

  64. Just for the record, the ACTUAL Druid did not post about Curtis Imrie today.  Fake Druid (aka Wanda James) is having her fun again.  The only post I made today is:

    “Ed vs. Lamm. I could give a rats *ss. Heres a prediction for you. The Ed and Lamm primary gets so bloody that Rick O’Donnel takes the seat with ease.”

  65. It was fairly obvious, Druid.  Although her Curtis Imrie boosting was kinda humorous.

    We can’t do TypeKey authentication now with this system?  Sigh.  Any posts you see from “Beaupreznit” aren’t going to be from me, then.  I’ll just be lurking.  Have fun, everyone!

  66. Tom Tancredo just announced that he is a likely candidate for President in 2008 (on Fox News). He is gambling his fortunes on one issue — immigration.

    – Patri-whatever


    Not quite.

    Here is what was said between Neal Cavuto and Congressman Tancredo:

    Cavuto then switched gears a little, asking about a recent survey on presidential candidates: “I was interested in reading the ‘St. Louis March Madness’ poll that had you on top.”

    Tancredo laughed and said he was as surprised as anyone. Cavuto wondered if Tancredo would run for the White House, to which the border hawk replied, “There are Web sites, and people send me bumper stickers … if no one will take up this banner, if no one will make this a central part of their campaign for president, yeah, I will do it.”

    “Am I looking at a presidential candidate?” Cavuto asked.

    “I’ll bet you … there will be people out there trying to out-Tancredo Tancredo running for president. And if that’s the case, I’m going to be knocking on doors for them.”

  67. Iron,

    I did not say that the numbers were good or bad.  They are what they are…  I have only seen the other poll by Rasmussen back in February and was posting them for infomation purposes only.  I will say that I have always considered Rasmussen a Republican leaning polling firm.

    I think that Ritter just needs to stay in the mix while your two guys beat the crap out of each other, then come out swinging after the primary.  Your nominee, Beauprez I would think, should be pretty well battered by the time the primary is over.  Holtzman is showing no signs of taking it easy on him and seems to be landing some good blows.

  68. IB:

    Immigrants on SSI, including legal aliens, refugees, and illegals with fraudulent Social Security cards, numbered a mere 127,900 aliens (3.3 percent of recipients) in 1982. By 1992 the numbers expanded to 601,430 entitled (10.9 percent of recipients). In 2003, this figure was several million (about 25 percent of recipients).

    The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) proudly
    announced that it garnered for immigrants expensive cancer
    treatments, prenatal care, and critical health services by means of its litigation. Sometimes NILC worked in collaboration with lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Though the 1996 Welfare Reform Legislation reduced all welfare payments to all recipients nationwide, NILC cleverly managed to restore to its constituency of legal and illegal immigrants: $12 billion in Supplemental Security Income, and more than $800 million in food stamps.


    Medical altruism requires Americans to sacrifice their money and their lives for the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the illegal aliens. While medical insurance rates skyrocket and medical care is rationed, Americans pay for free care for illegal aliens. The pernicious “Emergency Treatment and Active Labor Act” demands that physicians and hospitals treat for free (or face fines up to $50,000 per incident) anyone who comes to an Emergency Room whether or not able to pay or whether or not “legal”. Hospitals close because of bankruptcy (84 California hospitals shuttered between 1993 and 2004), and medicine lurches into socialism by the sacrifice of our best to benefit the poor, hungry masses yearning to turn our compassion against us. Medical lawyer Madeleine Cosman argues that the choice for many Americans is life with Medical Objectivism or death by Medical Altruism.

    – by Madeleine Cosman, J.D., Ph.D.

    (Dr. Cosman is a medical lawyer who has written essays on medical malpractice past and present since 1968, and discovered the earliest medical malpractice insurance).

  69. OK Coloradem, keep up that cheery outlook. But come on the numbers tell a pretty grim story for you guys.

    Let’s do a little math:

    In Colorado just over 1/3 of all voters are GOP. Just under 1/3 are DEM and the rest (just over 1/3) are Unaffiliated. So if we look at these numbers Ritter’s 41% will easily account for the 1/3 DEMs and a good chuck of the U’s in the Metro area.

    Beauprez and Holtzman have really only been going after the hard GOP vote, so some sort of bleed-over into the U’s has occurred to account for Beauprez pulling within a single point and Holtzman to pull within 5 (yes, 5) points.

    You DEMs are screwed! You should have lobbied Hick harder because even with the GOP candidates beating each other bloody, Ritter is going nowhere fast!

    What do you think is going to happen to that undecided 20% when BB and Holtzman duke it out on TV for the Primary? All they are going to see are Marc and Bob… Not Bill. You’ll be lucky to find anyone who will answer a poll with anything but “Bill who?”

  70. BMR avoids responding directly because he has no response.  He does not want to admit that Repbulicans might actually be part of the problem in controlling inllegal immigration.  IB, you point about the IRS program being negated by Bush after he took office is a perfect example.

    Republicans would rather rail against Demorats for being soft on immigration problems than admit their own complicity in the issue.

  71. Iron,

    I know, I know.  We Dems are wasting our time trying to get anywhere in Colorado.  There are more registered Republicans and that alone should convince us not to even try.  We are Massachusetts in reverse.  They would never elect a Republican Governor and we will never elect a Democratic Governor.

    And we don’t have a Senator Salazar either.

    It’s early in the seasons and neither of us should be counting our chickens when the eggs haven’t even been layed yet.

  72. #1: In Guys and Dolls the character name is Nathan Detroit. Voyager, if you were being facetious, my apologies.

    #2: the Senate is debating the Long bill this afternoon. Oh, the stupid, it hurts. I’m astounded by the outright lies being told by some of the members. I have to hope that they’re just badly informed and not out and out lying to get support for some of the things they’re proposing. (Sorry to be obtuse but I can’t say which members and on which issues for fear of revealing why I’m listening to it.)

  73. Just read this on — makes a good point.

    “Democrats ought to figure out now what they think about Iran. After all, we’ve got the Ken Pollack book, we’ve got the referral to the Security Council, we’ve got the slam dunk intelligence, and we’ve got the lunatic leader screaming insults at the United States. Remember what happened the last time all the stars aligned like that?

    So: What would be the Democratic response if (a) Bush asked for an authorization of force against Iran or (b) simply launched an assault without asking Congress? The chances of this coming up as an issue this year are strong enough that it would be foolish not to be prepared to deal with it.”

    In my opinion, the donkey’s are not going to come off with any policy, since it gives too much of a leading ideology and strategy that would be used against them in any case.  However, when it comes to having nuclear weapons or not, I cannot hardly believe that the democrats would at any level endorse the idea of a radical leader having the ability to deliver a missile, or one with a nuke warhead.  But since they already have missiles, I would suggest an exchange of a non-aggression policy toward Iran, as long as they continue to develop idealisms of “education” for their people, free help from America and its allies to better their society, and a request that they ask themselves, “do you really think we are going to allow a threat that we have already invested so dearly with American and allied lives to prevent?”  The world doesn’t want anymore Saddam’s, no more Hitler’s, and certainly we don’t need anymore nuclear weapons or war … embrace peace!

    President Bush has the ace card here … Diplomacy and Democracy works (free speech and freedom of religion), but if Iran is going to ignore the whole world, then the result(s) are on the hands of Iran, not ours. 

    Besides, the world has too many other problems with global warming … I say, “Iran chill a little …”

  74. Coloradem… Quite true, there is still a hunk of time left on the clock. Indeed, Ken is Senator, but some of us just think that is because of who his opponent was. But alas, I digress.

    I still say this poll looks great for the GOP; their numbers are going up and Ritter is just standing still.

  75. If Iran tips their hand toward war, it will only help the GOP and the direction toward great harm for the whole world.  I will not blame President Bush if he has no other choice, but to stop Iran.  Frankly, I don’t see where President Bush has much of a choice in the situation, but Iran ceertainly does.  Iran should endorse peace and the easy alternatives that will help Iran to become a successful land of opportunity.

  76. Republicans would rather rail against Demorats for being soft on immigration problems than admit their own complicity in the issue.


    Why of course – President Bush INVENTED illegal immigration.  It’s ALL his fault, and only his fault.

    Look kiddies, just so you know, the #1 knock I have on Pres. Bush is the immigration issue, so your liberal flatulence is getting you nowhere on that front.

    And then of course, we have this from the Other Clinton:

    2008 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is blasting a GOP-backed immigration bill, claiming bizarrely that the legislation would “literally criminalize . . . . probably even Jesus himself.”

    Clinton invoked the biblical theme on Wednesday while restating her opposition to a bill sponsored by Rep. James Sensenbrenner that would make illegally entering the U.S. a felony.

    Surrounded by what the Associated Press described as “a multicultural coalition of New York immigration advocates,” the former first lady ripped the GOP bill as “mean-spirited” – insisting that it flew in the face of Republicans’ stated support for faith and values.

    “It is certainly not in keeping with my understanding of the Scriptures,” she declared, before adding: “This bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself.”

    In 2003 Mrs. Clinton blurted out during a radio interview that she was “adamantly opposed to illegal immigrants.” But her actions never lived up to the tough talk.

    Two weeks ago Clinton announced her support for a defacto amnesty program that she said would grant illegal aliens “a path to earned citizenship for those who are here, working hard, paying taxes [and] respecting the law.”


    Hillary! Clinton.  She wants so desperately to be president.

    She’s John Kerry Lite.

  77. Under President Clinton, the IRS perfected a program to identify and return to employers bad social security or other illegal employee status indicators.
    – IB


    Care to share more on this program?  I’ve looked in the normally reliable places and have found nothing on it.

  78. I heard this same thing today on a radio show (regarding the matching of real SSN #’s to fake SSN #’s) and giving the employer one business quarter to file a replacement number.  The funding was cut under the current Bush Admin.  It was a 12 person task force and it caught 1 million false SSNs.  Sounds like a great ROI to me.

  79. I , the read Druid, have never heard of the Wanda James that the fake Druid claims I am.  But I, the real Druid, am going to continue parodying the lunatic obsession that the Fake Druid has about Curtis Who-the-bleep-is-he? Imrie until fake Druid gets a life and gives it a rest.  No one, not even his mother, cares about Curtis Imrie!
    It’s easy to tell who the read Druid is.  Anybody will the intelligence to post a coherent parody would be too smart to be psychotic about Curtis Bleeping Imrie!

  80. From the Cherry Creek News:
      Ritter tops Beauprez and Holtzman — Zogby 
    Written by Staff 
    Wednesday, 05 April 2006
    A new Wall Street Journal/Zogby Poll shows Democrat Bill Ritter leading both Republican candidates.

    From the Zogby release: “With popular Governor Bill Owens out of the running, the gubernatorial race remains too close to call.”

    In one of the key battleground states for both the midterm congressional races and 2008 Presidential contest, a new Wall Street Journal/Zogby Interactive survey shows all three of the main gubernatorial candidates suffer from the same problem: lack of recognition.

    Democrat Bill Ritter currently holds small leads over Republicans Bob Beauprez and Marc Holtzman (2 and 5 points, respectively), but is unknown to 33% of voters. Congressman Beauprez, a former state GOP chairman, is unknown to 23%, while former University of Denver President Holtzman is an unknown quantity to 39% of likely voters.

    This presents a problem for state Republicans, who have watched Beauprez’s advantage over Ritter deteriorate l from a 42% to 39% edge in September to a 40% to 38% deficit 38% in this latest poll. National Republicans have banked on Beauprez’s campaign experience: he won the 7th District seat in an extremely tight 2002 race and followed with an easier victory in 2004.

    Asked about which party’s candidate they would vote for in this year’s congressional election in their district, Coloradans gave a slight edge to Democrats. While 41% said they would back the local Democratic candidate, 40% said they would support the Republican. However, Republican congressmen in Colorado are seen as more closely sharing values with likely voters across the state, and GOP political leaders in the state are also seen as more closely representing the values of more Coloradans.

    Coloradans: Who most shares your values . . . ?



    Among National Congressional leaders



    Among State Congressional Delegation



    Among State Party Leaders



    The survey, conducted March 21-27, 2006, included 615 respondents and carries a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percentage points.

  81. Awen, whatever could have given you the idea I was being facetious by comparing the guy who spells his name Patroit with the Guys and Dolls character?  Did I give the game away by mentioning he was a Phys Ed major?  Or are you still working on cracking the code.  ;-)LOL.

  82. bob’s name recognition and support continue to dwindle while marc’s name recognition and support continue to rise. interesting. it couldn’t be because bob expects a coronation while marc is happy to show up and work for the nomination.

  83. Those polls are very good news for Holtzman who a year ago might have gotten 12% of any poll participants to reply favorably.
    Not quite so bad for Ritter though… Just shows that he has been marking time.
    Kinda disappointing for Beauprez though. With all the work he has been doing one would think he’d be getting better poll results after a year of campaigning.

  84. RE: Wall Street Journal/Zogby Poll post by m.b.

    Two key thoughts about the poll. First, the report did not give the actual percentages in Ritter vs. Beauprez or Ritter Vs. Holtzman, only the spread. But what about the “Undecideds”? There was no mention of them, and they will make the difference. Secondly, the statistics on Coloradans: Who most shares your values . . . ? are far more telling this early in the election. What it looks like is that if turnout is good, the donks are dead meat in most areas. If it is not good, they have a chance in the biggies. Since it is a midterm election, the latter scenario seems the most probable.

  85. Since RICE attended DU, maybe some of those intelligent minds that are currently enrolled at DU’s (Graduated School of International Studies) can answer the following question —

    From the BBC:

    US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has urged Congress to ratify a deal to give India civil nuclear technology.
    She told a senate committee the deal was good for the US, India and also the international community.

    Ms Rice dismissed critics’ fears that it would undermine efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.  The deal, which in effect marks a reversal of decades of US foreign policy, was struck by President Bush when he visited Delhi last month.

    The US had restricted nuclear co-operation with India – which has not signed the 1972 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) – since it first tested a nuclear weapon in 1974. 

    Under the terms of the deal, energy-hungry India will get access to US civil nuclear technology.  In return, India will classify 14 of its 22 nuclear facilities as being for civilian use, and thus open to full international inspection.


    Why does this agreement only include 14 of 22 nuclear facilities?  And why are we giving India our nuclear technology to a country that has never signed the 1972 Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT)?


  86. Here is what the poll really seems to be saying (sorry shills of either candidate…)

    Most Coloradans now know the three gubenatorial candidates and the party for which they are a representative of. Ritter is known as the Democrat, the only Dem. Holtzman and Beauprez are known as the Republicans. Notice, the questions asked were always Ritter (D) vs. Republican Candidate. All this poll shows (as is true for most polls taken pre-primaries) is that there is a larger majority of those polled who would vote Dem, but the Rs are catching up. Since each candidate now has decent recognition, this is no longer at this point about name recognition, but about D vs. R. The majority of Dems will always choose D (Ritter) as he is their only candidate, and Republicans seem to be saying there is a preference to Beauprez, but, as is true in most elections, will vote party line either way.

    At this point, name recognition stops being important. There is a larger jump in numbers for Holtzman than either candidate because he has been in the press recently as much as the other two, thus his name recognition is higher than his previous low numbers. This means that more casual R’s know who he is (a Rep candidate) and when given the choice of D (Ritter) vs. R (Holtzman), they will vote Holtzman now knowing who he is. I would like to see another poll as thorough as the initial Rasmussen poll; that kind of poll would give better direction. But as far as this poll is concerned, this is the only information that can be scientifically gleaned.

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