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August 07, 2017 03:15 PM UTC

A leading Colorado Republican says Democrats have secret plan to create "terrible" roads

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

UPDTATE 8-9-17: Neville responded via Twitter with a request to get the “story right.”

“It isn’t a ‘secret plan,'” tweeted Neville. “It is a deliberate plan that is out in the open.”

Neville did not respond to a request from the Colorado Times Recorder to provide a copy of the Democrats’ plan or to explain how he knows it’s deliberate and out in the open.


UPDATE – Colorado House Speaker Crisanta Duran (D-Denver) responded today:

“Minority Leader Neville’s comments are absurd. Democrats led efforts to bring a sustainable, statewide transportation fix before voters this year to fix our outdated and overburdened transportation system, and to ensure that rural Colorado isn’t left behind, without cutting other key priorities like education. And when Republicans killed that bill in the Senate, it was Democrats who then fought to prioritize transportation funding in SB 267.

These allegations of a plan to undermine our transportation system are absolutely ridiculous, and it’s a shame that Rep. Neville would rather make excuses for his own party’s inaction on this critical issue than work with us toward viable solutions to our state’s very real needs. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing this finger pointing from Republicans in Washington who have been unable to govern effectively. But I’d expect more from state leaders like Rep. Neville.”


State Rep. Patrick Neville (R-Franktown), the leader of State House Republicans, thinks Democrats have a secret “plan” to intentionally make Colorado’s roads “so terrible and so awful” that voters will approve a tax increase to fix them.

“And I personally think that this is a plan to make our roads so terrible and so awful that voters will vote for a tax increase,” Neville told KNUS guest host George Athanasopoulos this morning. “That’s what the Democrats want. And it’s part of a plan. And this is nothing new. It’s the same thing Governor Ritter did in the late nineties.” Aug. 7 hour 1 at 17 min 30 seconds here.

Now that’s a big story, but unfortunately I was unable to confirm Neville’s allegation in on-the-record or off-the-record interviews, on background, or via deep throat.

Neville did not immediately return a call seeking details about the alleged Democratic plan, including which Democrats are involved.

Neville’s comments came during a discussion of the budget squeeze faced by Colorado lawmakers.

Both Neville and Athanasopoulos contended that Democrats have de-prioritized transportation spending in favor of funding what they called non-essential programs, like RTD’s Bustang bus service, and Colorado’s “Medicaid expansion,” which is actually over 90-percent funded by the federal government, thanks to Obamacare, and is objectively not a significant drain on Colorado’s budget.


40 thoughts on “A leading Colorado Republican says Democrats have secret plan to create “terrible” roads

  1. Patrick Neville should get his history straight before he starts heaving harpoons.

    Governor Ritter (D) was Denver DA in the late nineties.

    Colorado's Governor from 1999-2008 was Republican Bill Owens.


  2. Someone, a friend maybe, should intervene on Mr. Neville about all that barrel-cleaning solvent sniffing . . . 

    . . . it's beginning to become obvious. 

  3. It's simple. The left refuses to fund the roads and pours all of our money into Medicaid. That's the left's priority so the roads don't get funded.

    1. Yeah Moldy.  Fuck poor people.  They need to just die.  You got yours.  Screw them.

      You have the privilege of living in your mommy's basement and not work, look at porn and bash poor people and anybody else you don't like.

      1. Moderatus: as I recall, it was far right wing Republicans like Patrick Neville who deep-sixxed a modest tax hike proposal for road work by the Dems and common sense conservative Republicans during the past session of the legislature. The motion was to refer a referendum to the November election, following TABOR.

        The far righties were deathly afraid that the tax hike might get approved, so they conspired to deny us citizens a right to vote on the measure. A pox on all the Nevilles.

        1. CHB, we've butted heads gently on occasion, but I've gotta say, you're just plain awesome. One of the most reasonable conservatives I’ve ever encountered — at least for the past 20+ years.


          1. Thanks for your kind words. And, no, I'm not a liberal as you've surmised. Moderatus brings up the Medicaid issue. Something there has to be done. I don't think single payer is an answer at this time due to cost. So, the Dems and Repubs in D.C. need to figure out how to fix it (medical insurance) and provide a reasonable safety net, without adding trillions more to the national debt.

            Work requirements make a lot of sense, for those with ability to work. During my career in social services, I saw a lot of really needy people; and also a lot of "lay-abouts," as in people who wanted free handouts. The state vocational rehabilitation agency provides good services to those with medical issues, but who can still do something.

            1. Oh, trust me — I've never mistaken you for a liberal. I only meant that you counter the insane claptrap of our resident trolls so ably and so often, and it means much more coming from you — a genuine, thoughtful conservative — rather than from most of us, who will simply be dismissed out of hand by said trolls as being 'biased.'

              And while we may disagree about single payer (though not about the need for the genuinely able-bodied to do all they can to remove themselves from state and federal rolls), I suspect an excellent interim compromise could be reached if more like you were negotiating for the conservative side, as opposed to the knee-jerk, reactionary, brain-dead, bigoted and supremely selfish trolls, who apparently really do represent the twisted mindset of their party at present.

              1. I erred in saying a "pox on all the Nevilles." The Neville Brothers from New Orleans are pretty good musicians. I have some of their stuff.

            2. Safety net…..

              Whatever happened to that idea? The Tea Party would replace it with a clothesline.  Or less. The lefties want to put a trampoline in its place.

            3. Medicaid has to be made sustainable. This is the problem with Democrats, they demonize everyone then do the same thing when they have to be responsible!!

              1. Got a plan that doesn't screw people that need Medicaid over?  Nope.  You don't.  And that's fine by you.  What do you know about responsibility Moldy.  You've never been responsible a day in your life.

              2. Sighs.  Who is it that posts recipes in response to dumb ass posts?  At least people feel vindicated for spending 3 minutes of their life reading something.

                I seriously doubt that if Dems were in the majority that they would have blocked an infrastructure building question from going to the voters.  We need to be very specific about the plan the Republicans executed to block the voters from weighing in on the question of better infrastructure for communities all over the state.  Residents from every county and zip code in the state would have been able to cast their vote for better infrastructure for our economy and for our daily use.  It wasn't Democrats who scuttled asking the voters if they wanted better infrastructure.  What's the Shakespeare line?  "Thou dost protest too much.".

                Republicans are trying to make it about anything else like Hillary or Medicaid but the cold reality is they didn't play by their own rules and now are trying to say that Democrats would have done the same.  What rubbish.  Democrats actually like all voters and believe that democracy works best when the rule of law is followed and as loathsome as TABOR is there was procedure that was lawful and killed by Republicans because they are a spiteful, small minded group who don't believe we can have nice things if we are willing to pay for them.  What sorry trash to deny the common good because of their fetish with Ayn Rand.  Elections are coming and they get to face the music of their betrayal to the will of the people.

                1. I post recipes when I grow weary of posting facts and evidence that is being ignored in favor of talking points and slogans. Ralphie was a big poster of many excellent recipes, and I understand that it's a Pols tradition.

                  Posting a recipe is a statement that the argument is pointless, and is an alternative to cursing or insulting the troll.

                  cook posts recipes just to share, because cook is a nice person.

            4. @CHB. One correction: Single Payer is cheaper, than having private insurance companies. You need to rethink what "cost" means considering the entire health care economy.

              This is logical given that insurance companies take a 25-33% cut for a little thing called profit and another little thing called bureaucracy and executive suite salaries. In contrast with private insurance, the VA, Medicare & Medicaid systems have an overhead of 5%. Moving to Single payer would reduce INSURANCE costs off the top by 20-25%.

              Secondly, evidence from the health systems of other countries show that single-payer financing mechanisms are much cheaper than our for-profit financing mechanism. It's not hard to use Google to find this research.

              A more accurate criticism of Single Payer is the one pointed out by Paul Krugman: Moving to single payer would be a major disruption to a certain segment of the present insurance system. Specifically, about 50% of people get their insurance as employee benefits via private insurance.

              (1) One huge benefit of the ACA exchanges created by Obamacare comes from the fact that self-employed and people with pre-existing conditions did not have access to the insurance risk pools available to large employers. 

              (2) A lot of other people get their insurance from Medicare (for the elderly), and Medicaid for the disabled, the poor and working poor. The second big contribution of Obamacare was to prevent discrimination against pre-existing conditions and to subsidize the poor and working poor so that they had access private insurance.

              Cancelling Obamacare would be a huge disruption to the self-employed, the working poor, and people with pre-existing conditions. Not to mention collapsing hospital finances in rural areas.

              (Notice that the Republican Party doesn’t want to just kill Obamacare, they also want to collapse health care for people on medicaid and those with pre-existing conditions. )

              So, moving to Single Payer would disrupt the Employer-provided insurance system, it would stabilize, not disrupt, Medicare, Medicaid, 

              Incidentally, Employer sponsored health insurance is only 50% of the population and declining.

              "Of the subtypes of health insurance, employment-based insurance covered the most people (55.4 percent of the population), followed by Medicaid (19.5 percent), Medicare (16.0 percent), direct-purchase (14.6 percent) and military health care (4.5 percent)."

              Notice that those numbers are only for people WITH insurance. There is another 11% who don't have insurance, mostly in Republican states that failed to implement the exchanges, and also undocumented immigrants. I'd rather that last immigrant 5% had insurance rather than showing up at the emergency room.

              1. Research I've seen is a mixed bag. If single payer moves closer to reality, then it will be worth my time for additional research. I have Medicare Advantage coverage, so I’m not personally affected by the ACA. 

                1. The problem with single payer is, single payer. As a consumer there is only a single entity to pay. Essentially it sets up a Federal monopoly. Imagine the DMV of health care. When consumers lose the ability to choose, how they spend the benefits of their labor, prices will rise and service will decline.

                  1. Except it doesn't.  As a medicare advantage client, I am basically single payer.  I have the same choice of providers I've always had.  You've confused Canadian style single payer with British style socialized medicine.  

                    1. I doubt Medicare for all is economically viable. The main focus of Democrats seems to be single (tax) payer on the European model.

                    2. Thats ok pear.  Arguing history and comparative religipn is miles better than the usual political squabbling.  Personally, I don't pay much attention to anything that happened since World War Ii.  And I think Athens really screwedup in thepeloponnesian war.  There had a chance for an honorablec compromise and blew it.  If Greecehad stayed united, Columbus would have landed on the moon in 1492.










                  2. I doubt you are as Pro-Life as you profess if you believe that health care coverage for the poorest isn't economically viable.  What a despicable position to take to insist that every zygote is precious but screw them when they make it to the outside.  You've got your great health insurance so everyone else can fuck off.  A Pharisee hypocrite as usual.

                    1. You know nothing of the Pharisees.  Jesus was a pharisee, as was the great Hillel.  For a clear understanding, read Revolution in Judaea by Hyam Maccoby.

                    2. Ummm . . . 

                      . . . he did write "Pharisee hypocrite," V.  Even Jesus criticized hypocritical Pharisees . . . 

                      My problem with that statement is that the Pharisees were relatively well educated, and embraced learning and knowledge.  Pfruit is an proudly ignorant fuckstick who eschews learning and knowledge. 

                    3. Jesus wrote no such thing.  That was part of Paul's rewrite of the Jesus story as part of his efforts to suck up to the Romans.  Jesus WAS a pharisee, as shown by his " Golden rule", a direct rewrite of Hillel.  For a full undetstanding read "Revolution in Judaea."

                    4. Where do you read "Jesus wrote"??

                      (My “he” refers to GG.)

                      Anyway, Matthew 23 . . .

                      PS. I’m glad you read books!

                    5. Obviously, Dio, the subject is too complicated for a blog post.  I know Hyam Maccoby's Revolution in Judaea" is in the Denver Public library.  Otherwise it is out of print, though I have a copy from Amazon.  If you believe in a historical Jesus who was not a god but a reforming rabbi, this book provides the single best portrait.

                      Why does Christian myth have Jesus born in Bethlehem?  To place him in the houseof David, where Jewish prophecy says the messiah will come from.

                      Otherwise, the Bethlehem story is silly.  The Romans kept very good records and there is no record of a special census near Jesus's birth.  And when they did do a census, they counted you where you lived, as we do.  

                      These are just a few of the many Pauline revisions of the historical truth to make Jesus into a god.

                      The real messiah was supposed to kick Roman butt and liberate Israel.  The Romans knew exactly what they were doing when they tried and killed Jesus as a rebel.

                      I know it is an investment in time.   But if you have any intetest in religious history, Maccoby is a game changer.

                    6. What the heck "V"! Banger starts with a reasoned observation. I contribute a reasoned response. You contribute a reasoned response. Then GG and Dio go full out KOOK. They may have had something worth while to say on the matter but the better KOOK got the best of them.

  4. This is an odd kind of projection by party Republicans.  They pledge loyalty to TABOR over the Constitution or their constituents and then when a situation comes up where under TABOR there needs to be an election to decide if the people want to fund infrastructure improvements, they sabotage the effort and blame it on Dems.  This could come back to bite them because Tim Neville, who was one of the key saboteurs, is up for election in 2018.  Tammy Story is his likely challenger and is in good shape to mount the kind of campaign that can unseat him.  Knock off nasty Neville and Dems take back the Senate.  He was such a dick to vote down the referendum and now Republicans are reminding everyone who screwed the pooch in their own blame everyone else way.

  5. This is a big issue for me because of how terrible the county maintained roads are to wilderness trailheads.  I just drove the Corona Pass road (Grand County road 80) by Winter Park and it was horrible.  Took me an hour and a half to go 14 miles.  It is an iconic transportation corridor going back to the late 1880's and it is a real sorrow to see how badly it has been maintained.  I lived in Grand County in the 1970's and it is shocking to see how badly it has deteriorated since then.  They don't even maintain the first mile off of Highway 40.  The same goes for Rollins Pass on the east side and the road to the Grays and Torreys trailhead in Clear Creek County.  Spend some money on these high mountain roads and it will be worth it.  Republicans who hate investing in infrastructure are terrible, nogoodniks who deserve to live in Alabama.

    1. I don't recall off hand who owns the Grays/Torreys road; county or USFS. It was graded a few years ago. Also went up to Summit Lake a few weeks ago for a quickie climb up Mt. Spalding, which was aborted by some gear problems. The last 1/4 mile of the state highway going to the Lake has 12-18" rolls in it; product of the annual freeze/thaw cycles.  

      1. I did Spalding this year.  Wanted to go all the way over to Evans but ran out of time.  Nice quick hit of a hike.

        The Mount Evans road is a joke with way too much traffic and crumbling pavement.  If I drove up it again, I'd go early or late.  The sheep, goats and marmot were definitely a treat.  You don't see sheep or goats in the James or Indian Peaks wildernesses.

      2. Like any good Republican climatologist civil engineer will tell you . . . 

        . . . freeze-thaw cycles are acts of God and have been occurring for millennia, there's nothing that man can do to improve the situation??!??

  6. Republican economics is about political propaganda, not economics – no science, remember? This is not odd at all, since the Party is in the pocket of Kleptocrats and the Libertarian religion. (Yeah, the racists and the evangelical taliban get a bunch of bones thrown their way, but otherwise the Republican Party would have no voters.) 

    Libertarianism inevitably devolves to Kleptocracy, just as economic power always gathers more power to itself. If you are rich, that's a feature, not a bug. Trump is just an avatar for billionaires to expand their cut of the pie.

    Notice that billionaire Libertarian Peter Thiel has been complaining that Trump is incompetent. Obviously, Trump is an idiot, but notice that Thiel didn't complain about Trump being wrong.

    What's the Trump Slogan: Malevolence mitigated by incompetence.

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