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April 04, 2006 08:00 AM UTC

Double-O Silly

  • by: Colorado Pols

We almost missed this little ditty from the Rocky Mountain News on Saturday. It’s hard to argue that the pictures weren’t being taken for opposition mailings, as Peter Blake indicates, and there’s nothing wrong with taking?pictures in a public place.?But you’d think that “photographer” Cameron Lynch might have at least tried to be inconspicuous. It’s hard not to notice the guy crouched on the floor peering through the railings.

During debate in the House chamber Thursday evening, someone seemed to be going to great pains not to be noticed while taking pictures of Democrats from the gallery.

News reporter Lynn Bartels went upstairs to explore. She found Cameron Lynch, legislative director of the Colorado Republican Party, crouched on the floor, shooting through the railing with a telephoto lens.

“They said someone was up her shooting pictures of Democrats,” she said. He replied, “I’m only taking pictures of Republicans.”

He offered to show her recent shots in the digital camera. There was in fact one of Bill Crane, R-Arvada, and another of David Balmer, R-Centennial.

But the other three shots that popped up were of Gwyn Green, D-Golden; Morgan Carroll, D-Aurora, and Debbie Benefield, D-Arvada. All occupy seats being targeted by Republicans this year.

Asked about the discrepancy, Lynch told Bartels, “I’m correcting myself.”

It’s not illegal to take pictures from the gallery. Look for the Democratic pictures to appear in negative brochures sometime this fall.

Lynch was unavailable for further comment Friday, but Hans Gullickson, executive director of the state GOP, deadpanned: “I don’t know if he was scrapbooking or doing it for campaigns.”


10 thoughts on “Double-O Silly

  1. I heard he took them because he needed some “hot” female legislators to finish off the GOP Calendar; titled “Only if the GOP had hot legislators like the Dems” section.

    Green is Miss April; Carroll is Miss June and Benefield is Miss December.

    The Calendar is suppose to go on sale to help finish paying the lease for the El Paso County GOP Headquarters, which the Colorado GOP is paying for.

  2. Is this the “We sat on our asses over the weekend and missed the story, but this seemed to be an easy time to take shots at the GOP” thread?

    Seems like it is.

  3. To Go Raiders:
    This is your usual drivel. Something you don’t like, take a shot at the messenger. This is very tiresome. Wake up, the guy was doing something really stupid, he lied, then told the truth….to a reporter.  The reporter was from a respected newspaper, the article ran in the newspaper. I usually read your comments because you have some articulate, on point and interesting things to say, until you go killing messengers.  C’mon, grow up a tad, and quit blaming the messenger when people do stupid things.  By the way, you’ve got NO problem railing about Democrats or Liberals when something is in the news, don’t be such a hypocrite, you’re better than that.

  4. Interesting mix of comments on my post: usual drivel, that you usually read because I provide some articulate, on point and interesting things to say.

    You know if this had been posted on Saturday, Sunday, or even as late as Monday, I might have given credibility to this thread, but come on, on Tuesday for freakin sakes?  That is just showing that the Pols were trolling old papers looking for something to create a thread on, and as usual the GOP was the target.

    No disagreement that the whole premise of the story that this Lynch guy is a no-talent clown.  We gotta get better clandestine operatives than this. Step number two in the secret agent handbook is “Avoid Reporters”, I believe.  Step number one of course is to avoid being noticed to begin with, but since he blew that, he should definately have followed step two.

    And I have to say, how stupid is the scrapbooking comment?

  5. This guy has been wandering around the Governor’s Office for years with nothing to show for himself, other than putting together the March Madness brackets each year.  This is the best the Republicans can do?  So we’ll be treated to fliers of D legislators asleep or picking their nose or something?  Cicero has left the building.

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