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August 05, 2017 08:34 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“We should keep in mind that it is easy to concoct stories explaining the past or to become confident about dubious scenarios of the future. We should view both explanations and prophecies with skepticism.”

–Leonard Mlodinow


78 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Simple test to see if you are a racist — Obama impersonator quoting verbatim Donald Trump:


    Honestly, Gerbils, Moldy, et al. You guys would be outraged, and yet when Trump says it, MEH is all you say.

    1. if anyone on the right had even 1 iota of conscience then this video would send them from the anti-social and sociopathic party they currently support. maybe they'd become those mythical independents whom the esteemed senator-for-life michael bennet and he could finally quit his unrequited quest for bipartisanship. 

      Michael Moore (yeah, get over it. He called Trump): "There have been studies showing that when Democrats try to sound like Republicans, locally especially – when they move to the middle or the right, they lose. When they actually run as Democrats, when they run on the liberal issues that the majority of Americans agree with them on, they win."

      One more, in the same paragraph. I split it our here so Jason can absorb it's meaning after he reads Cillizza this morning: "The only way we can win is to appeal to those Trump voters. Well, who have to win back is the 8 Million voters who voted for Barack Obama."

      Colorado Democrats need to get their heads out of their asses. They need to shake the fear of being called “librul” or “progressive” or “do-gooders” by their opponents. (Which they will always be called no matter if they propose we dissolve government and put KBR in charge of Free Market Implementation. ALWAYS. NO MATTER WHAT. They need to learn to defend and describe and explain what Democratic and Progressive values and policies are. Colorado Democrats need to quit being afraid to win and quit being so motherfucking comfortable in a “purple” state where they can’t get shit done. 

      1. I'm looking at you, Jason. At Alan F or whoever runs that lame-assed "Progress"-Now with their chrome extensions. At whoever is advising Jared Polis right this second to break out Democrats’ Unicorn-hunting, Independent-voter sniffing Electoral Divining Rod that inevitably leads to a well of poisoned voters.

          1. learned from the best……..sorry, I do acknowledge it and am not necessarily proud of it. although in my defense, I am urging the proprietors of this blog with the best of intents. 😉

          2. I'm not sure Zappy undercuts a valid point with gratuitous insults because I'm not sure he's ever had a valid point.  Maybe he should try Prozac?

  2. Thank you Davie!laugh

    That was great. 



    PS – I know there will be an official T-force stink warning later from V

    but remember always stay upwind, my friends.

  3. Jim Justice, elected as a Democrat as Governor of West Virginia, announced he was switching to the Republican party this week at President Trump's rally in West Virginia..

    Democrats now control just 15 governor offices out of 50. 

    Republicans now have control of both legislative chambers in 32 states (an all time high), Democrats just 13.

    Republicans control the Presidency and both chambers of the national legislature.

    Republicans have won all four of the  special elections held for vacant congressional seats (which the Dems attempted to make a referendum on the Trump administration).

    How's that "identity politics" strategy working out for you Dems? 



      1. Justice obviously knows where the graft and corruption is and wants his piece of that pie before the Party crumbles (disaster capitalism, I guess)…..and…it is hard to see where the Democrats are going….

        1. Nah,

          Dems have embraced losing.

          Abortion getting less popular?  Prohibit candidates who oppose abortion.

          Illegal immigration less popular?  Support open borders.

          Have a problem relating to the working middle class?  Let's talk about them Russians because that's what they really care about.

          Eight straight years of going backwards?  Keep the 80 year olds team in place and call it change.

          Losing. It's what Dems do.

          1. Your only valid point here, Andrew; which is inferred; is that Nancy Pelosi needs to step down as minority leader. And Steny Hoyer should not move up.

            Dems need fresh blood in their leadership. Nothing wrong with older people in leadership. But the dark PACs from the far right hung Pelosi around the Dem congressional candidate in Georgia like a giant millstone. The race was winnable for the Dem, but not with Pelosi "opposing him." 

          2. I see you're back from your rest after all that heavy lifting repealing Obamacare.

            When do you think Mueller's grand jury indictments are going to start coming down?

          3. Plus, they obstructed Trump from denying health care to millions of people who voted for him.

            And let's not even get into the murder of Seth Rich…

    1. I would cut out the holier the thou crap……

      Both sides play identity politics. Dems appeal to people of different backgrounds.

      Trumpkins pander to bitter angry str8 white men who have limited education and skills and fear the future.

      As for how it's working out, the Democratic candidate received 3 million more votes than Drumpf.


      You can have Jim Justice as long as we have Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and John McCain on issues of importance.

    2. Trump losing support among white voters. (Per Q poll, Down 17 points from Feb to today among white voters without a college degree).

      Hence, a last ditch effort to rile up the racists in his base with this "slash legal immigration in half" nonsense. It's just another Trump proposal that will never become law, but will generate hatred  resentment, more deportations, and racial violence. So to answer allyn cooper's question – we "libs" don't necessarily think you're a racist – but your commander in chief is betting on it.

      Ironically, this will also hurt the country's economy, since immigrants provide more value in sales taxes, undistributed social security monies, and payroll taxes than they take receive.

      Joy Reid's panel discusses it here:

      1. Q poll doesn't count all that much. The best poll for measuring Republican views is Rasmussen. Last R poll I saw also showed Trump declining, in general.

      1. Now that Justice has officially switched over to the same party as Trump, it’s unclear if Republicans, who had previously criticized him for his financial dealings, will be as eager to do so. After all, most GOP leaders in Washington have repeatedly turned a blind eye to Trump’s transgressions.

        In any event, it’s no surprise that both men thought it was necessary to join teams at a time when each of them is under fire.

        Unpaid taxes? Sketchy financial dealings? Ties to Russian companies? It’s a match made in heaven.

        Yep, even (especially?) Gerbils would understand the appeal the GOP has for anyone doing shady business deals with the Russians.  Trump probably told him how great the terms are that Putin gave him!

  4. Helpful advice for Trump — don't stand on the sidewalk close to a busy street, especially if Pence or a large group of GOP politicians are standing behind you devil

    President Trump’s first term is ostensibly just warming up, but luminaries in his own party have begun what amounts to a shadow campaign for 2020 — as if the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue weren’t involved.

    But in interviews with more than 75 Republicans at every level of the party, elected officials, donors and strategists expressed widespread uncertainty about whether Mr. Trump would be on the ballot in 2020 and little doubt that others in the party are engaged in barely veiled contingency planning.

    “They see weakness in this president,” said Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona. “Look, it’s not a nice business we’re in.”

    “If the Republicans have lost a lot of seats in the Congress and they blame Trump for it, then there are going to be people who emerge who are political opportunists,” Mr. Bergman said.

    Mr. Pence has been the pacesetter. Though it is customary for vice presidents to keep a full political calendar, he has gone a step further, creating an independent power base

    1. I wonder if our trolls – Passionate Prune, Moldy, and Allyncooper (who has the same initials as Andrew Carnegie and sounds a lot like him) – will be sticking with their leader or going with someone else.

      1. Wonder no more little one. Trump will be President for the next 7 1/2 years. There is more substance in Trump than any Gang of 8 Republicans.

        1. I concede the fart-joke-in-chief will stay another 41 months because pence is such a scary alternative.  But there is no way mr 33 pct and falling gets re-elected.  Trump will cost the GOP the House in 2018 and the one-term stumblebum will carry the senate to defeat in 2020.  The worst president ever will be only a bad memory in 2021.

          1. Republicans worst enemy is they wish they could be moderate Democrats. But there is no such political creature anymore. Republican losses will be because they did not support Trump, not because they did. Take for example CD6 Congressman Mike Coffman. Mike has never liked Trump not before and not after. If the Democrats close the margin in the House and vote to impeach Trump, Mike and plenty of "deep state" republicans will jump in to vote with them.

            1. Funny you should mention that, Pitiful Pair.  Looks like there are a significant number of Colorado Republicans afraid that a Non-Right Wing Nut Job could get nominated if independents are allowed to vote in the GOP primary next year.

              The Colorado Republican Party is considering whether to cancel the June 2018 primary elections for Congress, the governor’s office and other offices, and instead nominate candidates through an existing caucus process dominated by insiders.

              Ben Nicholas, a central committee member from Adams County, argues that the caucus system is the only way to “select a candidate who will adhere to the party platform and our conservative principles.”

              “I just think it’s going to be destructive to the party,” Nicholas said in an interview, referring to the open-primary system.

              He began circulating a petition Thursday to demand a vote to opt out of the primary election. In the email, he likened allowing unaffiliated voters to cast ballots in the GOP primary to “allowing the New England Patriot fans to have a say in who the Broncos starting quarterback should be.”

              He rejects the argument that the move would repulse voters, reiterating that “we open our doors to anybody who wishes to join the Republican Party.”

              I'll bet Moldy and you heartily agree, right?

              Gerbils will say whatever he's paid to say…

              1. Hell, I think they should just let Moderatus single-handedly select their entire ticket.

                Remember Governor Gessler, Senator Keyser and President Rubio?

              2. Not exactly sure on this. There are two paths to get on the ballot. The petition process where the candidate goes out and gets signatures, (remember what-his-name??), or go through the Assembly proces, (remember what-his-name??). At Assembly a candidate must get 30% or greater, there can be only two names emerge after a second  balloting. In other words, three candidates getting 30% each will face a second ballot,  the two highest vote totals get on the primary ballot. Primary voting is a different subject, they can't cancel a primary vote. The can cancel the method to get ballot access.




                1. The issue isn't whether candidates petition on or go caucus/assembly route.

                  Some members of the Grand Old Party do not want to allow unaffiliates to vote in their primaries because – how can I put this – many unaffiliated voters do not froth at the mouth or  bark at the moon like your average contemporary GOP voter.

                  They don't want to dilute the potency of your vile and racist message by allowing Republican-lite or indie voters to select your candidates.

      2. I think AC and allyncooper are different people. If you look at this 11/12/16 thread you can see that they have different writing styles and points of view. Allyncooper feels a tad guilty about his Trump vote, and seeks to blame Democrats  for his crappy choice, whereas Andrew Carnegie is a much more traditional Republican "values voter" who is also more adept at trolling and chain-jerking generally.

        They do all share the same tactics of divert, distract, divide, demoralize; but I think those must be taught in Trolling101.

        1. Allyncooper in one post showed significant knowledge of Arvada politics.  Carnholio only writes what his neo-nazi paymasters order him to write.  They are different in another way as well: Carnholio has no integrity and no sense of personal honor.  He is unique in bringing no value whatever to this board.

        2. Wrong again MJ, we are all one. Maybe if you and your friends were not bouncing from wall to wall on why Trump is bad, you would be more effective. Come up with a mission statement that can unite your fans and stomp the trolls into the ground.

          I oppose Trump because, he does not support illegal immigration.

          I oppose Trump becasue, he supports Christians.

          I oppose Trump because, he is mean to countries who support terrorist.

          I oppose Trump because, he wants jobs for coal miners.

          I oppose Trump because, he wont agree to climate change penalties.

          I oppose Trump because, his wife is beautiful and his children are smart.

          I oppose Trump because, he is rich and we are not.

          I oppose Trump because, it should have been Bernie.

          I oppose Trump because, it should have been Hillary.

          I oppose Trump because, it is easier to bitch than come up with solutions.

          Get behind a mission statement and do the community organizing. For a few dollars each, I’m sure you can get thousands to march downtown in support of "whatever".

          1. Great to hear that you oppose Trump for all those reasons. Some of your reasons are a bit weird, but to each his own. The rest of your post is complete gibberish.

            I’m off to church, so yall enjoy yourselves or whatever.


              On Pfruits:

              However you slice a pear . . . 

              In the end, white resentment is so myopic and selfish that it cannot see that when the larger nation is thriving, whites are, too. Instead, it favors policies and politicians that may make America white again, but also hobbled and weakened, a nation that has squandered its greatest assets — its people and its democracy.

              The Policies of White Resentment

              . . . it's all white on the inside (even, and especially, those tired, old shriveled ones).

              The guiding principle in Mr. Trump’s government is to turn the politics of white resentment into the policies of white rage — that calculated mechanism of executive orders, laws and agency directives that undermines and punishes minority achievement and aspiration. No wonder that, even while his White House sinks deeper into chaos, scandal and legislative mismanagement, Mr. Trump’s approval rating among whites (and only whites) has remained unnaturally high. Washington may obsess over Obamacare repeal, Russian sanctions and the debt ceiling, but Mr. Trump’s base sees something different — and, to them, inspiring.

              1. I''m sure the Pols will afirm your brand of racism. It's cool, it's hip and of course anti. It's what make the Democratic Party sooooo attractive. But make no mistake, it is racist.

                This whole issue of race could be solved if we adopt the vehicle use by the trans movement. Don't like your color and want the privileges of some other color, just think of yourself as that color. Problem solved. It worked for Liz Warren, she wanted the benifits of being Native American so she thought of herself as Native American and got preferential job treatment. Or like Rachel Dolezal, as a white woman she wanted a position with the NAACP. Bam, all she had to do was think of herself as black. So if you are put out that you are not getting the preference you are entitled too, then just think it through and you too can be on your way to a great new future with the race or ethnicity of your choice.

                Good luck.

                1. Nice try, Prune, but no cigar for you. You bring up just two examples. Really? I don't know much about the Warren situation, but she genuinely seemed to think she was part Native American. Maybe she finally took one of those DNA tests available through Ancestry dot com.

                  Trump, on the other hand, has always appealed to the dark side of the far right and never repudiated endorsements from that place. You can enlighten yourself by some careful research through Google. But I doubt you will want to; why would a fake news lover be concerned with facts?

                  1. It's good to know that "genuinely" is your litmus test. Intelectually if a trans gender person can "genuinely" think of then selves as a different sex. Why can't a person "genuinely" think of themselves with a different race or ethnicity? 

                    Maybe Carlos Danger "genuinely" thought it was ok to sext with an under age teen. Maybe Bernie Madoff though he "genuinely" was entitled to his envestors funds.

                    So in a Banger world all you need is to be "genuine". You should contact the Democrats with a new slogan, "Democratic Party, Genuinely Socialist".

                    1. Like I've already said, the Prune is a master projectionist. He can take simple statements from anyone and twist them around to apply to any and all situations. What, pray tell, does Bernie Madoff have to do with anything relevant in 2017? 

                      Maybe you'll like this one, since I'm still a card carrying RAT (Republican Against Trump).  Donald Trump voters: genuinely stupid and now many having buyer's remorse. 

                  1. I hadn't known about this painting by NR. I always liked his work, for the pure characterization, humor, and technical mastery

                    In the 1960s, “Mississippi Murder”, and “The Problem We all Live With”, took courage to paint and promote.

                    There was this one, too: The Golden Rule, made sometime in the 50s or 60s.  To the dismay of Trumpists everywhere, it does not mean, "He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules."

                2. " . . . the 'benefits' of being [a minority in America] . . . "

                  Wow, pfruit, I guess I was completely wrong about your simple-minded, old-guy, white resentment?!?  I'm so sorry.

                  .  . . Just another rock-ribbed, full-on, sheet-head, then??? 

                    1. Returning the United States to the 1950's for another couple of decades in order to provide the worst portion of a passing generation with a bit of nostalgic comfort is not a "solution" to anything . . . 

                3. Boy, are you stupid, Pear. Do you honestly think transpeople just wake up one morning and think, "I've decided I was born the wrong sex. I guess I'll see how the other half lives." The process of transition is arduous, incredibly expensive, and turns the person's life upside-down and wrong-side out. Most lose friends, spouses, jobs, quite often their family, and not infrequently their lives. It isn't done lightly and for you to be so flip about it, or to insinuate it is done to gain some advantage as a minority just show how completely ill-informed and arrogant you are in your straight, white male privilege. Stick to what you know, and stop making a fool of yourself to prove a ridiculous point. 

                  1. yes

                    I wonder how many transgendered people Passionate Prune actually knows. I'm guessing none because he would say anything that foolish if he did.

                  2. Cook,

                    I'm sure you are correct, long, arduous, expensive, emotionally and socially challenging. If it is possible to transition from one sex to another, why would it not be possible to transition from one race to another?

                    1. To be fair, PP may have a point.  Carnholio, after all, suessfully transitioned from human to reptile.

                    2. Pear, you're only asking for a friend, right? wink

                      Usually, the process of "passing" for white has  also been difficult, expensive, painful, and dangerous for people of color.

                      African Americans used to immerse themselves in baths of bleach or lye to lighten their skin, often burning themselves badly in the process, and ending up with an "alien"  look.  This is still popular in many places in the world today, as people understand that white skin is valued, and dark skin is judged negatively.

                      Anyone with "relaxed" hair knows its a painful, expensive, and dangerous process.It takes hours, a hot comb, and very powerful and hazardous chemicals to make nappy natural hair look like "white " hair.

                      Nowadays, fashion trends have changed, and a tan and full lips are marketed to palefaces to make them look more "ethnic". Price paid for beauty, I suppose.

                      But if you look at the world as a whole, people are suffering and sacrificing to try to buy themselves a little of the white privilege you ignore.

                    3. Say the magic word and the Duck comes down and win $50. Your are probably too young to remember the Groucho Marx show. But you did say the magic word but there will be no $50 for you. The magic word is "white privilege". 

                      White privilege is another call to hate. Just as the Germans were convinced to hate the Jews, The Turks were convinced to hate the Armenians, the settlers convinced to hate the Indians, Muslim convinced to hate everyone, Bosnians convinced to hate Serbs. And on and on.

                      It is the goal of the radical left extremist and a corrupt academic establishment  to convince a segment of the population there is a target for their disgust, disillusionment, unhappiness, their plight and of course it is "white privileged". It's a catchy phrase that cool to say and post, when in fact it is just as racist as any group who seeks to use the masses to advance a political agenda.

                      You may think this is just a form of social justice. It is true evil which will not be unwound when the next phrase targets you or you loved ones. Of course it is not possible for the left to wish success for everyone, their constituency must be motivated by animus.

                    4. I thought it was "secret word" not "magic word.". In any event, " white privileges" isn't a word, it's two works.  Further proof that Republicans can't count, which is why we have a twenty trillion dollar debt.crying

          1. There is the designated hitter, designated driver, MJ is the designated busy body. Move into her neighborhood and she will know about you than the NSA. She has experts, she has investigators, she even has a SME.

            1. I investigate; I don't "have an investigator". My tools are those available to anyone with a mediocre computer and internet connection.  If I think a crime or fraud might have been committed, if I think something needs to be passed on to someone with expertise in the field, I do that. Then I let it go. You, apparently, can't manage the same.

              Hope that grudge you're sucking on is tasty.

              1. I thought fundamentalist Christians were the real busy-bodies in our society, with their desire to control citizens' personal and private lives. 

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