Buck: Russia-Trump collusion investigation has “no substance”

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Rep. Ken Buck (R).

The last time U.S. Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) compared the Russia investigation with the conspiracy around Obama’s birth certificate, Buck left open the possibility that evidence of Trump colluding with Russia may still emerge.

Buck stated in May that he hoped Trump would be cleared, adding: “I also think that politically, people are going to be raising this issue just like people raised the birth certificate or other issues on President Obama that I didn’t think were credible but that some people did. And they kept gnawing at it.”

Buck’s comment led Colorado Politics’ Dan Njegomir to offer this interpretation:

Njegomir: What Buck also seemed to be saying is that the Russia allegations — whether they ultimately prove true, are somehow debunked or remain inconclusive — have assumed a life of their own. They have become a mantra of the left much as the former president’s country of origin assumed mythic proportion for the birthers on the right.

In his latest comment on the topic, on KVOR on Saturday, Buck completely dismissed the Russia investigation, making Njegomir’s charitable interpretation hard to defend.

Buck said the investigation has “no substance” and “diverts attention from the real issues that we need to address.”

Here you go:

HOST JEFF CRANK: Let me ask — on the Russia issue — you alluded to it. I’ve talked about it here. I think it is just the grand diversion of the left. And when I say the left, it’s the Democrats and it’s the media who doesn’t like Donald Trump. There’s not been a shred of evidence that there is collusion. But we’re talking about Russia constantly. Your thoughts on that?

U.S. REP. KEN BUCK: Well, I think that’s right. I was a prosecutor–as you know, Jeff – for 25 years. And I go to the town hall meetings and people keep on bringing up Russia. To me it is the equivalent of the far right conspiracy theory about Pres. Obama’s birth certificate. I think it has no substance. I think it diverts attention from the real issues that we need to address. And we are going to regret in 10-15 years — when we go off the fiscal cliff, when we can’t afford to do the things they we’re doing right now, when we can’t borrow money to keep our government going in this artificial way – we’re going to regret the fact that we didn’t spend time and focus as a country on the important issues and problems that we have.

Listen here:

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  1. JohnInDenver says:

    If Buck is so certain there is nothing there, is he worried about the US Intelligence community's judgment? How will he work to improve their ability to come to better conclusions?

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    Nothing to see folks.  TwoScoops is off the hook according to the prosecutor in BuckWorld, . . . 

    . . . apparently Vladimir Putin experienced buyer's remorse???

  3. mamajama55 says:

    First of all, Buck does not "go to town hall meetings". He went to one invitation-only meeting with a small group of  Indivisible Colorado constituents in the Springs in February. They talked about health care. He met with a small group in Firestone in March.

    Then he actually showed up at a "with or without you" town hall in Longmont on April 15, 2017.

    Secondly, Russia has not specifically come up at these live town halls. It may come up on the telephone town halls. Health care and repealing the ACA were on the agendas. He talked a little bit about domestic terrorism at the Longmont town hall. The only time he came close to talking about collusion and Russia was at about 28:00 minutes in to this video, when asked by Bob Seay at what point Congress would step in to stand up to Trump. Buck responded, "If I believe that he (Trump) has committed a high crime or misdemeanor, then I will act."

    My own notes from Buck's February 2017 telephone town hall show no questions were asked about Russian collusion. He famously refused to answer a constituent's question about what he would do about white supremacy and domestic terrorism.

    Perhaps Buck is referencing the softball questions Erika Haas from Townhall.com threw to him on his book promotion tour. Not a thing about Russia here. Buck mostly talked about his book, and  the "Freedom Caucus" dream of having a convention of states to rewrite the Constitution. Also shrinking the Federal government, having a balanced budget, eliminating Federal funding for education, and that there is no need for spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure.

    So when Buck says that people “keep bringing up Russia” at these town halls, he is flat out lying. He does very few town halls, and Russia hasn’t been discussed at all.

  4. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    The comparison of "Russia Gate" with the hysteria over Obama's birth certificate is silly and misplaced. Bill O'Reilly debunked the whole "birther" controversy on his Fox News show back in 2009. But no one with any credibility has debunked the Russia issue. If Buck thinks there is no substance, prove it.

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