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July 22, 2017 12:16 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“The oblique paradox of propaganda is that the lie in the throat becomes, by repetition, the truth in the heart.”

–John Grierson


61 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

    1. DP.

      I thought that piece of video was a representation of the Dem party.

      Here is a picture of your leader after your party fails to raise any money, goes further in debt, and come up with a lame Taco Johns slogan.

      Obama seems to be doing a swell job, pushing Perez as the party chairman, just like he did building the party when he was President.  

      How is the fundraising going?

      April 2017 was its worst month since 2009.

      May  2017 was its worst month since 2003.

      In June they ended the month with less than $7.5 million cash on hand and the total  debt increased from $1.9 million in May to $3.3 million in June.


      1. Oh, you're back….

        I didn't think you had the balls to show your face after health care reform Plans A, B, and C fizzled out. I figured you'd be too tired of all your winning to post anything here.

      2. I guess we'll just have to try to imagine a picture of you knowing what the fuck you're talking about, or getting anything right? . . . 


        . . . 



        . . . sorry, can't be done.

        1. I'd volunteer to give him instructions, but that would just destroy any incentive he has left to find the answer for himself, and encourage him to be hopelessly dependent on others . . .

          . . . maybe we could help him out a little bit, though — by taking away any healthcare coverage he has??

          1. Like the Republican way to help the guy who is 100 feet off shore drowning…..

            Throw him a 50-foot rope and let him figure out how to swim the remaining 50 feet to build character and self-reliance.

          1. G-newt espousing Trumpism at a "values" conference sponsored by Colorado Christian University ("All to advance faith, family, and freedom for our future."), fka The Western Consevative Values Summit — all values now having been lost, forgotten, and conveniently tossed aside?? . . . 

            . . . only in today's GOP is such blatant hypocrisy not only tolerated, but de rigeur (. . . as is the wearing of the coveted golden halo).

            1. Ahh, Republican Values voters.  Electing a sexual predator who bragged about sexually assaulting women. A man who burst into the dressing rooms of teenagers while they were changing for inspections. A man who thins his daughter is hot! Did I mention that Trump is close friends with a convicted child molester? I don't about your faith or values, but mine are very clear that rape and sexual assault are not ok!

              1. But take comfort that Moldy is 100% with Trump.  Today's GOP has come along way with their Big Tent.  Right wing fundamentalists have welcomed hypocrites and perverts for decades, and the GOP couldn't be happier to have their support!

              2. It's OK if you're a #ProsperityJesus disciple.  Drumpfs (now dead) bff explains how you can magically turn small crowds into bigly ones in your own mind!  It's the Power of Positive Thinking! 

                "Any fact facing us, however difficult, even seemingly hopeless, is not so important as our attitude toward that fact," Peale wrote. "A confident and optimistic thought pattern can modify or overcome the fact altogether."

                1. "divinely order capitalist system"……

                  That sounds like the Preamble to the Ferenghi Rules of Acquisition. Right up there with "Greed is eternal."

    1. Dawn Patrol, I really hate that clown. It might just be the gif animation of it.  I get the message, but please don't use it again.

      As I recall, Rick Scott the flim-flam man has more of a physical resemblance to this guy:

    1. Wow…no wonder Spicey was pissed. The entire Trump cabinet, plus all the interns and the friendly media, got to visit Papa Frank….but he didn't.

  1. A Category 5 Trumpstink storm is raging in the East Coast.  Sean Spicer's hazmat suit did not protect him and he has been hospitalized with a stab in the back.   Our thoughts and prayers are with Melissa McCarthy at this time.

    If ye sow Trumpstink, then Trumpstink ye shall reap.   But it is still a terrible fate, no matter how deserved.

    Stay upwind my friends.

  2. Interesting quote this morning.  My reflection was how insidious it was of the Republican Party to brand the Affordable Care Act as Obamacare.  Imagine the mindset of Americans if over the last eight years Republicans would have used Affordable Care Act to describe this market based solution to healthcare.  When the first word is Obama, you have totally disconnected the construct from the discussion for those who can't see past their racism.  It was a brilliant marketing slogan with an evil intent.  Now Republicans can't work on improving our healthcare through existing structures because in their heart it will always be 'Obamacare'.  A lot of people will end up as premature deaths because of something that has been accepted as truth in the heart.

    1. That's a pretty entertaining video. I think someone should make a gif of Brauchler doing his little jig. No dancing for Cory, though.

      So the Republican party is the party of fast cars and dancing about denying climate change, unlimited guns, and cutting health care for millions.

      I wonder if the Centennial Institute bothered to pay a royalty fee to Justin Timberlake for his song, "Don't Stop the Feeling". They are the party of free enterprise and capitalism, right?

      Others who have used Timberlake’s songs without permission in youtube videos have had to take their videos down. It would sure be a shame if that happened to the Colorado Republican party.!msg/youtube/JV2e0rBVgm0/FyNwTE7MCAAJ

        1. Whereas cruising around in a sports car* worth more than the combined incomes of a two earner family on minimum wage needing the ACA for health  insurance – that is a perfectly fine statement about Cory's relative importance in the food chain.

          *You car people would have to tell me what the fancy sports cars in the video are – all I can tell is that they look expensive.

    2. And while disco-GOP is doing their bullet-headed best to untangle and prepare J.Paul and Crowder for their next, definitely not-homosexual-not-really-dancing, Backboner turn to Billy Idol's Dancing with Myself . . . 

      Meanwhile back at the ranch:  intelligence intercepts catch more of the recused elfen Session’s sessions conversation sessions with Boris, TwoScoops is on another jittery propecia-fueled weekend tweetin' frenzy binge, Jared just remembers another 75 contacts with Natasha (whom he never met with), Ivanka reports more income from the businesses she definitely quit being involved with in just six months than several third-world countries, the new Drumpfenhandpicked temporary Ethics Czar (to avoid any hearings) delays the latest Jared deMonteChristo chronicles til the 7:00 pm Friday trash dump, ANDREW Carnegie is still trying to find the instruction booklet for his crayon, Cory visits a State he's heard of–but can't recall having seen before, in sports the score after three halves of play is something like CBO: 3, GOP: <57,000,000>, and in the dictionary next to "Pencilnecked geek" their Backboner mayor's picture has been permanently enshrined . . .  

      . . . dance, dance, dance GOPentrotters, you're living the Backboner dream!


      (I did, however, kind of enjoy that quick bit where père Neville pulls off his head to reveal a horse’s ass underneath!)

      (PS to Michael — that's now officially the worst music video that's ever appeared on a Weekend Pols thread, surpassing any and every one of those SlavicEurotrashPorn offerings from way back.)

      1. Thanks Diogenesdemar for the synopsis of the latest on the soap 'How the Trump Dumps'.  Not doubt this weeks episodes will be as riveting with lying, deceit, revelations and jokes on the American people.  It's the kind of made for TV entertainment/train wreck that you can't avert your eyes from.

          1. Then there will be the special edition of  "Pardon my relatives".  That ought to be some hilarious hijinks chocked full of comic dialogue justifying the need because something something never happened.

    3. Fascinating to see who is included — Colfax version of Kremlin-ology.

      Elected officials:

        – Gardner & Buck in; Tipton, Lamborn & M. Coffman not.

        – Stapleton in; C. Coffman & Wayne Williams not

      Gov. candidates:

         – Stapleton & Brauchler in; Mitchell & Robinson not.

      Maybe it was just a matter of scheduling.

      1. Pols, it's gif gold.
        It does look as if Centennial Institute paid a standard Youtube license for using the movie “Trolls” version of the Timberlake hit.

        Yup, “trolls”. I kid thee not.

      2. It is watermelon season – if they'd wanted to be creative they could have gone this route and then made accommodations for a Keynote where we could learn about the conservative virtues of (failed attempts) at impeaching lesbian-friendly judges, being the lone voice of Darfur divestiture, railing about Ritter and Obama being half-brothers and (lying) about the negative effects of SB-252 on our economy?                              

          1. "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus"   starring "The Clone of Dr. Funkadelic."     (which is actually an old song by George Clinton & Parliament)

            Parnassus: any relation to the Colorado 13er off exit 218 on I-70?

  3. To quote our very own G-string:  "OOPS"

    From Ken Starr's mouth to the grand jury's ear

    'The 56-page memo, locked in the National Archives for nearly two decades and obtained by The New York Times under the Freedom of Information Act, amounts to the most thorough government-commissioned analysis rejecting a generally held view that presidents are immune from prosecution while in office.
    “It is proper, constitutional, and legal for a federal grand jury to indict a sitting president for serious criminal acts that are not part of, and are contrary to, the president’s official duties,” the Starr office memo concludes. “In this country, no one, even President Clinton, is above the law.”'

  4. Steve House serves up some ice-cold revenge for the NRSC. Take that, smilin' Cory!

    Being out of the chairmanship hasn't helped House's logical skills any – his take, after seeing his new grandson born with $10,000 medical bills, is to rail that the ACA isn't working, and demand that the NRSC replace it with….nothing?

    1. (Moderatus could probably explain this better, but he's apparently all tied up at his bootstrap-licking stand down at the convention center, so here goes):

      1.  Yes, nothing is definitely an improvement, here's why:

      2.  No Obamacare . . .

      F.  Then, no insurance . . . 

      IVI.  No insurance . . . 

      Q.  Then, no hospital admission . . . 

      2.  No hospital admission . . . 

      6.  Then, no hospital bill . . . 

      E – 9.  No hospital bill . . . 

      2.  Then, this one young couple will save approximately $100,004.37 on their taxes next year (assuming they're in one of those qualifying income tax brackets that Republicans actually give a shit about . . . and if not, who cares? — that's their own damn fault!)

    1. Not only would Putin give him an "underperforms" job rating, he might call in some of the outstanding loans, just to make sure Trump gets the message to do what he's told, or else.

  5. the price of bigotry……..$224,000 in Kentucky

    Oh, and a note about the “activist” judge who entered this. David Bunning is Republican appointee whose father, Jim Bunning, was a former major league baseball player and conservative member of the U.S. Senate. He was Rand Paul’s predecessor.

  6. It looks like our troll boys have flown the coop. I am surprised they aren't here telling us non-stop how great America is now. Trump is winning…right?

    Right, boys?….Boys?

  7. I also want to point out that Senator McCain ( best wishes to him ) will receive the best medical care available.. good for him. Why not everybody? Access to top flight health care should not be reserved for the well off.

    We betray the very notion of America when we leave out the weakest, poorest, and hungriest of Gods' children… so that United Health Care, and the like, can continue to make their 35% profit margin. 

    The only way to break the stranglehold on the health care system by the companies that keep costs so high, is to create an affordable public option to buy into Medicare. If the Republicans have their way, millions of people will suffer and thousands of poor people will die unnecessarily. The Lords of the Greedy Old Party have turned their heads away and think they can deny the truth.

    There is no way to deny the outcome, so there is no way to deny the intent.  

    1. Would McCain's cancer treatment be covered under Trumpcare? Not very well. His cancer is a pre-existing condition, so if covered at all, his out of pocket costs could be $75,000 or more.  The exam which found the melanoma was part of a preventative exam, which would no longer be included as an essential health benefit in the BCRA.

      The exemption for Congress members to keep the good stuff from the ACA – coverage of pre-existing conditions, lifetime caps, listed essential health benefits -while denying these to the rest of the country, is still contained in the Senate's BCRA, which Gardner is still insisting is a "discussion draft" that he should under no circumstances be held accountable for.

      The House, when exposed by the Librul Medja, took the exemption for Congress out of their AHCA plan, then quietly slipped it back in when the spotlight was off. and Move On have petitions to require Congress to live with the consequences of Trumpcare for themselves, their families, and their staff.

      1. I'm pretty sure it has a specific exclusion for men who were only war heroes because they were captured.  This is painful to watch (again).  Yes, Newt – let's all line up win behind this man who can't even remember which foot had the spur that kept him from being drafted.  

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