Cory Gardner – Please Hold Town Hall Meetings – No More Excuses

The repeal of Obamacare came to a screeching halt this evening as two more Republican senators announced their opposition to the bill pending in the U.S. Senate. One of them said the senate should start over, hold committee hearings, and receive input from all sides. An eminently rational position.

While we can’t count our chickens until they hatch since President Trump and some Republican senators are trying to “save the day” by calling for a bill that simply repeals Obamacare, one thing is very clear – Cory Gardner has more than enough time to come home during the August recess and meet with us in open town hall meetings. There is no longer an excuse to avoid us, ignore us, or characterize us as troublemakers or anything else.

Twenty percent of our economy is directly affected by federal healthcare policy. The Republicans campaigned for seven years on a slogan without a program. Obamacare now has the support of 50% of the electorate with less than half that number that want the ACA repealed.

The public (voters) want a health care system that provides care at a reasonable price. It is time Republicans stop demonizing Obamacare, forget about the misrepresentation that the Obamacare markets are collapsing (they aren’t), and stop the nonsense that premiums are increasing when Republicans voted to withdraw funding that stabilized the markets but above all it is time for people like Cory Gardner to listen to his constituents.

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  1. mamajama55 says:

    You're right, R36. Gardner should just face his constituents and give them a consistent message, even if it's a bunch of glibberish. (I'm proud of that word, but I hereby allow anyone else to use it, especially if it's regarding Cory Gardner).

    Colorado voters are not just mad because Gardner would have voted to give them worse health care for more money – now they’re mad because he won’t frigging talk with them. He’s no longer that nice boy from Yuma who smiles a lot. He’s the rep who won’t meet with his own people.

    I don't see a win for Gardner if Trump's plan to repeal and then not replace somehow makes it through both houses of Congress into law.

    They'd only be appeasing their most rabid supporters that want to see the ACA repealed, and those diehards have never been more than 35% of even just GOP voters.  So make 35% (and his insurance corporate donors) happy, and 65% of his constituents unhappy.

    Even if he has a lobbyist gig or a cabinet position lined up and ready to go, that's not a good jumping-off point.

    • Republican 36 says:

      Thanks MJ55. And with Senator McConnell's announcement that he wants a straight-up vote on a simple repeal without a replacement for Obamacare, its even more important that Senator Gardner listens to his constituents. Do Coloradans want a repeal without a replacement? Gardner has said and promised there will be a replacement. McConnell's announcement completely changes the healthcare equation. If Gardner votes for simple repeal, he is breaking his promise that a replacement will be included. Changing his commitment isn't something he should do without consulting the voters of Colorado.

      Mr. Gardner needs to ask us how we feel about throwing 33 million people under the bus by eliminating their health insurance (the CBO estimate the last time the GOP passed a simple repeal – could be more today). 

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