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June 30, 2017 02:34 PM UTC

Denver Post on Gardner, Office Arrests: "We Are Ashamed"

  • by: Colorado Pols
Sen. Cory Gardner (R).

One of the recurring themes we’ve come back to since Sen. Cory Gardner’s narrow election victory in 2014 has been an odd deference to Gardner from the nominally liberal Denver Post editorial board–the same editorial board who endorsed Gardner that year, pointedly blowing off concerns about Gardner’s well-documented dishonesty about abortion rights despite the paper’s own pro-choice editorial stance. More recently, the Post editorial board has incongruously defended Gardner on a host of issues in opposition to their own alleged position, including regarding the Republican legislative drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Until today–it appears that Sen. Gardner’s decision to have a group of disability rights protesters forcibly removed from his downtown Denver offices may have finally cost him one of his most unflappable cheerleaders. From an editorial published moments ago:

U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner should have left protesters in his office Thursday until he got into town that night — regardless of the time his airplane’s wheels touched down — and met with them to discuss their fears that Republican cuts to Medicaid would also cut off life-supporting services.

Instead, the first-term Republican’s staff had the disabled protesters arrested and physically removed from his downtown Denver office Thursday night as he was headed into town for the congressional break.

The arrests were hard to watch.

We are ashamed. [Pols emphasis] This is a man who we have stood up for when he didn’t hold town hall meetings. We’ve given him the benefit of the doubt that he would fight for a better version of the Republican repeal of Obamacare, using his vote as leverage for a more moderate bill.

The Post makes a point not to condone the actions of the protesters, though they express sympathy with their reasons for taking action. But it’s remarkable how the Post is admitting in this editorial that they’ve carried water for Gardner–certainly not to the full extent we’ve witnessed, yet substantially more contrition in this regard than we would have ever expected. That indicates to us that their disappointment with Gardner is genuine–and that, at long last, Gardner’s indefatigable shine may be coming off.

The resentment of the Post on the left following their endorsement of Gardner in 2014 has proven much more lasting and damaging to the paper’s reputation than we would have predicted at the time: a rude shock to Democrats that shook their trust in the state’s newspaper of record at a fundamental level, and got worse as Gardner’s votes in the U.S. Senate bore out the left’s fears. Walking their years of deference to Gardner back won’t be easy, but we may well look back on today as the moment it finally started to happen.


52 thoughts on “Denver Post on Gardner, Office Arrests: “We Are Ashamed”

  1. It's the left who should be ashamed! ProgressNow put those poor disabled people in harm's way. The left lies to these people, tell them that Republicans want them to die. I don't blame these poor people, I blame the propagandists who agitate them for their own political agenda. Gardner could not allow this to go on forever, everyone knows that. My understanding is they were starting to stink up the whole floor.

    Enough of the division and hate and sometimes violence!!! Work with the majority to make progress. That's the only way to do anything, Democrats.

    1. Moldy.  You pretend to care about these people and then insult them all in one post.  

      You show how you feel about the disabled and that you have nothing but contempt for them. Is it projection you waste of space?


      "Not everything Cory Gardner does is evil.  Amirite Moldy?

    2. I'd say your home country should be ashamed that they only granted the disabled equal rights under the law five years ago. Shame on Macedonia. 

    3. Moderanus, I'm convinced you're a complete troll, because nobody could and believe the stuff you do, and be as utterly ignorant and dimwitted as you reveal yourself to be every single instance you open your mouth.

      Holy crap man! The mind boggles!

    4. Their are disabled people who will die if the current bill passes, and you had them arrested. People in wheelchairs had their hands and ankles zip tied. If you support the Senate Bill either you want these people to die, or you could care less if they do.

      As long as the 400 richest people in America are getting an average of  $8 million per year in a tax cut it  must be a good bill right?

    5. Something they maybe didn’t teach in your homeschool kindergarten??? . . .

      The first rule of "stink" . . . 

      . . . If you're smelling something, before you say anything stupid, check your own diaper first . . .

      . . . your mom would be so proud of you today!!!

    6. My understanding is they were starting to stink up the whole floor.

      Not half as much as you stink up this site when you open your pie hole and spew out your crap.

    7. Darn it, M.J., Did you forget this was Cookie's

      week to water Moddy?  Check the schedule, dammit!  He's obviously been overwatered again.   One pint a week is enough.   Any more and there isn't enough oxygen in his roots to think straight.

      1. I watered him. I just forgot to set him in the window to get some sunlight. I think his brain is starved of chlorophyll. No wonder it's not thinking straight.

        1. I know you watered him, Cookie, my fear is that MJ did as well.   Overwatering trolls is a major cause of Trumpstink.  Still, your point about him needing more sunlight is a good one.   It's dark in his mom's basement.

  2. Surely, somewhere in this country, there is a police union leader with a disabled family member who can call for disobedience of orders to manhandle these people.

    This is my country???

  3. "Disabled people aren't smart enough to think for themselves. That's why they're disabled."   Moderatus

    Not even Andrew Carnegie or Passionate Pear are stupid enough to pile onto these poor souls. Moderatus: walk a mile in their shoes; or roll a mile in their chairs, before you pass judgement.

  4. Oh, I have little doubt that the Post's editorial board will have Gardner's microphallus firmly ensconced in its collective mouth come 2020.

  5. It seems the innocent are the first casualties in war. The folks occupying Gardner's office represent the most vulnerable among us. I wish it wasn't so. But the real outrage should be for the political left who use these people as human shields for its political purposes. Just as Saddam Hussein would hide military targets in schools and hospitals so they wouldn't be attacked by collation forces, the left uses these people and others as the case dictates, to shield their political agenda from criticism and to establish a false moral high ground.

    The extremists of the left have declared war on anything Trump, Republican, conservative or religious. They will use any tactic no matter how objectionable or illegal to shield their agenda. 

    The Denver Post is worried about their reputation, first you would need to have a reputation in order to be worried. For the dozen people who read the paper I doubt its reputation is the primary consideration.

    If you are a Republican elected official at any level, city council, county, state or federal, war has been declared on you! Your home, office and personal presence is subject to attact. If you think the opposition will act within social norms of a civil community you see the outcome. This is the DNA of the left, occupy this, occupy that, riot here, riot there, threaten, disrupt and resist, it is seen each day and is noted.

    The activist (KOOKS) who occupy this space are confident that each day they have inflected another cut on their opposition. Just as the polls were wrong in the election, their own estimate of the success of the current tactics will prove to be rejected by the American people.

    1. I was originally intending to address this as an "oh, by the way" to your shitbag buddy, Moderatus, and his comment about working with the majority, but you know what they say about two shitbags and one stone . . . 

      Maybe it's about time those Republicans (poor, besieged, victims) start representing a few of the needs of, and working for and with, the majority of Americans, instead of whorishly grubbing exclusively for the ultra-wealthy????

    2. Tootie Fruitie wrote:

      Your home, office and personal presence is subject to attract

      Attract what, pray tell?indecision

      Nobody "used" the activists of ADAPT. They've been around for since 1983, and have always been tough, smart, and creative in their tactics. They saw the writing on the wall, knew what this shitbag of a bill would do to them, and acted in the only way they could to get Cory Gardner's attention.

      You can only write so many letters and emails, leave so many messages on phones that are never answered, request so many town halls and be completely ignored.

      Then you have to step it up a notch. That's what they did.

      If you ride on an RTD bus with a stairlift or any accommodation for disabilities, you have ADAPT to thank for it.

      They are by no means a monolithic group politically. I think if you polled them, you'd find a spectrum of political beliefs. But they do understand their own self interest really well – because nobody else is really looking out for them.

    3. Perhaps it's because ACA was a Republican framework signed into law by a POTUS elected by a MAJORITY of Americans. Twice. And now we have a shit bag in the White House, elected by a minority, attempting to undo the Act? That, dear Pear, is why we will continue to #resist this man until the day he's gone. As for our junior senator, his actions leave the impression that he doesn't give one shit about this. He's either saving his powder for a VP slot or he'll ride off into the sunset with a 7-figure K Street salary starting in 2020.  

        1. "The real outrage should be for the political left who use these people…….."

          Pear: once again, you confirm why you are an uninformed and non-educated Trump voter. Do you even know anyone who is mobility impaired? Do you have any inkling of what life is like when you're confined to a wheelchair and maybe also have to live on a ventilator? And you prove your ignorance because, just like your buddy Moderatus, you treat these people in a condescending manner with your assumption that all disabled people have low IQs and can't therefore speak for themselves.

          No, doofus, the real outrage is directed towards idiots like you. I'm guessing you would love to get rid of sidewalk curb cuts at intersections too.

          And kindly don’t lump me in with your diatribe about the Left.
          There is no way that I could be a “liberal” now after a lengthy career in social/human services. One just sees way too many scams, frauds, and people who want something for nothing. But a career like mine also allows one to develop empathy for those truly in need; an empathy that you, Moderatus, and Andrew Carnegie sadly are lacking.

          1. Banger,

            You are the KOOKest of the KOOKs. One time you are a conservative, next time you are a democrat, then a libertarian, and a radical leftist. And your so much smarter than anyone on this site, I don't why you bother to waste your time here. You should be writing for The Daily Kos or National Review or maybe the Penny Shopper.

            1. Oh hush, PP. CHB is as close as I can find lately to an old-fashioned Colorado Republican; the ones who did what was good for business and stayed out of people' personal lives. 

              But they also understood that what was good for business was making sure people weren’t living on such margin that they didn’t have any money to spend. The wealthy save their money in high-yield savings instruments. Those with less spend what they get and stimulate the economy, so a living wage wasn’t a liberal plot; it was good business. Taking care of the elderly and disabled kept them from rioting in the streets (or camping in Senator’s offices). That’s conservatism I can respect.

              1. Prune: at least I can spell "your" (2nd line — it's actually you're). As I've said before, Prune, you wouldn't recognize a real conservative if Ronald Reagan was back from the dead and sipping on a brewski in your kitchen.

                And once again, it is noted that you fail to address the questions I raise. Like a typical CINO (conservative in name only), you resort to the customary personal attacks.

                1. Oh good. I'll add spelling bee champion to your list of notable achievements. You have use the conservative/Regan line before. Don't you have any new material. You are to conservative what Bradley Manning is to women……confused.

                  1. I gotta go with the Pear on the Bradley Manning line.  Gender dyasphoria as an excuse for treason doesn't work for me.   Too bad Obama fell for it.

                    On the other hand, you right wingers have your own gender problems.   You now own Caitlin "Trumpstink" Jenner.  I hope you like her, we definitely don't want her back!

                2. He/she/it was successful in diverting the discussion away from the importance of the Post waking up and realizing that Gardner is a phony.  This is a big blunder by Gardner and will haunt him for the rest of his term.  The problem is Gardner probably didn't see any problem with arresting them.  He probably believes like our High Priest of the Prosperity Gospel that these disabled people are parasites on the rich for needing government assistance.  God help these Republicans if they are ever in a car wreck and have lifetime injuries. Then again maybe God should not help them.

                  1. Prune: you are really funny in that you never use new material; yet you point the finger at others. For you, it's always the evil leftists who are responsible for everything from the alleged decline of America to bad breath in dogs. You want new material? Try reading Russell Kirk's great book titled "The Conservative Mind" to figure out what being a conservative is all about. You certainly won't find any real conservatism in your icons Donald Trump, Sean Hannity, or Franklin Graham.  

                    1. Well, maybe Trump, Hannity and Graham aren't conservative icons.   But add them all together and you're looking at a cumulative IQ of at least four points!

                    2. Petulant Petunia is old school – he's a Rush fan.

                      This was posted the night James Holmes shot up the Aurora Century theater complex. Rush only took down this tweet the next morning.

                    1. I don't know skinny.  Do you have to get in car wreck to drive more carefully?  If personal experience is the only way these Pharisees can gain empathy than Sunday school was wasted on them.

  6. What's that saying?  "When you have lost the Denver Post"

    The Post hasn't been a liberal leaning newspaper for quite some time but to it's credit it printed that photo on the front page yesterday. 

    Odds are Gardner is going to continue furiously digging that hole when he votes for the Better Off Dead Act later this month and the Post should report it as a low point in his career.

  7. I don't know why anyone would bother to respond to Moldy or Pear on this issue.  They are predictable in their "the disabled are dupes" excuses.  Why bother to rebut such silliness?  The real story here is what Pols is pointing out that the reporting by the Post which is a significant blow to the "Gardner is a moderate politician" meme.  He's not and they aren't buying it anymore.

    1. At this point if we don't respond, they get all the say.  Call them out on their lies and lack of basic decency.  If they're the only ones speaking they win the argument because we either don't offer a counter argument or call them out for being wrong and we are not upwind from the Trumpstink.

  8. Andrew is trying to come up with some way to link Democrats and assassinations with the disabled.

    How about this buddy?

    They had bombs in their wheelchairs like Breaking Bad and were waiting for Gardner to show up to detonate them.  Gardner was really saving the day by removing this assassination threat before they had a chance to carry out this nefarious scheme that was hatched by evil Democrat operatives.

    That should do the  trick.  All the usual one trick pony paranoia in one tidy conspiracy theory.  Top that one Andrew.  Surely you can come up with something even more stupid.

  9. Wonder if Gardner will manage to explain himself on the BCRA. Last March, he wrote

    We are concerned that any poorly implemented or poorly timed change in the current funding structure in Medicaid could result in a reduction in access to life-saving health care services. The Medicaid population includes a wide range of beneficiaries, many of which cycle on and off Medicaid due to frequent changes in income, family situations, and living environments.  The Department of Health and Human Services reports that nearly one-third of individuals covered under the Medicaid expansion have a mental health or substance use disorder. As the largest payer of mental health and substance use services in the United States, it is critical that any health care replacement provide states with a stable transition period and the opportunity to gradually phase-in their populations to any new Medicaid financing structure.  

    Will the BRCA provide continued "stability for Medicaid expansion populations?" a "stable transition" period? A "phase-in"? Or are those standards just for the House proposal, and the Senate plan really won't need them to earn his support?

    1. I don't know who he would explain it to.  He isn't holding meetings with his constituents and his money masters expect him to vote for their tax cuts regardless of who the Better Off Dead Act (BODA) hurts.  Double standards are SOP with Republicans so his base doesn't give a shit what he does as long as he praises Trump for his existence.  And the news media like the Post that can access his previous statements. Meh

  10. My takeaway from this story is that it continues a narrative of Gardner as a spineless coward who is afraid to engage with his constituents who want him to represent them.  It is hard to believe that his staff acted without his knowledge or consent.  It is equally hard to believe that it had to be done before his plane touched down and he had a chance to personally visit the situation.  Hiding from people who don't agree with you projects a small person and politics is as much about persona as it is action.  The Post is going to be less likely to accept his phony populism next time around so it is a downward spiral by a rising political star.

  11. The Post had an interesting opinion piece by a man who contracted West Nile disease from a mosquito and ended up paralyzed from the neck down.  Woke up that morning with a fever, went to an emergency room and when he woke up the next day he was paralyzed.  You can tell from his disparagement of government that he was probably a Libertarian or Republican but he point blank says that he needs Medicaid to stay engaged with society.  I think it is a grave mistake for Republicans to think that anyone who is disabled and receiving governmental assistance is automatically a lazy, mental retard.

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