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June 27, 2017 07:09 AM UTC

Tuesday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

–Margaret Thatcher


44 thoughts on “Tuesday Open Thread

  1. Call your Senators today.

    Senator Bennet: Contact Us

    Ask Senator Bennet to delay the AHCA vote through procedure and filibuster by amendment. . Republicans had 100s of amendments to the ACA bill, after months of hearings. Democrats can submit amendments to the AHCA bill. You may write your own amendment here, and submit it to Senator Bennet and Senator Gardner.

    Senator Gardner: Contact Cory*

    You can check the Indivisible Guide for call scripts to talk with Cory's staff ( I actually had a pretty good 10 minute talk with a staff member in Yuma), but these are the talking points I use: (all are from Indivisible Stop Trumpcare guide)

    Trumpcare, by cutting Medicaid, will cut funds for the 64% of elderly and disabled people currently in nursing homes. Where are these people supposed to go?

    Medicaid cuts will also cut medical services for 1.5 million severely disabled children living in poverty. What kind of "compassionate conservative" is for that?

    For average consumer, premium costs will go up while care quality goes down.

    Meanwhile, Congress gets to keep its own Obamacare provisions untouched. It's true that there is a companion bill which would eliminate the Congressional exemption when Trump signs the AHCA, but what if he just doesn't sign the bill?

    Also ask Gardner's staff: Why won't he meet with constituents? Does he think that our concerns don't matter? He has time to meet with Koch brothers and a Phillipine dictator – why not the people he's supposed to represent?


    1. Killing off your opposition didn't work, so now it is delay and filibuster.

      The party of hate still can't figure out why they can't connect with the middle class.

      1. Ha ha. The Senate just delayed a vote on the bill til after July 4. Public pressure is working, and a few decent (moderate) Republicans who wouldn't vote for the monstrosity even after being threatened with ads and who knows what.

        Suck on that, trollstain.

        I think I’ll stand downwind for a while. I do enjoy the smell of Republican desperation.

          1. The problem with asking folks about their sexual orientation is that if you want to be completely accurate, you would need straight, gay, bisexual and traditional family values, wide stance conservative.

  2. Reports are coming in of canaries being overcome  by shillstink.  Carnholio alert is in effect for Front Range region and all points on the Internet.  Trumpstink forecast is 9.8 with a slight chance of an Ivanka amelioration.

    Stay upwind my friends.





  3. Let me provide the excuse for Andrew, Moderatus, Prune that they don't possess the cojones to bring up. Forget about the health care bill for now. It's time yet again to talk about Hillary's e-mails and Benghazi.

      1. Or Travel-gate. Or Trooper-gate. 

        Wasn’t there also some cattle futures HRC put money into and lost? Prosperity Jesus would not approve!

    1. How about Bernie and his wife under FBI investigation or the clown AG who met with slick willy and ordered Comey to refer to the investigation as something else to comport with the Clinton campaign's categorization of it?


        1. Never before have so few been asked to defer grabbing so much from so many as the tax cut for which the GOP upper crust is being asked to wait.

          Oh the horror, the horror…..

    1. I spent a lot of my misspent youth in Venango.   Say, the farm is only 40 miles from Wray and I'm half honking of coming back through there on my next trip to the farm.  I couldn't find you in the Wray phone book.  What's the best way to get a hold of you?

    1. Yep, the Buffoon-in-Thief's fragile ego (his chair at one resort facing the wall with his picture, really?) needs constant support.  He's as genuine as a $3 bill.

          1. She wants Jesus to protect the pussy grabber from the "fiery darts" of the enemy.  Given where his head is usually burrowing, she be wiser to worry about the "dairy farts."

  4. Holy crap. There is a live stream of disabled protesters from ADAPT ( occupying Cory Gardner's office right now. Alan Franklin is live updating. Carrie Anne Lucas is hosting the live video stream. Folks are bringing up food and drink, pillows, etc because Gardner's office shut off AC, the toilets, 

    Because the Wealthcare bill would cut off the incomes of millions of disabled people. Nursing homes might lose 60% of their clients. How's that for jobs jobs jobs?

    Call, email, or fax Cory Gardner nowTell him to vote no on Wealthcare (the Senate's healthcare bill.

    Tell him to have a freaking in-person town hall already.

    I can’t seem to embed the live stream, but here’s a link to it:
    Update: They now have access to toilets in the building.

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