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June 03, 2017 07:15 AM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“I never knew whether to pity or congratulate a man on coming to his senses.”

–William Makepeace Thackeray


31 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. Should Colorado join Washington, New York, and California in the Climate Alliance?

    Governor Hickenlooper released a strongly-worded statement calling out President Trump for backing out of the Paris Accord:

    “The U.S. is letting go the reins of world leadership, allowing other countries like Russia, India, and China to take our seat at the international table. Our economic and technological competitiveness will suffer. Isolationism is not leadership.

    “Colorado’s commitment to clean air and clean energy will continue. Clean energy is abundant, home-grown, and creates 21st century jobs for our modern workforce across every part of our state. We renew our commitment to pursue cleaner energy at a lower cost. To do otherwise would be governmental malpractice.”

    Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock is one of 76 American mayors pledging to limit carbon emissions in compliance with the Paris Accord.

    If you think that Colorado should join the Climate Alliance, please contact Governor Hickenlooper and tell him so.

    Constituent Services Help Line: (303) 866-2885 | Office of Constituent Services
    Governor's Office, Front Desk: (303) 866-2471


    1. he won't do it………just another F***ing Democrat Coward who fears being called "liberal" or "progressive" or something.……Bill Maher sees it and calls it out nearly every week.


      Dems, especially those elected to national office from CO and who quake at the thought of a nasty editorial from Chuck Plunkett or Phil Anschutz, become paralyzed when their goal is always to be the “adult in the room” and the “voice of reason” even as the Hurricane Trumpster-fire rages on.

      They still aren’t standing for anything………and still haven’t figured out how they lost an election that should have been a 49-state sweep.

      1. 49 state sweep??  Sounds like some kind of far left wet dream fantasy.

        BTW, Michael Bloomberg has offered to coordinate coming up with some $15 million in cash to stay in some UN climate program. He'll kick in some of that himself. 

    2. Special Session.

      "I will not be crucified on a cross of oil!"

      And, if the Republicans shoot down the special session, call another one, and another. Make everyone of them own the anti-science, like concrete handcuffs.

  2. Yesterday someone posted a comment about 'Hillbillies and explosives'.  I couldn't find the comment to reply to – so here it is, likely recorded at a #MakeAmericaGreatAgain Freedumb Barbeque

      1. That is absolutely and by far the best clip/picture that I have ever seen posted here. Wonder if it's Passionate Prune (PP)?

      1. I figure we're all emotionally about 8 years old on here. Personally, I've watched that gif 8 times, and giggled every. single.time. It's a classic. Pols ought to use it to illustrate some political point or other. Much funnier than "getting out over your skis".

        1. Simple M.J.” I've heard of setting yourself on fire, but…”  Also much sharper than "biting your nose to spite your face".

          1. Or "Shooting yourself in the foot".

            I think that GIF could go with any GOP Congressional stoopid move – like promoting an AHCA bill that their consituents hate (for good reason),  with provisions they can't even agree on, and then passing it on to the Senate, which will have exactly the same problems.

  3. Republicans crying in their beers:

    Never Trumpers were exasperated by the relative absence of elected Republicans standing up to Trump [Coffman? Gardner?].

    “I have maintained my entire political career that the Republican Party is one of the most gutless collections of individuals on the planet,” said Mair. “They are some of the most spineless individuals on the planet.”

    Others warned that the party will suffer political consequences for inaction.

    “I remain absolutely convinced that [Trump] remains unfit for office, but that does not mean that I think anyone will take steps to do anything,” said Sykes, adding that anyone who assumes otherwise “fundamentally misunderstands the nature of the current Republican Party.”

    “This is a party that rolled over and nominated Donald Trump despite all their doubts,” he continued. “With every passing day it becomes the defining characteristic of this party that they won’t stand up to Donald Trump and that many of them on a daily basis find ways to pretzel themselves into rationalizing his conduct.”[Gerbils?]

    Rick Wilson was no less blunt in his assessment.

    “It’s suicidal, it’s self-destructive, it’s a time bomb waiting to go off that will ruin their careers and political legacies,” he predicted. “Every one of them who comes out and talks about how they’re small-budget conservatives and want to balance budgets should be struck by lightning.”

    the article link:

  4. Looks like TwoScoops™ is good at keeping two sets of books…then he #DrainsTheSwamp with people who do the same thing.  Is anyone surprised? 


    Trump Company Kept Two Sets Of Financial Numbers, Testimony Shows

    Lenders were told the hotel could earn millions of dollars more than the more conservative, internal estimates, the financial analyst, Raymond Flores, testified. He said those internal projections "generally tend to err on the side of being pretty conservative."

    Later he said, “And then there are other projections where, you know, we're pitching to a lender or an equity source, where it's rosier." With these projections, he said, “we’re pushing the boundaries of — we're pushing ranges of reasonability at those — at those projections to show, you know, what the hotel could be."

    Exxon's Climate Accounting a 'Sham' Under Rex Tillerson, New York’s AG Says

    New York's attorney general has accused ExxonMobil of misleading investors by using two sets of numbers in its greenhouse gas accounting—one shown to investors, and a "secret" set used internally by the company.

    In a document filed in a New York court on Friday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says that Rex Tillerson, who was then the chief executive of Exxon and is now the U.S. secretary of state, approved of what "may be a sham."

    1. Wow! The Trump Crime Syndicate does what they do best — commit crime surprise

      I'm actually starting to think having Trump stay in office for the next 3 years, keeping the GOP-controlled Congress in perpetual confusion and deadlock would be better than having President Pence who might break the logjam and unfortunately, allow the GOP's scorched earth legislative agenda to pass.

      All hail the Buffoon-in-Thief's malevolence tempered by incompetence!

          1. Not just "also", C.H.B. All this righie-tightie social b.s. (the anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-Planned Parenthood orders) those are Pence's brain-children. The Yam doesn't give a flying flip about any of it. He's just so out of his depth that Pence is doing all the legislative stuff and taking shameless advantage of his boss' ignorance to push through his and the Free-dumb Caucus' agenda.

            1. Agreed, skinny.  Drumpf couldn't give a rats ass about any of that publicly.  He and Bannon have calculated they have to maintain those positions if they are to have any chance of re-election and the fools like the trolls on this site swallow it hook, line and sinker. 

  5. A friend of mine once showed me a picture he had taken of a factory actually named the Federal Screw Works.

    A lot of things fell into focus after thatwink

    1. According to the Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles, "hooker" is actually a job in the steel industry.

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