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May 21, 2017 12:39 PM UTC

The Year in Review According to Pear

  • by: Powerful Pear

It’s been about a year since I joined a group of type “A” personalities, known as ColoradoPols. My main purpose in joining was to see what the other side was saying about the election. Mostly it has been a beneficial experience. I was accused of joining to create mischief. If offering a different point of view is mischief, I’m guilty.

I’ve authored a few diaries that not unexpectedly been trashed by the regular crowd. As near as I can tell is there are 3 regular conservatives, and one Libertarian.The rest are far left activist. These activist use all of the tools in the left wing tool box to shut down any opposing view. The primary tool is the charge of racist, followed by bigot and the rest of the ________phobias. The new tools include traitor, comrade, Nazi, Fascist and others. Unfortunately for the Pols I was raised with the old nursery rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”. Reguardless of the pejoratives used, they have not and will not have their intended impact. Mainly I have tried not to respond in kind, however there have been occasions that scream out for a low class response, I’m guilty.

The thing that surprises me the most is the strident and persistent hatred directed at people of faith. It appears if you want to have any credibility with the Pols you must denounce, mock and ridicule any form of faith. I doubt that this group represents the base of the Democratic Party as it pertains to people of faith. I wonder if any thought is given to the image the Pols present to casual Democrats surfing the internet, who happen to land on the site.

The Pols like to complain that Peak Politics doesn’t allow for anonymous post to right wing views. Why on earth would any web site want to be the home for the trash that is Colorado Pols. I suspect that a bunch of anonymous Pols spewing pejoratives is more entertaining and revenue generating than a dry discussion of policy.

Last Friday I had the opportunity to meet Mr.”V” or Voyager. We spent the next 2 hours talking about the challenges of life and our various backgrounds, maybe two minutes on politics. It was most enjoyable! Too bad we can’t engage with this type of discourse. I guess it is so much easier to call the other person an SOB when you can use an alias and an avatar. Doesn’t speak well for the human condition. That’s why I prefer dogs to people. But I will forever remain optimistic. Life is a numbers game, the numbers, or opportunities you engage with, the better chance of you have of finding the diamonds.

So to my Pol friends, you will remain my friends, whether you like it or not, until you prove in person you deserve otherwise.

Powerful Pear


17 thoughts on “The Year in Review According to Pear

  1. I am a person of faith (Christian), and I don't see "persistent hatred directed at people of faith".  I think what you may be detecting is a sincere push back against people of faith attempting to force individuals who do not share the same faith to live their lives within the parameters that practitioners may place upon themselves. For instance, if a person whose faith forbids eating pork were to attempt to force everyone to forgo pork, they would receive significant push back.

    Additionally, again as a person of the Christian faith, I find it more than a bit tiring when other people who profess to be "Christian": 1)  play the victim card (people refusing to live by your rules does not make you a victim); and 2) Present themselves as speaking on behalf of all Christians.

    1. Arvadonian: you have put it much more politely than I might have. I think for myself; reason for subscribing to publications like Free Inquiry and Skeptical Inquirer; and why I'm a long time member of Americans United (for separation of church and state). The pushback that you describe is not only sincere, it's long overdue.

      Just because I oppose efforts of people & entities like Franklin Graham, Falwell Jr., Tony Perkins, Americans United for Life, Focus on the Family, etc. does not mean that I support "persecution" of Christians. It's simply a matter of standing up for rights that are guaranteed to all US citizens in the Constitution. 

      Religious freedom is on shaky grounds in our times and citizens must be vigilant. Discrimination against those who are different, in the name of "religious freedom," must not be tolerated. Those who would impose their personal religious views on women of child-bearing age, regardless of the views of those women and their families, must be resisted.

      If PP thinks this is a trashy site; inhabited by far left activists (like Duke Cox and mamajama, both of whom I often disagree with, but who are also people that I can find some common ground with),
      then why is PP here. And using the same “alias and/or avatar” that he seems to decry in others.

      1. I was pulling my punches a bit.  I would point out that perhaps the best manifestation of "..strident and persistent hatred towards people of faith" that has been evidenced in the US recently is the proposed "Muslim Ban".  There is a perfect example of actions taken by our government against people of a specific faith, and perhaps I missed it, but I don't recall PP expressing concern about that policy prescription.

        1. Wow what a  devastating punch. Of course it isn't a  muslim ban or it would've included the entire Muslim world which it didn't. But that may be too much of a nuanced view for Democratic Party talking points.

          I'm sure the 22 dead in Manchester England would support your  position on the so-called Muslim ban. Of course the liberal mind will not blame the suicide bomber.  Liberals will blame lack of job access and economic opportunities and perhaps not being able to have an Internet connection or his latte at Starbucks was not correct or is female classmates dresses were too short.  It will always be something else not his adherence to radical Islam.

  2. I, too, am a person of faith (Catholic – a shitty one under 'Chaput-like standards', but nonetheless) – and a fan of that lefty kook Papa Frank. Finally, a Pope preaching and living the Gospel.  I don't wear my faith on my sleeve – that's not how it's suppose to work. My best friend is as conservative Catholic as you will find; many of my best friends are atheists/agnostic and amongst the most moral of human beings I know.   Like Arvadonian1 – I tire of all the 'persecution' bs.  It's nothing but clickbait for the sheeple.

    Assuming there is an aquifer of living water, we're all drinking from the same one.  I have no interest having the likes of the false prophet Eduardo Rafael Cruz or the Prosperity Gospel Potus crowd merging government and religion any further than they already have. 

    I don't mind talking religion over a beer.  Bring your A game. 

  3. The thing that surprises me the most is the strident and persistent hatred directed at people of faith

    Science teaches us to fly to the moon. Religion teaches us how to fly into buildings.

    BTW and for what it is worth, I consider myself to be spiritual but not religious. There is a big (or yuge, if you prefer) difference between the two.

    1. "Science teaches us to fly to the moon.  Religion teaches us how to fly into buildings."

      And Science teaches us to build weapons of mass destruction, and religion teaches us humility and compassion.

      Each are tools that can be used for good or for ill…the individual in whose hands they reside determine the manner in which they will use them. 

  4. Not everyone uses an alias on this site, PP. If I think you are a son-of-a-bitch, I will call you one to your face…If I think you are a swell guy, I will tell you that, as well.

    A few days ago, you went off on me in a post and pronounced a number of "positions" that you say I hold. In almost every case, you are wrong. You take a comment I make and ascribe your kneejerk response. Perhaps you should try the novel approach of listening to understand, instead of listening to respond.

    I think your statement about "denounce, mock, and ridicule" may be the most unfair comment I have read in a long list of your absurd assertions. When the athiests on here denounce "sky gods", they aren't just dissing baby Jesus and his daddy Jahweh….Christians aren't being singled out.

    And for the record: I do the best I can to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. I care not for the Franklin Grahams, John Hagees, and Joel Osteens of the world…they have their reward. They can keep their phony financial institutions and their vast wealth.

    I am an elder in the Church of the Groovy Blue Chrysler. I find the hatred and exclusivity practiced by your church to be appallingly offensive. If your church practices the awful principles espoused in your rhetoric, then I have no truck with you or it.

    If you voted for Donald Trump, then your agenda needs to feature atonement for a very long time.

    Your nasty condemnation of the very site ( and its participants) that allows you to post an unending stream of nonsense should tell readers all they need to know.

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