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May 19, 2017 04:20 PM UTC

Hickenlooper Pardons Rene Lima-Marin While Brauchler Fumes

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Bad news via 9NEWS’ Marshall Zelinger:


Gov. John Hickenlooper.

The Denver Post’s Kevin Simpson reporting, Gov. John Hickenlooper took swift action this afternoon to prevent the deportation of Rene Lima-Marin, a Cuban immigrant whose criminal case became a cause célèbre for state legislators before they realized he was subject to deportation:

Gov. John Hickenlooper said Friday he has issued an extraordinary pardon for Rene Lima-Marin, who was mistakenly released early from a long prison sentence only to be sent back after he had forged a productive new life as a husband and father.

Lima-Marin was freed from his Colorado prison sentence earlier this week and then held by federal immigration authorities. State lawmakers, Lima-Marin’s family and others had urged the governor to act quickly to prevent what they feared would be imminent deportation to his native Cuba…

“We thought it through well,” Hickenlooper said, pointing to bipartisan unity in the state legislature resolution that called for clemency. He added that it would be a “terrible symbol” to snatch away Lima-Marin’s freedom once again.

Asked what he hopes happens to Lima-Marin now, the governor said: “I hope he doesn’t get deported.”

The governor added that with the pardon, he has done everything he can at this point to stop deportation.

We noted yesterday how at least one GOP lawmaker was still fighting for Lima-Marin’s freedom even after it came out that he was subject to deportation for the crime he originally committed–though we were waiting to hear from others to know if this was as unanimous as the original resolution calling for Lima-Marin’s release was.

Post-pardon, GOP gubernatorial candidate George Brauchler is making it painfully clear he does not approve:

So…we assume there’s a big disagreement here between Brauchler and the entire Republican caucus in the Colorado General Assembly? That’s what we have to assume until we see some more statements from Republican lawmakers. It’s going to be difficult for Brauchler to make much political hay out of this unless a bunch of silent Republicans who were in support of Lima-Marin’s freedom come out with a different opinion now.

As for Gov. Hickenlooper, it’s true that he has now done everything he can. If President Trump wants to make a political martyr of a man who has already been through a bizarre and painful mistake in the criminal justice system, it’s his fire to play with.

And now, George Brauchler’s too.


24 thoughts on “Hickenlooper Pardons Rene Lima-Marin While Brauchler Fumes

  1. My contempt for "Gov. Frackenlooper" is well documented, but on this occasion I want to give yesyes to the man, John Hickenlooper. Doing the right thing should always be praised. Nice going , Governor.

      1. Fluffy…do you not believe in a man paying a debt to society and rehabilitating himself? Everyone needs a chance to be forgiven if they have changed their ways. Don't you think Jesus meant what he said about forgiveness?

        1. Matthew 6

          14. For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

          15. But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

          Moderatus 1

          1. Ship 'em back where they came from.

        2. Brauchler would probably support a public hanging is he thought it would get him a few of those precious Evangelical primary voters.  Nobody other than Moldy himself can articulate Evangelical Christian values like Mr. Death Penalty.

  2. I've got to side with Brauchler on this one. Sorry legislators, you got blindsided and it's not your fault. This is a criminal immigrant and he deserves to be deported.

    1. Hickenlooper's action has nothing to do with Lima-Marin's immigration status. STATES don't deport people.

      What Hickenlooper did do is put an end to the underlying legal case that is the basis for the deportation.

        1. and then goes into moms closet so that he can pound his pud with pride at how clever he was with his three sentence maximum comments.

  3. I agree with Brauchler — there just isn't enough torture and gratuitous persecution going on.  What's one more swift kick to the nuts when a guy's down anyway?  

    It's not like he has been a hardworking husband and father with a loving family that he wants to support, or anything, right?

      1. Duke, I'm afraid I'm about to blow away all those nice things you said about me the other day:

        Moddy, You're a complete idiot. First, he didn't escape; the state made a mistake. 

        Second, he did exactly what we hope all released prisoners will do: he went out and got a life. He has a wife, kids, and a job. 

        Third, he hasn't broken any more laws. He was a dumb kid when he did what he did to land in prison, then he grew up. 

        The guy should be held up as a role model, and let to raise his kids to do better than he did. 

        Lastly, who is harmed by him being out in the world living his life rather than locked up in a cage? Cages are for dangerous people. Now there's room for one more in his place.

  4. "Skips to the front of the line"?? — what kind of fucking pinhead republican does one have to be to imagine that kind of "standing, waiting in the pardon line — Next!" crap ??  

     "Pardon to defeat immigration law" … "solely to defeat federal immigration law" …   No wonder this shitball is a favorite among the ignorant fucks (yep, you Moderatus). 

    Brauchler has no concept of individual justice, just prosecution … hope he's as tough on Melania TwoScoops.

    1. Brauchler has no room to talk given how badly he bungled the Aurora theater shooting case, and I won't even mention his inappropriate tweet from the courtroom. Of the Republican gubernatorial candidates that have announced, Brauchler is by far the weakest. He won't have my vote in a primary.

      What’s really rib splitting funny here is that Moderatus thinks Brauchler is right and 46 Republican legislators are wrong in assessing Mr. Lima.

      1. Not only an inappropriate tweet from the courtroom, but then he dubiously told the judge that he thought he was sending a text, complete with hashtags.  So he either is really incompetent when it comes to using his phone or he lied to the court.  

  5. The purpose of incarceration is punishment and rehabilitation. It seems both have take place. Mr. Lima's rehabilitation is completed. I have no problem with the Governor's action. 

  6. Had Brauchler been astute he'd have foreseen this as a possibility and made the suggestion. He'd now be on his way to nomination as compassionate conservative


  7. Maybe if I send Hickenlooper a suggestion of a Mexican immigrant or two who's been convicted of a non-violent crime and set to be deported — due to Trump continuing Obama's policies — he'll pardon them too? Just sayin'…

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